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American Libraries : Free Books : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
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welcome - Online Library - download and read ebooks for free LJ/SLJ Ebook Summit: More School Libraries Offer Ebooks; Increased Demand, Rise in Circulation Despite severe budget constraints, the number of school libraries offering ebooks is on the rise–and a majority of media specialists plan to add digital books to their collections over the next two years, says a new study by School Library Journal and Library Journal. The 90-page report, “Ebooks the New Normal: Ebook Penetration & Use in U.S. School (K-12) Libraries” follows last year’s findings that school libraries still lag behind public and academic libraries in terms of ebook purchases–but that’s slowly beginning to change. A little less than half (44 percent) of our nation’s school libraries offer ebooks, up from 33 percent last year. Of the 56 percent of libraries without ebooks, 22 percent say they plan to purchase them for their collections over the next two years. How much are librarians spending on ebooks? Of course, the many incompatible formats of ereaders remains a huge obstacle for libraries of all kinds, as well as the inability to download ebooks to individual ereaders.

21st Century Libraries The internet has given students an incredibly vast world of up-to-the-minute resources, including nearly limitless outlets for research and investigation. But many students turn immediately to the untamed internet when faced with a research assignment, often overlooking the value in a virtual library solution. Virtual library collections, or databases, give students access to trusted content and research tools with links to authoritative information that has been vetted by subject-matter experts. With the generous support of Questia School, the editors of eSchool News have compiled this collection of stories from our archives, along with other relevant information from around the web, to help you transform your school libraries for the 21st century. –The Editors eSchool News Articles Campus libraries use tech to streamline student searches, staff work Study explores the future of digital libraries Crestron Opens Design and Technology Experience Center Feds want Google to rewrite book deal – online reading for free. ABC-CLIO eBooks - eContent - Library Services at North East ISD My Bookshelf and My Bookmarks and Notes You have the ability to make and save your own bookshelf and notes by creating a profile from the "My Bookshelf" link at the top of each page or the "My Bookmarks and Notes" tab in the column to the left of the main reading pane. Creating a Profile To use the "My Bookshelf" and "My Bookmarks and Notes" features, you need to create your own username and password. The username and password must be between 6 and 15 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces. From the "New User Profile" link on the "Sign In" page, you should enter a valid email address, and your username and password to create your profile. When you return to the ABC-CLIO eBooks Collection, you can sign in to retrieve your bookshelf and any saved bookmarks and notes by clicking on either the "My Bookshelf" or "My Bookmarks and Notes" buttons and entering your username and password on the "Sign In" section of the page.

School Library Management Resources for School Librarians - Index Policy Manuals and Other Management Tools How to set up a school library for Non-librarians What Do I Do With All of These Books? Up to Top Handbooks and Guidelines for Students and Faculty Policies Manual - Plainville School, Rainsville, AL. Volunteers Grandview Elementary School Volunteer Info - This is for adult volunteers. Ideas for New Media Specialists The 12 Most Important Things to Do . . . in the First Week of Your New Job - By Carrie Marting and Julie Marie Frye in the Knowledge Quest Blog. This site is maintained by Linda Bertland, retired school librarian, Philadelphia, PA. Read Easily - Ebooks Online Library