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Inspiration and original craft ideas for weddings, parties, children, such as home decoration, gifts, cards, personal accessories and templates Rock your Garden Clip Art for Teachers #elemchat 30 Incredible Blogs Written By Students How To Address Negative Student Behavior in 1:1 Classrooms 2.20K Views 0 Likes But when are we going to start addressing the negative aspects of the one-to-one classroom? When are we going to acknowledge the fact that just because every student has a device it does not mean that they will get a 36 on the ACT? I have seen videos of babies that can play with an iPad, but that does not mean that high school students intuitively know how to use one to effectively collaborate and communicate in the classroom. The Busy Teacher’s Quick Common Core Guide 11.07K Views 0 Likes Forty five states plus Washington DC and four territories have adopted the Common Core Standards. The 27 Things Teachers Do Best

Сърце, направено от солнички-оригами Сърце, направено от 18 солнички оригами- прекрасен подарък за любим човек! За да ни се вмести в една точно определена дълбока рамка, дължината на нашите листчета е 9 см, но вие може да използвате всяка друга големина. Използвали сме цветна хартия за принтер. Показали сме как се прави солничка, ако случайно сте забравили:) – разпечатай в PDF формат. Когато сте нагънали своите 18 солнички с една и съща големина може да започнете с подреждатето им във формата на сърце. !!!! Показали сле как точно се подреждат. Вижте още занимания за Св. The higher purpose of doodling Is the employee who DOODLES at office meetings a goof-off who's neglecting his or her responsibilities? Or is he or she actually exercising something that could be called "Doodle Diligence"? A question this morning for our Lee Cowan: How many of us, when we let our minds drift, find that our pencils drift right along with it? To the doodler, the canvas can be anything -- a napkin, a margin, a soon-to-be-discarded envelope. Yet for all its ubiquity, the doodle seems to be the artistic equivalent of Rodney Dangerfield -- it just gets no respect. Even the Oxford English Dictionary reduces the doodle to a "drawing made absentmindedly." And boy, does that upset doodler Sunni Brown: "I don't like the definition! What's wrong with it, Cowan asked? Brown is convinced that doodling isn't a mindless activity, but instead engages the mind in a way that helps us think. So much so she's written a manifesto of sorts, called "The Doodle Revolution," that lays out her case. "What do you think prompted it?

How The Best Web Tools Fit Into Bloom's Digital Taxonomy There are some very popular tools and apps out there. We showcase a boatload of them here on Edudemic. But there’s been a growing trend of figuring out how to actually integrate all these together and how to effectively use the best web tools to enhance learning in the classroom. One of the most powerful visualizations to date has been the fabulous Padagogical Wheel (with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’) that shows how to integrate iPads into just about everything like SAMR and beyond. Now there’s a new visual guide that you should check out. It’s a pyramid that I spotted on Pinterest here . Creation I really like how you can easily tell which tools and apps work best on each level. Evaluating Next level down is evaluating which showcases one of my favorite learning resources: YouTube. Analyzing In the analyzing level, we see the Google Earth icon. Applying In the applying level, you can’t go wrong trying out Evernote in the classroom . Understanding Remembering

Tutorial per la carta di compleanno Pop Up As promised, here is the tutorial for my Sister-in-law's Pop Up Birthday card. It can be viewed here. You will need to scroll past my kitty photos. :) You will need: Colored cardstock for the base. TIP: If you are not sure how this works, you may want to use scrap paper first. And one final note. 1. 2. And don't worry about pencil marks. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Cut the ribbon as shown. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Final notes: I attached the bow to the top of the "boxes/presents" by using 2 mini glue dots. Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my card!

Ryan's Well Foundation | In the Classroom Inspiring the Next Generation! It was Ryan’s Grade 1 teacher who first taught him about kids in other parts of the world living without access to clean water. With support, encouragement and helpful resources, Ryan proved that young people can make a big impact! We continue to support the efforts of students from around the world in creating positive change. Whether you’d like to learn more about the global water and sanitation crisis, are interested in fundraising or would like us to share Ryan’s story – we can help inspire your students to think beyond what they thought was possible of themselves! Take the 'Can You Imagine' Quiz! For many people, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without clean water – especially as a kid.Take the ‘Can You Imagine’ quiz to learn more about 11-year-old Amy and how her day living in a developing country compares to yours – and, what you can do to help! What else can you find in this section?

3 Student Tech Trends Teachers Should Know About If you’re just settling into what will hopefully be a nice, long, and relaxing summer break, then congratulations. You deserve it. I’ll just sit here waiting for you to … okay, done relaxing? Let’s talk about some of the biggest student tech trends that students will be talking about when you head back to class in the fall. It’s important to know not just what connected teachers are looking at and tinkering with in terms of technology. Note: The following trends are based simply on what I’ve seen and heard online and while talking with students. Trend #1: Facebook Isn’t Cool (But It’s Useful) No matter what you might think, Facebook isn’t cool . While Facebook has fallen somewhat out of favor with teens and your typical K-12 students, it doesn’t mean to ignore it. But it is useful . Trend #2: Less About Phone, More About App The next biggest trend I’m seeing is the amount of importance placed on smartphones and tablets . It would seem that students are quite savvy trend-watchers.

La Maestra Cristina! (Fa’ scorrere la pagina e troverai l'Indice. Abbi pazienza se i lavori tardano un po’ ad apparire: ne vale la pena) Impara l'Arte e mettila da Parte... con la Maestra Cristina Ciao maestra Cristina, non vedo l’ora di rivederti. Ci vediamo a scuola tra qualche giorno. CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ester Ciao, maestra! Matteo B Buon giorno, maestra Cristina! Manar Sei troppo forte, mae’!!! Chiara Ciao, maestra Cristina... Lola Ester Masi, Arsoli, 2007-2008: Ciao, maestra! Ester Anthony, prima media, Arsoli, 2007-2008: Ciao maestra, come stai? Anthony Valentina, quinta elementare, Arsoli, 2006-2007: Cara maestra, a me dispiacerà molto andare alle medie, perché non potrò più stare, giocare e scherzare con te e le altre. Valentina Anthony, quinta elementare, Arsoli, 2006-2007: Cara maestra Cristina, per favore non mandarmi in prima media! Giulia, prima media, Arsoli, 2006-2007: Voglio salutare la maestra Cristina. Giulia Scrivi alla maestra Cristina!

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