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Comic Book Movies: Superhero Movies, The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor, X-Men First Class, Iron Man 3

Comic Book Movies: Superhero Movies, The Avengers, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor, X-Men First Class, Iron Man 3

Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center Nerds Somos Nozes Greg Weisman Brings Big Plans To "Young Justice: Invasion" In the world of superhero animation, Greg Weisman is known as the man with the plan. From his acclaimed '90s series "Gargoyles" through his fan favorite run with "Spectacular Spider-Man," the writer and executive producer puts together shows chock full of world-building and continuity where twists and turns often become major payoffs as the seasons develop. Currently, Weisman is at the helm of "Young Justice: Invasion" – the second season of the Cartoon Network series that has grown to anchor the DC Nation block of Saturday morning programming. After a first season that wrapped with Vandal Savage taking control of the Justice League for some mysterious intergalactic sabotage, the "Invasion" story takes place five years after Season 1 with some major shake-ups to the team. With the seventh episode of "Invasion," "Young Justice" pulled a suitably Weisman-esque turn to reveal that Aqualad had been undercover the whole time. Greg Weisman: We had two-year game plan from pretty much day one.

/Film | Blogging the Reel World Microplane® Graters, Foot Files, Woodworking Tools/Buy Direct from the Mfg! Jeremy Bastian, crea God Hand Scans s Best Comics of 2010: #1 -- Duncan the Wonder Dog The relationship between people and animals is often complicated, and has always been complicated since the first moment of domestication, when we made an animal more to us than just a living vessel of protein. What could we do? It followed us home. Given enough time, animals have a habit of making their way into our affections, despite the fact that we frequently slaughter them for food, sport, or resources. It gets even more complicated when they can talk. Duncan the Wonder Dog, the best graphic novel of 2010, explores a world that is in many ways like our own, except that animals can understand and speak human language, a change that affects our society through: a) more complex relationships between owners and pets, b) an increasingly violent animal rights movement lead by animals themselves, c) exponentially more upsetting slaughterhouses, or d) all of the above. The answer is d). Except that Adam Hines just did it. That is the human story, but that is not the only story.

Citroën DS Die DS ist ein zwischen Herbst 1955 und Frühjahr 1975 (letzte Krankenwagen bis Anfang 1976) produziertes Automobil von Citroën. Die ausschließlich mit Vierzylinder-Reihenmotoren versehenen Autos waren mit ihrer stromlinienförmigen Karosserie und der damals erstmals in Serie für alle vier Räder verwendeten hydropneumatischen Federung ihrer Zeit weit voraus. Im Frühjahr 1957 kam zusätzlich eine einfacher ausgestattete Version mit der Bezeichnung ID heraus. Vom 4. Oktober 1955 bis zum 24. La Déesse – Die Göttin[Bearbeiten] Die Citroën DS löste die 23 Jahre äußerlich kaum veränderten Modelle der Baureihe Traction Avant ab. Die Bezeichnung DS war eine Ableitung oder ein Wortspiel der Prototypenbezeichnung als „D“-Modelle. Im Französischen ist der Wortstamm Auto feminin klassifiziert („la voiture“); im deutschen Sprachraum wurde die DS während der Produktionszeit fast ausschließlich als „der DS“ bezeichnet. Bei der Vorstellung auf dem Pariser Autosalon am 5. Technik[Bearbeiten] 1955; 6.

Cursed Pirate Girl: "Our Generation's Alice in Wonderland" Jeremy Bastian comic book by Thomas Negovan The response has been TRULY heartwarming! We hit our "low" goal in only two days! Our "secret goal" was 500 supporters, dared we hope? We had sixty supporters in the first two days- if we can keep getting about 20 a day, we WILL hit 500! So... (1) Please email around the link, let people know about the book- and make sure they follow up with a pledge! (2) Jeremy will create an all-new, special Cursed Pirate Girl artwork that we will make into a special limited edition print as an exclusive to every single person who pledged to support the book! (3) To help this happen: we have made a poster that can be printed out and hung at neighborhood coffee houses, etc... we printed up 200 of these and will hang them all over Chicago this week! Note: Yes, all "special-stamped" books can be autographed, and yes we are willing to ship overseas- if you pay the additional costs, we will pack and ship! Visit Cursed Pirate Girl on FACEBOOK:

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