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Self-watering containers for rooting tomato cuttings

Self-watering containers for rooting tomato cuttings
Hardening off Six days after being potted and resting in the shade on the porch, the cutting is now officially a tomato plant complete with a bloom. It's time to harden it off by placing it in direct sun for a few hours a day over the next several days. Expose the plant to three hours of direct sunlight at first and work up to eight hours. If the cutting is blooming, pinch the blossom off. Ready to transplant After a full day in the sun yesterday with no wilting, my cherry tomato cutting is hardened off and ready for the garden. I'm ready to start another cutting! Learn more The advantages to using this self-watering container method are three-fold. Go get your hands dirty!

How to Prevent Tomato Cracking Save electricity by hanging a clothesline in your garage Ah, the warmth of summer! Some folks look forward to the warmer months but dread the electric bills. With electric rates rising steadily over the years and weather forecasters predicting record warmth, the need to find more economical ways of doing things without using electricity is on the rise. One of the easiest and least expensive ways of cutting your electric bill is to hang up a clothesline. Electric clothes dryers use a fair amount of electricity. How to Fertilize Tomatoes Choosing the best fertilizer for your tomato plants can be completely overwhelming. There are so many different kinds of fertilizers and each type has its fair share of variety. Rest assured, there’s no need to throw your hands up in frustration. I’m going to lay it all out for you, and we’ll get through it together. How to fertilize tomatoes As a natural and organic gardener, I must say that the best thing you can do for your tomatoes is to start them off right with soil that is rich in organic matter. It’s helpful to get a PH test of your soil before you begin so you’ll know what your garden bed is lacking and what you’ll need to add to truly take care of your tomatoes. Once you know what you need to add to your soil, you can move on to choosing the right fertilizer for your needs. Chemical fertilizers Chemical fertilizers are widely used for good reason: they work. Organic Fertilizers Compost The wonderful thing about compost is it’s free and you know exactly what went into it.

Save money by buying a refurbished Kindle or Kindle Touch - a Kindle review Why Buy a Refurbished Kindle? Why buy a refurbished Kindle? Good question. Price- an entry level Kindle for $49 with a voucher, $69 without. I'm not advocating giving up physical books, although when I've discussed the issue with bibliophiles, they acted as if I asked them to burn their books. There are plenty of online resources for obtaining ebooks. I've had my refurbished Touch for a few months now. Future Kindles Check out the features I think Amazon should include in the next generations of the Kindle eReader.

Grafting tomatoes for commercial grower use | Sanne Kure-Jensen Grafting tomatoes for commercial grower use Grafted tomatoes at Wishing Stone Farm Like this: Like Loading... About Sanne Kure-Jensen Sanne Kure-Jensen is a frequent contributor to Country Folks, Country Folks Grower and Wine & Grape Grower bringing regional and national attention to agriculture in RI and across southern New England. This entry was posted in Agriculture, Food, Produce, Recent Posts, Vegetables and tagged farm, Garden, Grafting, greenhouse, organic, Plant, rootstock, scion, Silas Paul, Skip Paul, Tomato, tomatoes, Vegetable, Wishing Stone Farm. Top 7 Kindle Touch features Amazon should include in future Kindles 4. Ability to Change Text Size and Fonts in Each Book Changing the font size and spacing on the Touch changes it across the entire ebook collection. Sometimes an ebook’s formatting is a little different. 3. The Nook Touch has a hidden bluetooth connection that can accessed when the device is rooted (hacked). 2. The Kindle Touch uses a modified version of the Android operating system. 1. A optional lighted screen model of the Kindle Touch would be nice for those of us who don’t like using a booklight. This isn’t meant to be a knock on the Kindle at all. Kindle Touch .

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Native American Celebration of the Summer Solstice The Miami Nation of Indiana holds an annual summer solstice celebration on a weekend near the solstice to honor the indigenous peoples who trekked to the Great Mound for over four and a half centuries. Beginning in the evening and lasting a little past sunset, a number of activities and ceremonies are performed on the Great Mound’s platform. A brief history tour of the Mounds is followed by Indian folklore tales told from the Lenape tradition by a chubby fur trader who bears a striking resemblance to another folklore legend, St. Nicholas. He tells the Lenape Creation Story, the tale of The Hunter and the Owl and the amusing When Squirrels Were Huge. As the Miami Nation set up their Sacred Medicine Drum, a flute player performs Native American music. A number of Miami songs are performed. As the sun sets, the ceremonies are brought to an end.