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MockFlow Mockup, Wireframe or Prototype iPhone and iPad Apps with AppCooker - Discover AppCooker the most preferred choice for developers and designer who are serious about creating Apps Initializr - Start an HTML5 Boilerplate project in 15 seconds! JavaScript on Smashing Magazine You’ve probably heard all the noise about Web Components and how they’re going to change Web development forever. If you haven’t, you’ve either been living under a rock, are reading this article by accident, or have a full, busy life which doesn’t leave you time to read about unstable and speculative Web technologies. Well, not me. Web Components are a suite of connected technologies aimed at making elements reusable across the Web. The lion’s share of the conversation has been around Shadow DOM, but probably the most transformative technology of the suite is Custom Elements, a method of defining your own elements, with their own behavior and properties.

Pencil Project NameChecklist - Find your name the easy way! 15 Fantastic Apps to Track & Manage Your Goals It’s been just over a month since the year started and I bet more than half of your new year resolutions have already taken a back seat. This happens every year for me, but this time over I’ve decided to use the web to help bring about some change for good. Here’s a look at 15 fantastic web apps to use for setting, tracking and ultimately achieving those goals. Generic Goal Management Let’s start with a few generic goal tracking apps that are built to help you manage your goals and achieve them. 43things 43 Things 43Things takes a very straightforward approach to goals tracking, adding a social component to help you crowdsource motivation and support in achieving your goals. What works in favor of the site is the incredible community support it enjoys. Price: FreeMobile Support: iOS Joe's Goals Joe’s Goals You can call Joe’s Goals the granddaddy of all goal tracking web apps. Price: Free or Pro: $12 per yearMobile Support: None 42goals 42Goals GoalsOnTrack GoalsOnTrack Lifetick Lifetick Health slife

10 Best HTML5 Frameworks To Speed up Web Development 272 Flares Twitter 115 Facebook 127 Google+ 29 StumbleUpon 1 Pin It Share 0 8 272 Flares × HTML5 is the most popular language amongst web designers because of its robustness and scalability. It offers a host of features and functionalities that allow us to create websites which are attractive and interactive. It has taken web development to a new level offering better experience to the users. Developers can achieve interactive features which were once only a fantasy with earlier versions of web languages. It is easy to make use of images, videos, audio, graphics etc. in this new version of the programming language. LimeJS It is one of the most popular HTML5 frameworks used for building robust games. iio Engine This open source framework is primarily used for developing HTML5 applications with JavaScript and canvas. Zoey It is one of the most widely used HTML5-CSS3-powered frameworks that are used for developing applications. HTML5 Boilerplate Jo Junior Initlializr Lungo.jS Cartagen 52 Framework

Pidoco Mobile friendly website examples - SnackWebsites Photography Personal or professional photography websites. View examples Portfolio Portfolio websites showcase the work of various professionals. View examples Music Free music websites featuring bands, musicians and all things music. Profiles Easy personal websites and blogs for anyone. Other Cooking, sky-diving or traveling, you can create a free website for anything.

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