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GWT-Mon premier projet

GWT-Mon premier projet
I-A. Remerciements▲ Merci à Ricky81 pour sa relecture attentive. I-B. Au cours de cet article, nous verrons comment utiliser et intégrer le framework GWT avec Eclipse. II-A. Pour commencer, il faut créer le répertoire de base du projet. Création du répertoire Sélectionnez mkdir demoGWT On se place dans ce répertoire pour travailler. Création des fichiers projet Eclipse projectCreator -eclipse demoGWT Created directory D:\gwt-windows-1.1.10\demoGWT\test Created file D:\gwt-windows-1.1.10\demoGWT\.project Created file D:\gwt-windows-1.1.10\demoGWT\.classpath Création de l'arborescence applicative applicationCreator -eclipse demoGWT com.developpez.exemple.gwt.client.MonApplication Maintenant que la structure applicative est créée, on pourrait simplement utiliser un éditeur de texte. II-B. En production, on aura évidemment besoin d'un serveur applicatif ou d conteneur web tel Tomcat. Comme tout bon tutoriel, nous allons commencer par un "Hello World !". IV-A. MonApplication.html IV-B. IV-C. IV-C-1. <?

Dragging and dropping with gwt-dnd | GWT Site Today, we are going to take a look at adding drag-and-drop to our GWT applications. I’ve seen quite a few solutions for adding drag-and-drop, including a few tutorials that show how roll your own solution. But why reinvent the wheel when there is a perfectly good drag and drop library like gwt-dnd? This library by Fred Sauer provides a whole host of cool features. I took some time to play with it this past week and I will show you how to get started using the library by creating a simple shopping cart example. To install, download the latest gwt-dnd jar file, add it to your build path and add the following line to your GWT application module file. In this demo, we’re going to allow users to drop books into a shopping cart. (com.gwtsite.dnd.client.Book) Book is a GWT composite widget that will display the book’s title, image, and price. Dragging is handled by implementing the DragController interface. (com.gwtsite.dnd.client.ShoppingCartDemo) (com.gwtsite.dnd.client.CartDropController)

GettingStarted - gwt-dnd - Getting started with gwt-dnd in your own application. - Google Code import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import;import; import com.allen_sauer.gwt.dnd.client.PickupDragController;import com.allen_sauer.gwt.dnd.client.drop.AbsolutePositionDropController;import com.allen_sauer.gwt.dnd.client.drop.DropController;import com.allen_sauer.gwt.dnd.client.util.DOMUtil; // use a deferred command so that the handler catches onModuleLoad2() exceptions DeferredCommand.addCommand(new Command() { public void execute() { onModuleLoad2(); } }); } // Add both panels to the root panel RootPanel.get().add(boundaryPanel); boundaryPanel.add(targetPanel, 10, 10);

Introduction to the Google Web Toolkit Framework - NetBeans IDE 6.x Tutorial Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source web development framework that allows developers to easily create high-performance AJAX applications using Java. With GWT, you are able to write your front end in Java, and it compiles your source code into highly optimized, browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML. "Writing web apps today is a tedious and error-prone process. In this tutorial, you learn how the above principles are applied to real applications. Setting Up the Environment Creating the Source Structure of a GWT Application Examining the Source Structure of a GWT Application Creating an AJAX Random Quote Generator Generating the Service Stubs Examining the Generated Classes Extending the Generated Classes Customizing the Appearance Compiling and Debugging Conclusion See Also The Java download bundle enables you to optionally install the GlassFish server and the Apache Tomcat servlet container 6.0.x. For more information on GWT, see . Click Finish. <! <!