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How to Build New Habits with Mind Maps and Mindmapping

How to Build New Habits with Mind Maps and Mindmapping
Recently I had the opportunity to read a fantastic book on habits and how they really work backed with some scientific research. What really stood out how the author was able to break down habits into different components that would make it much easier to adapt new habits and change old ones. With help of mind maps building new habits has become even easier. Here’s how. Quick Summary Each habit consists of a cue, routine and a reward.Mind maps support you in planning your habit and effectively overseeing it.Each mind map will have a branch for each habit component.Specify your plan of action and details in your mind map. Habits 101: The Habit Loop In the book The Power of Habit, author Charles Duhigg writes how each habit can be broken down into different parts and I’m going to borrow his framework for this post. CueRoutineReward This is the habit loop. The habit loop. Each habit is started by a cue or another way of phrasing that is that a trigger is what will initiate a habit. Cue Routine

Practical Genius - Genuine Curiosity - Learning every day. The other day, I read Gina Amaro Rudan's book, "Practical Genius: The Real Smarts You Need to Get Your Talents and Passions Working for You." I found this book to be a very down-to-earth approach to unlocking your creative juices, through a well-ordered method. In other words, it made sense, was prescriptive enough that you can apply it immediately, and it feels like an approach that will actually work for most people. In "Practical Genius," the author takes us though a 5-step plan for figuring out what your best skills are, and coming up with a plan to leverage those skills. The steps are: Identify Your Genius,Express Your Genius,Surround Yourself With Genius,Sustain Your Genius, andMarket Your Genius Throughout the book, the author shares her perspective, techniques, and a lot of personal stories that bring things down to a tangible level. What struck me as most powerful in this book were the two sections on "Surrounding Yourself With Genius," and "Sustaining Your Genius."

15 Awesome Time Management Tools and Apps As promised in my previous post regarding time management, here I am with a list of cool tools that can help you manage your time effectively and become more productive in your work. Since I am a big fan of tools which are operating system independent, you will find that most of these tools are browser-based and can work on any computer whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. By the way, since I am also a fan of saving money, you will also notice that all of these tools are free! Launchy">Launchy is a tool for Windows users and as the name indicates, it helps launch files, folders, and programs in a single keystroke instead of searching through the start menu or file manager. QuicksilverQuicksilver is an awesome Mac-based tool which is like an advanced version of Launchy. HyperwordsHyperwords is a Firefox add-on and based on my personal experience, I can say that it is immensely useful. Autohotkey / MemokeysAutohotkey is the Windows counterpart of Quicksilver. Cheers, Abhijeet