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Camera carrier insert tutorial

Camera carrier insert tutorial
A few months a go I showed you a preview of the camera carrier insert I sewed. I didn’t hold on the tutorial by accident, I actually wanted to give my honest review (and changes I would make to improve) along with a tutorial. I’ve been using the carrier for months now and it works great with the exception of some details I will describe so you can improve your own version (if you decide to make one for yourself) I have to say that I completely love my camera carrier, and changing purses is super easy! The problems I’ve had so far with my carrier are the following: So now to the materials and instructions, because you should make one for you too! MATERIALS: For the main body you will need: 2 pieces of 24″ by 18″ piece of your choice of color felt or fleeceAdd 1 piece of 24″ by 18″ canvas/outside fabric if you decide to reinforce yours (recommended) 1/2″ foamAbout 20″ long piece of Velcro, cut in pieces of 4″ long.Needle, Embroidery floss and and scissors [ Click on Images to enlarge] Related:  Sacs

sac(s) de piscine le retour ! - on va voir si je m'y tiens! pour emma, la copine d'adèle. pour capucine, ma filleule. toile cirée petit pan, toile enduite à pois eurodif (rayon nappe !)biais rose eurodif et biais marron à pois blanc fait maison.j'en vois qui lèvent le doigt et crient et moi, et moi ! alors voici un petit tuto parce que je ne compte pas passer ma vie à coudre des sacs de piscine même si, c'est évident au vu de vos commentaires, il y a un marché à prendre ! (un clic dessus pour mieux voir)

Free Diaper Bag Pattern Yet another free diaper bag pattern for my readers and wow, this one is a beauty. This gal took many weeks of designing and tweaking, yet I'm still giving her away for free. Roomy enough to hold all your baby gear yet still cute. This isn't a big bulky tank, this bag has style! I call it "The Detour Diaper Bag" because having a baby puts your life on detour...but it is a scenic route worth taking. Due to popular demand, I'm now offering Limited Production Licenses so you can make and sell these diaper bags in your own shops or at craft fairs! Materials Needed: 1.5 yards canvas or other sturdy fabric1.5 yards lining fabric1/2 yard patterned fabricmagnetic snap, 7" zipper & velcrointerfacing (optional)pins, scissors, sewing machine, etc Here is The Detour Diaper Bag - free diaper bag pattern in PDF format. It will print on 7 regular letter sized pages for you to tape together. First, print out the pattern pdf from the link above and tape the first six sheets together. We're getting close!

The Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography Boy, are we excited. We’ve spent every waking moment these last months cooped up in the Photojojo Labs, working tirelessly on what can only be our greatest experiment ever. We’ve finally done it. We’ve found the key to… Time Travel. Well, time-lapse photography. So go ahead, read our guide on the ins and outs of time-lapse and start churning out your very own time-lapse videos from your photos. Then, take up your mantle in the halls of history, beside legends such as Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, Dr. p.s. Time Lapse 101: An Overview Alright, so it’s not time-travel. Time-lapse lets you see the natural progression of time, while not having to wait through the actual length of it… so you could watch the sunset (at least, yesterday’s sunset) as you always wanted to, without staying up late to do so – and you could fit it all within a nice, brief commercial break in-between episodes of “Dr. Here’s an example of a time-lapse we put together just for you: Music by Loena Naess, who is awesome.

Pendant le mois de mars … | pouic pouic Voici le tuto calendrier/wallpaper du mois de mars : Calendrier 1600 / 1200 Calendrier 1280 / 800 Zaza-tendance en a profité pour coudre un deuxième sac … Version un peu plus féminine pour une demoiselle qui fêtera ses 5 ans le 17 mars prochain. Voici les différentes étapes de la confection, en photos : Et voilà : Like this: J'aime chargement… Everything Old Is New Again with Basic Heirloom Stitching by Machine As part of the Everything Old is New Again series, we are delving in to one of the oldest styles of specialty sewing: heirloom. This precise and delicate type of stitching is said to have begun in the late 1800s by French nuns, who hand-stitched exquisite laces to delicate fabrics for royal families. Their craftsmanship was so incredible, the resulting gowns and linens were painstakingly preserved and handed down from one generation to the next; hence an heirloom. You'll see the influence of heirloom stitching in a variety of high-end garments, especially special occasion finery, such as wedding dresses, christening gowns, and lingerie; as well as in the finest table linens. Today, with French nuns in short supply, we show you the basics of creating heirloom stitching with your sewing machine. Heirloom sewing, like anything else that inspires or challenges, can grab you and never let you go. Very specific sewing techniques usually mean very specific tools are required. A.

