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5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated

5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated

Instructional Objectives Builder | TeachOnline Skip to Content Teach Online9 Learning Objectives Builder Use the ASU Online Objectives Builder tool below to write measurable course outcomes and learning objectives. About Learning Objectives Learning Objectives are statements that describe the specific knowledge, skills, or abilities student will be able to demonstrate in the real world as a result of completing a lesson. Examples of Learning Objectives Describe individual, behavioral, and social factors positively influencing health in the Blue Zones.Calculate the median of a set of values using Excel.Create a needs analysis using Gilbert’s Performance Matrix.Revise a company operations manual to reduce energy consumption.Diagram the main constructs of social cognitive theory.Summarize the scope and source of food waste in the United States. Objectives Builder Tool Use the below objectives builder tool to begin designing objectives. Join the conversation 15 replies Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. IBD podcast Twitter42

10 tips for workshop presenters any teachers I once spent a whole day in a professional development workshop for second language teachers and I learned how to make a fold-up book. That’s all. Nothing else. When I’m not stimulated and challenged in a learning context, I tend to get impatient and have to watch my body language, so as not to make my dissatisfaction obvious to the whole room. Throughout the excellent IB Workshop Leader Training, the trainers, consciously and unconsciously, modelled presentation techniques. Ten tips for workshop presenters any teachers… 1. Be genuine and natural. 2. As lovely as you might sound, less is more. 3. Inspire others with your enthusiasm. 4. Are they yawning? 5. Listen and respond to participants. 6. Laugh at yourself. 7. Dump your Powerpoint if it’s overloaded with information. 8. Make them think. 9. Include thinking time. 10. You don’t know it all… IB Workshop Leader Training Day #4 Like this: Like Loading...

School of Human Ecology — NTR Nutrition Student Interns at the Top of the World Jenna Fahle has found a wonderful way to beat the Texas heat this summer–she is interning in Nome, Alaska. Read More Red Wine Component Can Undo Some of the Harm Done by Poor Diet, Nutritional Science Researchers Find For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that resveratrol — which is abundantly available in red wine and also found in grapes, peanuts and berries — can ease some of the negative effects on the immune system caused by a diet high in fat.

21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation - 21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation by TeachThought Staff The best lessons, books, and materials in the world won’t get students excited about learning and willing to work hard if they’re not motivated. Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and teachers can play a pivotal role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students. Even the most well-intentioned and educated teachers sometimes lack the skills to keep kids on track, so whether you’re a new teacher or an experienced one, try using these methods to motivate your students and to encourage them to live up to their true potential. 1. While guidance from a teacher is important to keeping kids on task and motivated, allowing students to have some choice and control over what happens in the classroom is actually one of the best ways to keep them engaged. 2. 3. 4. 5. Not all students will respond to lessons in the same way. 6. 7. 8.

Design for Learning The vision for the Design for Learning Programme, was to bring the technical development and the effective practice strands of JISC e-Learning Programme together, ensuring that the conceptual and practical implementation of ‘design for learning’ is informed by what is known about effective pedagogic practice. The programme inherited many of the aims and objectives of the ‘Design for Learning’ theme within the e-Learning and Pedagogy strand1 of the e-Learning programme (2004-2006). The Design for Learning Programme which commenced in May 2006 and concluded in mid 2008, included a Models of Practice project, two Pedagogy Planner projects, nine implementation and evaluation projects and a Support Project run by JISC CETIS. How to find out more? The Design for Learning wiki2 now has well over 100 tagged guidelines, inspirational designs, runnable designs, links to tools and systems and case studies from the programme, and is a valuable resource for future funded projects.

