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Keyboard Maestro 6.4.6: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X

Keyboard Maestro 6.4.6: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X
More Macro Triggers Trigger your macros with hot keys that are down, pressed, released, or tapped multiple times. Or trigger with a change in window focus or folder or clipboard. Insert Action by Name Press a hot key, and then type in part of the name of an action to see a list of possibilities. Press Return or double click to insert it. Share with a click The new Share button on the toolbar lets you easily share macros to the Forum, or via messages, email and more. Group Actions Group actions together then try, enable or disable them all. Gear Menu Each action now includes a Gear menu to enable, disable, try, rename, add notes, set colors, or get help, as well as copying the action as text or an image for easier sharing. Macro Inspector The Macro Inspector window tells you when you created, modified or last used a macro. Mouse Display Window The new Mouse Display window shows the mouse coordinates as your cursor moves around the screen. Display Text Large Integrated Help Autocomplete So Much More

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Make Your Own Start by searching for an address or city Or add points by clicking on the map You can also use your checkins! Step 1: Choose Your Places Add places by searching, or clicking on the map. search Software > Tips and Tricks for Keyboard Maestro Keyboard Maestro (4.3.1 at the time of original writing) is a fantastic macro program that I've been happily using (and beta testing) for years and for tons of different things. I won't list its features here, because there's too many of them (and you can find that list on its website) but I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, you know about it already. I'm so used to using KM that it has become almost completely intuitive to me, but reading and answering questions on KM's mailing list, I realized that some things which are obvious to me aren't so to everybody. So I decided to share some of my experience with KM and compiled this list of tips and tricks. Enjoy! And if you find this page really useful and wonder how you might show your appreciation, well clicking the PayPal button at the bottom and making a small donation would do it quite nicely. :)

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