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Mandarin Chinese Character trainer

Mandarin Chinese Character trainer
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Internet Software for Learning Chinese Characters - Chinese Learning 中文学习互助 - China Forum Recently I started think seriously about studying chinese, I found some useful resources that other people may find useful. There are lots and lots of free software learning resources around, however I wanted to try and find a single resource with as much as possible in the same place. The software courses on these sites all have to be paid for, but they may be worth it if provides you with a convenient method of learning Hanzi. (1) This is perhaps my favourite resource, since it combines character drawing and audio for learning pronunciation. (2) This is a more flash-card type system, but it is better than a usual flashcard, in that there are inbuilt tests, as well as contecnt sentences. (3) This is a simple flashcard system that I quite like, just because it is so simple to use. I hope that other people studying might find these useful. I know that there are lots of free resources as well..

Chinese Grammar Wiki Chinese Word Processor Version 5.25 | 南极星 NJStar Software | Features | What's New | Download | Buy it Now! | Help & Support | Screenshots | Opentype Fonts | Learning another language is a wonderful opportunity to broaden one’s view and exposure to another country’s community, literature and culture. Your perfect learning guide: Radical look up We know English but want to learn Chinese, but the two belong to different language families. We address this issue accordingly to our user’s demands. Back to top Word annotation and Dictionaries With a sizable vocabulary, being able to comprehend the meaning of any form of literature smoothly would be much desirable. That is why we offer the essentials: Bilingual Dictionary, which translate English to Chinese and vice versa; Popup Dictionary, which shows the meaning of the highlighted words; and Input bar Dictionary, which guarantee your input gives the correct meaning. A database of over 70,000 Chinese Characters Chinese language has a profound history and yet new characters are being invented as we speak.

Best of Chinese Study Tools, Studying Chinese Online and Off Dictionaries come in three main categories: paper, hardware, and software. I would suggest noting that in the dictionary section, with forward references to wakan, plecodict, mandarintools, zdt, etc. In the "other" (software?) They are both completely free, multifunction software tools, but, like wakan, have very good built in dictionary support for Chinese. Euroasia has two offerings, the on line website, with dictionary and related word lookups, and the standalone software. I like many of your categories. But, sometimes putting a category down can suggest things. Thanks for your list, btw.

Pinyin Gwoyeu Romatzyh Gwoyeu Romatzyh (pinyin: Guóyǔ luómǎzì, literally "National Language Romanization"),[1] abbreviated GR, is a system for writing Mandarin Chinese in the Latin alphabet. The system was conceived by Y.R. Chao (Zhao Yuanren) and developed by a group of linguists including Chao and Lin Yutang from 1925 to 1926. GR is the better known of the two romanization systems which indicate the four tones of Mandarin by varying the spelling of syllables ("tonal spelling").[2] These tones are a fundamental part of the Chinese language: to a Chinese speaker they are no less a component of a word than vowels are to an English speaker.[3] Tones in Chinese allow speakers to discriminate between otherwise identical syllables—in other words they are phonemic. Chao claimed that, because GR embeds the tone of each syllable in its spelling,[5] it may help students to master Chinese tones. History[edit] Tonal spelling, Gwoyeu Romatzyh's most distinctive feature, was first suggested to Y.R. Description[edit]

Languages - Chinese: All you need to start learning Chinese China Resources <p><span>If you can see this line, then JavaScript is turned off on your machine and you will not be able to use some features of this site. Please click <a href="../securitywarning.html">here</a> for more information.</span></p> The linked pages have been prepared for use in classes relating to China and may be assigned for direct use on-line if desired. Unless otherwise indicated, these materials were all written by me and may be freely used by teachers and students without additional permission. Click here for a technical note about displaying tone-marked letters and Chinese characters and test page to check your browser's present capabilities. Organization of This Page Other Pages of Links on this Site 1. Historical Texts for Class Discussion Sīmǎ Qiān: The First Emperor of Qín (Qín Shǐ Huángdì 司马迁秦始皇帝) (Anonymous Translation. 2. 3. Confucian & Philosophical Documents for Class Discussion The Great Learning (The shortest volume of the Confucian Canon.) 4. 5. 6. 7. Return to top