70+ Presentation Creation & Hosting Tools EmailShare 30EmailShare This is a page of the DIRECTORY OF LEARNING & PERFORMANCE TOOLSIf you would like to submit a tool for this Directory, please use this form. Top Tool 2013 Free Tool 280Slides : Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world Hosted Ability Office : Includes Presentation – slideshow presentation creator. Adobe Presenter : Create Flash presentations from PowerPoint Free Trial, Download Ahead : Design and publish zooming presentations Hosted Articulate: Create Flash based presentations from PowerPoint. AuthorPOINT : Convert PowerPoint files to SCORM Compliant rich multimedia Presentations. authorSTREAM : You can use authorSTREAM to upload PowerPoint files and shre them with others Hosted. Calameo : Upload all major formats and convert them instantly into digital publications, share them with a worldwide audience. Camtasia : Lecture and presentation capture for your entire organization. Empressr : rich media presentation tool Hosted

Genomic Career: Nutrigenomicist ($35,620-$101,030) Overview Description Nutrigenomics is a field that studies the relationship between nutrition and genes. Nutrigenomicists study genes' effects on metabolism, and consequently which nutritional elements promote the most beneficial gene behavior. Career Outlook Employment in the field of nutrigenomics is expected to increase. Working Conditions & Context Nutrigenomicists typically work in laboratories. Salary Information A typical Salary Range for this career is $35,620 - $101,030 annually. The Median Income for this career is about $65,080 annually. Education Information Education Students interested in a career as a nutrigenomicist should obtain a Bachelor's degree in genomics, nutrition, microbiology, or biochemistry. Positions may be available to those with only a Bachelor's degree, but to be a competitive candidate for employment, an individual should obtain at least a Master's degree. Certification & Licensing:

The 4 Newest Ways To Make Education More Interactive Sorry to have to say it, teachers, but few students want to listen to you talk about a subject for an hour, no matter how much you may love it. You think that you have prepared a nail-biting lecture of suspense about every war in which the United States has fought, and, by the War of 1812, your students are staring out the window, hoping for a superhero to fly in and rescue them from the classroom. Even for the most dedicated of students, books and lectures get boring. Keeping lessons fresh and challenging means keeping them interactive, and given it is almost 2013, incorporating this task is actually much easier than ignoring it. The incorporation of technology into classroom settings has shown a positive impact on the attention and scores of students. Students at risk of failure in education have been shown to engage and absorb material better with the use of technology, while technology in the classroom has also helped students with autism communicate more effectively. 2013 is coming.

12 Sources for Free Images to Use on Your Blog and Social Media Posts November 3, 2014 by Tricia Goss The image you choose can make or break your social media updates, blog posts and other content. But, finding the right picture to accompany your post can be challenging. Not only do you need to find one that complements your post and grabs readers’ attention, but you also have to make sure you are free to share the pic. You can purchase stock photos, but that could take a bite out of your budget and even then, the choices are not always ideal. When you know where to look, you can find professional, attractive photos that are free for you to use. Why We Love It: Every 10 days, Unsplash releases 10 new, high-resolution photos that you can use in any way you want. Searches and Downloads: There is no search feature, so you’ll have to browse to find the photo you want, but you can subscribe and have the 10 new pics emailed to you each week. The site includes a helpful search feature and you have the option of downloading various sizes of each photo. Related

Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter | PPS, PPT to SWF | authorPOINT Lite Share PowerPoint presentations without email attachments You can share your presentations online on the web through authorPOINT Lite, by uploading to authorSTREAM (see how), a free online presentation sharing platform, and to WiZiQ (see how), a free online education platform. authorPOINT Lite is Microsoft® Windows® Vista® compatible and Microsoft Office® 2007 compatible. You can also directly share your PowerPoint's on these servers, using aP Lite's PowerPoint plug-in, for which the conversion to flash outputs is done on these servers. authorPOINT Lite provides the option to share presentations either as "Public" or "Private". The private option lets you share presentations securely with only registered users that you invite. Registration is free. So what problems does this solve? Sending and download issues: Anyone can share PowerPoint without attaching a presentation file to email. authorPOINT Lite - Free PowerPoint to Flash converter How does authorPOINT Lite convert PPT to Flash?