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Y U No The Y U No meme actually began as Y U No Guy but eventually evolved into simply Y U No, the phrase being generally followed by some often ridiculous suggestion. Originally, the face of Y U No guy was taken from Japanese cartoon Gantz’ Chapter 55: Naked King, edited, and placed on a pink wallpaper. The text for the item reads “I TXT U … Y U NO TXTBAK?!” It appeared as a Tumblr file, garnering over 10,000 likes and reblogs. It went totally viral, and has morphed into hundreds of different forms with a similar theme. The Y U No figure stands with arms held out and fingers spread in a plaintive, almost begging gesture, looking pained that whoever the subject of his plea has not done something. Some other notable examples of Y U No include: “PAYPAL: Y U NO ACCEPT WIKILEAKS DONATIONS?”

My Face When - Reaction Faces Database Badass of the Week Single Topic Blogs About Single Topic Blogs are online publications frequently updated with theme-specific media content, in many cases through user-generated contributions. In comparison to other types of collaborative blogs, single topic blog are designed with minimal emphasis on site features and authorship of published materials. Instead, they are heavily geared towards facilitating mass replication of specific memes/media through providing custom macro generators and relying on user-generated content/submission. Origin The concept of single topic blogging has existed in various forms for decades, beginning with Usenet newsgroups and niche interest BBS communities in the early 1990s. In early 2000s, numerous photo blogs focusing on media curation bound by a single theme began to emerge, such as the French photo fad website À Plat Ventre" and the photo-a-day blog Project 365 in 2004 and the contagious media website Crying While Eating in 2005. Spread In Publishing Notable Examples Search Interest | That's What She Said Stories & Jokes subreddit Free Apps and Games What is WoahDude? The best links to click while you're stoned! Trippy & mesmerizing games, video, audio & images that make you go 'woah dude!' No one wants to have to sift through the entire internet for fun links when they're stoned - so make this your one-stop shop! ⇨ more in-depth explanation here ⇦ Filter WoahDude by flair picture - Static images wallpaper - PC or Smartphone gif - Animated images (No flash) audio - Non-musical audio music - Include: Band & Song Title music video - If slideshow, tag [music] video - Non-musical video game - Goal oriented games sandbox - Interactive pages mobile app - Mod-curated selection of apps text - Articles, selfposts & textpics WOAHDUDE APPROVED - Mod-curated selection of the best WoahDude submissions. > 1. Certain reposts are allowed. WoahDude community /r/WoahDude - All media/r/WoahTube - Videos only/r/WoahTunes - Music only/r/StonerPhilosophy - Text posts onlyMULTIREDDIT

Sleeveface - people holding vinyl record sleeves and covers in front of their faces Cake Wrecks Big news from the main man. Alright, so it's time to come clean. I haven't been updating my website very regularly. In fact, here's a graph of the frequency of articles I've posted per year to present, versus the US unemployment rate because there's a direct correlation between my writing and national prosperity: So what have I been doing with my time? But in the interest of cutting down on the whining, here's the short version: About a year ago, I was wrestling a bunch of chicks and snakes in some bar when this guy named Dick Masterson walked in. One day Dick and I were setting off fireworks on a battleship, when we got the idea to make a TV show for this company called Spike TV, because they were looking for something badass to fill that gaping hole in their late night programming womb. Imagine a show like Montel Williams or Regis & Kelly that men would watch. So we had a meeting with Spike and we made the case for why this show was not just good for their network, but good for mankind. That's it for now.