Stunning optical illusions of landscapes Photographer Daniel Kukla, from New York, has created stunning optical illusions. Picture: Daniel Kukla IT'S a relatively simple idea - set up a mirror so you can capture the reflection of a dramatic landscape in a single photograph. But there’s no doubt the results are stunning. Photographer Daniel Kukla, from New York, created a spectacular series of artworks called The Edge Effect using the technique. He clamped the mirror onto an easel and placed it in various settings in the Joshua Tree National Park, California. He angled it so that it would capture the horizon of the desert behind, creating a stunning contrast to the landscape in front. Kulka, who has a background in biology and anthropology, was awarded an artist's residency at the park and used his time there to capture the incredible photos. Picture: Daniel Kukla Source: No Source

Sugar & Spice Bag – PDF Pattern | - Hundreds of Patterns for Making Handbags, Totes, Purses, Backpacks, Clutches, and more. The Sugar & Spice Bag is roomy and very functional. There are four exterior slip pockets and a main compartment closing with a recessed zipper. Two pen pockets and an additional four slip pockets inside complete the ensemble. Lots of wonderful bling, piping, metal rings and shiny rivets give your bag that professional look. Advertisement Bagmaking Techniques: Mother's Day Sewing Like this: Like Loading... Related

Necessities' Of The Basic Trousseau Have Changed, Too May 29, 1988|The Morning Call A section in the 1945 edition of Emily Post's "Etiquette" describing what makes up the basic trousseau indicates that the well-equipped bride of yesteryear needed a Mayflower van rather than a hope chest to hold its contents. But even 43 years ago, the author conceded the listing she had included, in all sincerity, in former editions of her book "is so out of proportion as to seem an absurdity to reprint - except as a factual account of what a completely filled linen closet of yesterday contained." The "necessities" included: - One to three dozen of the finest quality embroidered, or otherwise trimmed, linen single-bed sheets, with large embroidered monogram. - One to three dozen of the finest quality single-bed linen undersheets with narrow hem and no monogram. - Half these quantities for double beds. - Two pillow cases and one small pillow case - for a small down pillow - to match each double upper sheet. - Two to three dozen bath towels of hand size to match.

How To Stream Photos From Your Camera to Your iPad When I'm on a photo shoot for an Apartment Therapy house tour, I stream my photos from my DSLR camera to my iPad. It allows me to proof images on the fly and in super high resolution so I can make sure things are in focus in the manner I intended. Nearly every person that sees the setup in action asks me, "How are you doing that?" Once you get the card, you'll want the free app on your Android Tablet or iPad (or even iPhone). I choose to only stream "Photos" (which means only JPG files), not "RAW" files, as those are too large to stream quickly. I then simply turn on my camera and go to Settings -> Wi-Fi on the iPad and choose the Eye-fi Card network. Once connected, open the Eye-fi App and direct mode should be initiated. That's really all it takes, and you're now setup to stream photos from your camera to your tablet, iPad, or smartphone yourself. This is an essential tool in my shoots, and recent updates have made the Eye-fi card and app something I can always rely on.

A Simple Clutch - Ruffles Version!! You knew it was coming right? I couldn’t do a bunch of variations on our Simple Clutch pattern and not include yummy ruffles! If you’ve missed the previous posts this week – we are taking a Simple Clutch design and changing it up with different styles! The first tutorial includes all the instructions to make the clutch, including how to do a fun patterned Applique on the front section. The second tutorial is a Vintage design and has instructions on how to change up the front piece with vintage lace and some fun flowers. Today we’re adding some ruffles and a pretty pearl decoration. Here’s what you’ll need to make this Version: All the fabric/interfacing/notions requirements for the Original Clutch – along with: 1/4″ yard of three fabrics for ruffles – if you want three different shades of ruffles. Follow the instructions for the original clutch to make the base section of your clutch. Cut from each fabric 2 – 5″ x 16″ pieces. Mark the center of your front piece. Awww. Pin It