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Quick way to build prototypes for user testing

Quick way to build prototypes for user testing
Make Interface Screens Come AliveSolidify is the quickest way to prototype interface screens for user testing feedback. Multi-Device PrototypingEasily test your prototypes the way they were ment to be used, on any desktop, phone or tablet. Easily Test Worklows and IdeasQuickly created prototypes can be shared with users to test their understanding of directed flows. Gain Insight Into User BehaviorUser test reports reveal problematic interactions in the clickable prototype.

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Notable - Better Interfaces Through Faster Iterations How the 30 Day Free Trial Works Sign up for one of our paid plans and you'll automatically start with your 30 Day Free Trial. Use the app as much as you want and if you like it, then just sit back and you're good to go! However, if you decide Notable isn't right for you at the moment, just downgrade your plan to our Free option. Downgrade before your trial period expires and we won't charge you a dime! Unfortunately, if you're billed after your 30 Day Free Trial and then downgrade, we can't provide a refund or prorate for services. Online Wireframe and UI Mockup Tool Extensive Object Library to Create Any Wireframe Whether its a web page, blog layout or an iOS mockup we have objects to match your design. All the objects are grouped into sensible libraries so you can load only the relevant libraries. This makes it very easy to find objects and provides you with a clutter free drawing area. Specially designed objects like web sharing widgets, signup forms, login widgets makes it extremely fast to come up with beautiful looking designs

Indigo Studio - wireframing tool - Interaction Design Tool Indigo Studio – the fastest UI prototyping and interaction design tool - helps you quickly and simply explore and create functional, animated UI prototypes while maintaining the focus on user experience at every step. With Indigo Studio you can create storyboards with over 100 different scenes, wireframes with built-in interactive controls, and prototypes for your desktop, web, and mobile apps – all with no coding necessary! With the new features in Indigo Studio, designing prototypes for mobile devices has never been easier. With full support for any device that runs HTML5, including iOS devices, users will now be able to utilize supported touch gestures, document designs with PDF support, design storyboards with real-world usage context, rapidly prototype interactive app designs, and design fully functional, animated UI prototypes. See what Indigo Studio can do for you!

List of 25+ Natural Language Processing APIs DuckDuckGo - DuckDuckGo Zero-click Info includes topic summaries, categories, disambiguation, official sites, !bang redirects, definitions and more. You can use this API for many things, e.g. define people, places, things, words and concepts; provides direct links to other services (via ! Choisissez votre outil de maquettage ![ Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)] À l’approche des fêtes, nous avons décidé de remettre à jour notre liste d’outils de maquettage. Parmi trente outils testés, nous en avons sélectionné une vingtaine, en les catégorisant pour vous aider à mieux choisir. N’hésitez pas à réagir à cette liste pour le plus grand bonheur de tous. Vous souhaitant une bonne lecture et d'excellentes fêtes ! Des outils très complets pour des interactions très poussées

MockFlow jQuery Plugins Best Of 2012 Best jQuery Plugins of 2012 for designers & developers. Today I selected best of 2012 jQuery plugins which you already seen in jQuery articles. jQuery plugin are constantly being released, and it’s no surprise since it’s insanely popular, and for good reason. The only problem is being able to sort through them all to find the good ones. That’s why we’re always on the lookout, and we will found some good ones for you. - minimal wireframing tool - for free jQuery Joyride Plugin Create jQuery Feature Tours in a Breeze Setting up Joyride is simple, just attach the needed files, drop in your markup and choose your settings. Joyride is extremely flexible and lets you take control of how people interact with your tour. We programmed it to be cross-browser compatible with modern browsers and even used some fancy CSS to avoid images. Now let’s see just how easy it is to take your first ride without getting the fuzz involved. New in Version 2

GoJS Overview - HTML5 Canvas JavaScript Library for Diagrams GoJS Overview GoJS is a fast and powerful JavaScript library for implementing interactive diagrams in HTML5 web applications. The design of GoJS is similar to the design of our other diagramming controls and to GoXam in particular. CSS Animation Generator CSS animations were added at the start of CSS3 which allows you to transition from one CSS style to another. To use a CSS animation you will have to start styling the element and a number of keyframes to define the transition from start to end of the animation. Before CSS animation was available, the way you would make an element change styling would be to use JavaScript to change an element's styling properties in a certain order. The advantages of using CSS animation over JavaScript driven animations is that they run smoother than JavaScript, which commonly skipped keyframes.

Easy jQuery Plugins Notificationjq.js is a jQuery plugin made using css 3 and javascript to create windows 8 style notifications. It can be used to create important notifications in a website. It is a fully customizable plugin which works with all modern browsers. For detailed instruction on how to use Notificationjq please visit the Documentation. Just download Notificationjq.js, include the javascript file in your project and call the notify() with the text to be notified. Compatible with all recent versions of major browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Mobile Browsers