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The Bastards Book of Photography by Dan Nguyen

The Bastards Book of Photography by Dan Nguyen
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Ron Herron's "Mamiya 35mm Cameras" Sunny 16 Rule The "Sunny 16" Rule and Other Camera Basics For some of the younger crowd it may seem hard to believe, but until the late 1960s very few photographers used electronic exposure meters. Most relied on experience (or secretly used printed exposure guides). Some photographers (us "Old-Timers") still prefer to work with the old mechanical cameras, and know that it pays to have some of the basics in your head, because the essential photographic facts, formulas and rules can help you get good shots, even when the fanciest of meters fail. The "Sunny 16" Rule The basic exposure rule for an average scene taken on a bright, sunny day is to use f/16 at a shutter speed equivalent to one over the ISO setting; that is, f/16 at 1/100 sec (or the nearest equivalent, 1/125) at ISO 100, etc. Moon Rules My favorite trick for obtaining a proper exposure of a full moon is to set my aperture at f/11 and my shutter speed at one over the ISO setting.

Is this considered a good photo? The Top 100 Photography Blogs Learning the art of photography is exciting, especially because so many resources are available to beginner photographers online and off. Some of the best of these resources are blogs, and they highlight gear, techniques, inspiration, and more that can help you learn to be a better photographer. Read on to discover 100 of the best photography blogs out there. General For general interest photography, be sure to check out these blogs. Resources Get the help you need through these blogs that highlight useful resources for photographers. News Stay up to date on the latest in photography with the help of these blogs. Photoblogs If you’re in search of pure eye candy, these blogs will get you your fix. Photo Genres These blogs cater to a specific genre of photography. Tips & Learning Improve your photography with the tips and learning resources found on these blogs. Photographer Profiles Get a look into the lives and work of active photographers through these blogs. Gear Business Photoshop

10 Tips to Always Look Good in Photos As a photographer, you look great behind the camera, but what happens when the camera is pointing at you? A lot of photographers tend to freeze up, or go in for that fake, cheesy smile. But you’d be happy to know that you don’t need to be born photogenic in order to look nice in photos. Just follow these 10 simple tips to ensure that you’d always look good in front of the camera. 1.) Dress to impress If you know that a photo opportunity will present itself at an event (which it always does), dress nicely. Photo thanks to g-mikee 2.) If there’s a mirror around or a reflection, take a quick glance at yourself. 3.) Slouching not only makes you appear shorter in photos, but often brings about unsightly stomach rolls too. 4.) When we’re nervous or stressed, our shoulders automatically tense up without us knowing. 5.) There’s nothing worse than a forced smile, so think back to a moment when you were truly happy. Photo thanks to mcpeak_michael 6.) Photo thanks to Sara* Eloise* 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.)

Dragonlance Nexus: Recommended Dragonlance Reading List - Product Catalog by Matt If you are new to the Dragonlance series, the sheer number of novels that have been published is overwhelming. One of the questions we get at the Nexus most often asks what order should someone read the Dragonlance novels. For those that don't want to wait for the explanation, here's my short list (these should be read in the order they appear in the comprehensive list): Classic core novels Fifth Age core novels Age of Mortals core novels Historical core novels List Setup The comprehensive list is divided two ways. Second, the list is organized based on the relative importance of a series. The Time Periods Now that I've clarified the list's organization, I will talk a little bit more about the various time periods. The Historical designation is for novels that flesh out the backstory of Dragonlance. The Fifth Age continued until 421 AC, when the events recounted in the War of Souls trilogy drastically changed the course of history once again. Reading Order

How to Use Every Nikon Digital SLR: 18 steps (with pictures) There are a bunch of settings that you will want to set up once, and only once, with your Nikon digital SLR. As with everything else in this article, we'll make some enormous generalisations that will get you out there and shooting but don't hold true for everyone all the time. You can play with these things later, but for now, you want the basics out of the way. 1Set your camera to continuous shooting. By default, your camera might be set up for single-frame shooting, which meaning that you get one shot (and only one shot) for each press of the shutter button. <img alt="" src=" width="700" height="459" class="whcdn">If you have an AF-M switch, switch to AF, then dig through the menus to find the setting for continuous-servo AF.

Add the Andy Warhol Pop Art Effect to Photos the Easy Way Andy Warhol is considered by many to be the greatest artist in history. His pop art paintings were realistic, vivid, and detailed, while remaining simplistic at the same time. Luckily for us, we can recapture the pop art effect, made famous by Warhol, quickly and easily with digital photo editors. Pop art originated in London in the 1950’s. In England, they referred to it as propaganda art because it was heavily based off of media, advertising, and popular, marketable subjects. In the United States, we refer to it as pop art, pop being short for popular. There are many ways to add the pop art effect to your photos, depending on which photo editing software you choose. *Although you may have never heard of FotoFlexer, it is actually the software that powers the popular website Once at the FotoFlexer homepage, click the Upload a Photo button. You also have the option of uploading photos directly from photobucket, myspace, facebook, flickr, Picasa, etc…

How to Take Macro Pictures -- National Geographic Get Wallpaper Photograph by John Kimbler, My Shot With its emphasis on detail, pattern, and texture, macro photography can yield rewarding and unique results. In this gallery, learn what makes a great macro shot and get tips on how to turn your extreme close-ups into compelling photographs. Here, a macro lens and diffused macro twin flash capture the intricate detail on a bee and flower. (This photo was submitted to My Shot.) Photo Tip: Macro photography is photography magnified. Get more photo tips » Donald J Photography Portfolio