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Quick way to build prototypes for user testing

Quick way to build prototypes for user testing

MockFlow - Online Wireframe Tool and Design Cloud Mockup, Wireframe or Prototype iPhone and iPad Apps with AppCooker - Discover AppCooker the most preferred choice for developers and designer who are serious about creating Apps VUVOX - slideshows, photo, video and music sharing, Myspace codes JavaScript on Smashing Magazine You’ve probably heard all the noise about Web Components and how they’re going to change Web development forever. If you haven’t, you’ve either been living under a rock, are reading this article by accident, or have a full, busy life which doesn’t leave you time to read about unstable and speculative Web technologies. Well, not me. Web Components are a suite of connected technologies aimed at making elements reusable across the Web.

Online Wireframe and UI Mockup Tool Extensive Object Library to Create Any Wireframe Whether its a web page, blog layout or an iOS mockup we have objects to match your design. All the objects are grouped into sensible libraries so you can load only the relevant libraries. This makes it very easy to find objects and provides you with a clutter free drawing area. Specially designed objects like web sharing widgets, signup forms, login widgets makes it extremely fast to come up with beautiful looking designs Professionally Designed Wireframe and Mockup Templates Shown above are some templates available to you get started immediately. Clickable, Interactive Wireframes and Mockups Our object linking feature helps you to create interactive wireframes. Work Together and Get Instant Feedback with Real-Time Collaboration Our real-time collaboration features enable you to create and work on your wireframes together with your clients or peers. Multiple Exporting Options including PDF and SVG

NameChecklist - Find your name the easy way! Grid Systems in Graphic Design/Raster Systeme Fur Die Visuele Gestaltung: Josef Muller-Brockmann: Livres anglais et étrangers 10 Best HTML5 Frameworks To Speed up Web Development 272 Flares Twitter 115 Facebook 127 Google+ 29 StumbleUpon 1 Pin It Share 0 8 272 Flares × HTML5 is the most popular language amongst web designers because of its robustness and scalability. It offers a host of features and functionalities that allow us to create websites which are attractive and interactive. LimeJS It is one of the most popular HTML5 frameworks used for building robust games. iio Engine This open source framework is primarily used for developing HTML5 applications with JavaScript and canvas. Zoey It is one of the most widely used HTML5-CSS3-powered frameworks that are used for developing applications. HTML5 Boilerplate One of the most widely used frameworks, with the help of HTML5 Boilerplate you will be able to build fast and adaptable website and applications. Jo It is an open source HTML5 mobile application framework that allows you to cater to the needs of multiple platforms such as webOS, iOS, Android, Symbian, Safari, Chrome and Dashboard Widgets. Junior Initlializr

New Project :: (Fluid UI) uses cookies and saves data on our servers in order to provide the Fluid UI service. This data is gathered in order to provide the relevant functionality for your account. The purpose of this article is to inform you what information we store, when we request it and why we need it. Your email address is used to create a unique identifier for your account when you sign up. It is also used to inform you of important updates relating to Fluid UI and your account. Third party services providers Fluid UI also uses a number of third party services providers in order to provide the Fluid UI service: Google Google Analytics is used to anonymously track who is visiting our site, how long they are staying and where they are coming from in order to allow us to improve how we sell the Fluid UI service. Accessing or deleting your data

minimal wireframing tool - for free Click and drag to draw Creating elements of your wireframe couldn't be easier. All you have to do is draw a rectangle on the canvas and select the stencil type that will be inserted there. You can do that by dragging your mouse across canvas and selecting an option from a pop-up menu. If you need to edit anything just double-click it. Super-minimal interface Instead of countless toolbars and icons that we all know from other tools and apps offers a clutter-free environment. Annotate with ease If you want to be sure that your message gets through you can always comment on your wireframe. Limited palette If you want your wireframes to be crisp and clear you should keep them simple. Smart suggestions is trying to guess what you intend to draw. The same goes for editing - you are presented only with options that are applicable for a given element. Wireframe websites and mobile apps You can choose from two templates: a browser window and a mobile phone. Useful tips

Choisissez votre outil de maquettage ![ Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)] À l’approche des fêtes, nous avons décidé de remettre à jour notre liste d’outils de maquettage. Parmi trente outils testés, nous en avons sélectionné une vingtaine, en les catégorisant pour vous aider à mieux choisir. N’hésitez pas à réagir à cette liste pour le plus grand bonheur de tous. Vous souhaitant une bonne lecture et d'excellentes fêtes ! Des outils très complets pour des interactions très poussées Axure Axure, est incontestablement indétrônable en termes de maquettage dynamique. Justinmind Justinmind est un concurrent sérieux de notre bon vieux Axure. Une solution plus simple mais efficace Balsamiq Mockup Balsamiq, malgré son manque de richesse en interaction, reste apprécié pour créer rapidement des maquettes. Les outils généralistes Certains outils ont des fonctionnalités qui ne sont pas nativement dédiées au maquettage. Power mockup Power Mockup est une extension de powerpoint, qui permet d’importer une bibliothèque de patterns. Microsoft Visio OmniGraffle Pour les webdesigners Cacoo

wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications Pick a plan from below to get started! Also check out the Pricing & Sign-up FAQs section below. We will also exchange a year license for anyone who creates honest reviews of iPlotz,to registered charities and to translators of iPlotz. 1 You may roll back changes made to a wireframe if needed. 2 Export Project as an IPML (iPlotz markup language) file. 3 iPlotz supports three different types of sharing rights, "Manage", "WireFrame" and "Preview". 4 Please view this video tutorial for details Sharing wireframe. If the owner of a project, assigns the "Manage" right to user, the user can edit the name, description, status of a project, export the project and also add/edit/delete tasks related to the project. If the user is assigned a "WireFrame" right, the user can manage wireframes related to the project, export them in various formats and export external media files into the project library.