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Poser un biais en angle droit extérieur

Poser un biais en angle droit extérieur

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Facing or Detail: Bias Binding Bias binding is an excellent thing to have on hand as it can be used for making piping, covering edges and creating facings. It comes in many different widths and folds as well as fabric types. You can even make your own! For some garments, you may want to use bias binding to finish the edges instead of facings. VIDEOS Do you love our detailed tutorials? Then welcome to our new show—MADE Everyday, with Dana!…where it all comes to life. We’re going to help you make everyday items you’ll love and use. MULTI-POCKET URBAN TOTE “multi-pocket urban tote” Smart-looking yet functional in commuter bag designs. An urban carry-all with a variety of pocket compartments for wallet, cellphone and PC notebook makes it the perfect everyday tote. Flower Applique If you haven’t done so, download the embroidery pattern by clicking the picture.Material needed: 1. Embroidery hoop, at least 5″ diameter. 2. Cotton or linen, at least 7″ square. 3. Fabric for applique, at least 3″ square. 4. Embroidery needle with long eye (to cater 6 strands embroidery floss). 5. Embroidery needle or normal sewing needle (for 2 strands embroidery floss). 6.

Simple DIY Fold Over ClutchFlamingo Toes So lately I’ve been all about the Clutch. They are so perfect for carrying just a few things – your phone, cash, some lipstick, maybe an adorable coin purse - what more do you need? I am using them all the time now, for dinner’s out, quick trips to the store, and the rare occasion I actually go to a party. They are also fun to put a few things in and then slip into my big camera bag. That way if I’m on a trip or at an event, I don’t have to haul the giant bag with me ever time I need to make a quick trip to the restroom. Ahem.

Finir de poser un biais This sewing tutorial tackles two techniques in one. You need to understand how to join your bias binding strips so you can then finish them off neatly. Joining your strips: Overlay your two strips. Right sides should be together. Halloween 2014: Lala Lucy and Lil Squirt I know. Halloween is so two weeks ago. BUT….I must share the girls costumes with you! Because they’re so much fun! And if by chance you have a LalaLoopsy loving girl at your house, you can tuck this post away till Halloween rolls around again. pattern drafting You need 1 18″ reversible nylon closed zipper2.5 yds. of shell fabric, 60″ wide1.5 yds. of liner fabric, 60″ wideCoordinating thread1 roll of kraft paper or pattern-making papper1 tracing wheel On a sheet of kraft paper, draw a straight line about 2″ from the edge along the length. In the middle of this line, mark point 1. 2 from 1 = 29″ 3 from 1 = 29″

Smocked Sundress in Gingham So this is what happened to the smocking. As a habit, I don't enjoy making an entire garmentout of a single print/patterned fabric. Even ingingham. A Traditional Chinese Pants Pattern! This pattern really attracted me right away - not so much because of the final shape of the pants, but because of the simplicity of the pattern. It is put together from two rectangles and an elastic waist band. Nothing else! See here: (Don't worry about figuring this out yet, I will explain it later in this post!) Printable Bias Tape Maker! You all know how much I love using cardstock folding templates, right? For a few years now I've been playing with the idea of a cardstock bias tape maker. Whenever I had a project involving bias tape, I would experiment, fail miserably, and scrap the idea. Well, right now I'm working on a Sis Boom pattern that requires picture perfect, 1/2" wide single fold bias tape. I have a metal tape maker that size, but I don't have the patience (or the dexterity) to keep the fabric centered for such small, even folds. So I was forced to revisit my paper folder idea, and I'm pleased to say I came up with something that actually works!

How to Make a Yarn Wig, 4 ways Ever since posting about the girls’ costumes last year, I’ve been excited to share this with you! It’s the classic old yarn wig. And there are so many ways to make it, mix it, and use it! … it ain’t rocket science. You buy organic, ride public transit and recycle. It’s time to achieve the truly ultimate green lifestyle. Create your own reusable canvas shopping tote bag to replace your plastic and paper bags. Eco-friendly and reusable, you can design a wide-range of fashionable organic totebags — numerous styles, sizes, and colours. These sustainable alternatives to your traditional shopping bags are often made using hemp, bamboo or, most popular of all, organic cotton.

How to Sew Pin Tucks These easy instructions from "Tucks Made Simple," Threads magazine #171, explain how to sew tiny pin tucks and then how to create intersecting pin tucks. Follow the steps and you'll create interesting designs with pin tucks in no time. If you're interested in standard tucks, you can learn how to successfully fold, sew, and press them by watching this Threads Essential Techniques video.

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