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99% Invisible: Season 3 by PRX, Inc 99% Invisible is a popular radio show and podcast about design, architecture and all the thought that goes into the things most people don’t even think about. The stories are engaging and conversational, but have a precise sound design that is multilayered and tightly edited. They’re produced to stand up to multiple listens and reveal more each time they’re heard. The ultimate goal of 99% Invisible is to make radio that inspires mindfulness and wonder in all the things in the built world. 99% Invisible is an independent radio program created by Roman Mars and produced at home, usually at night, on a shoestring budget. Update: The 5000 Backer Challenge

BOOKLIST CENTER Includes lists prepared by authorities in dozens of fields as well as comprehensive listings of award winning books complete from the first year of the award to the present. Incorporates more than 335 graphics. ---- See What's New for Additions Made Each Week ---- Since the last edition of this site, we have updated the following lists: What is sustainability? « Population Matters Living sustainably means balancing our consumption, our technology choices and our population numbers in order to live within the resources of the planet. It means maintaining a stable and healthy environment for both humanity and biodiversity. The implications are radical. As a minimum a sustainable society, i.e. one that could physically be sustained indefinitely, would need a stable or reducing population, very high levels of reuse and recycling, 100% renewable energy and no net loss of soil and biodiversity. No country is yet near it.

Crowdfunding Site Kickstarts Unusual Tech - The Kickstarter website allows innovators to post ideas for new gadgets or innovations. - Visitors to the site can contribute to help fund the research and development. If you wanted to see the newest gadget or technological advance on the block, you used to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or CeBIT in Germany. But now there's Kickstarter. "It's a way of taking an idea you have, and putting it out there, and seeing if anyone likes it at all," said Paul Sammut, who has posted his own Kickstarter project, a retro-designed clock. Forex Correlation - Mataf Correlation table The following tables represents the correlation between the various parities of the foreign exchange market. The correlation coefficient highlights the similarity of the movements between two parities.

Warning: may cause designgasm Do your New Year’s Resolutions include a bright & shiny new website? What about business cards or a Twitter background? Whatever your design dreams are, we’d love to make them come true! How to Win Friends and Influence People Six Ways To Make People Like You Become genuinely interested in other people.Smile. Remember that a man's name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

NESTREST Doesn't that picture look so peaceful and inviting? I think I'm in love. That dangling, serene little pod is a NESTREST, designed by Paris' Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. It's described as an over-sized bird's nest that's perfect for relaxation, meditation and open-air conversations. DashCast 1 Enter address to show 2 Options Force display? Issei Sagawa - Weird Encyclopedia While studying at France's illustrious Sorbonne, Japanese expatriate Issei Sagawa became enamored of a fellow student, a petite beauty named Renee Hartevelt. Sagawa invited Hartevelt up to his apartment to read some poetry, and over the course of the evening, Sagawa decided that his desire for Hartevelt went far beyond mere sexual attraction. As she sat on his bed, reading from the book of German poetry, Sagawa realized that what he truly desired was to eat her - and not in the metaphorical sense. In his best-selling account of the murder, In The Fog, Sagawa writes: "My passion is so great. I want to eat her. If I do she will be mine forever.There is no escape from this desire."

101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part II) Whitehaven Beach, Australia Westin Maui Resort & Spa Hawaii Coast near Marsa Matruh, Egypt An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers – Rent Alder Manor For Film Shoots & Events Note: I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ALDER MANOR AND WEDDINGS!! I’ve tried to figure it out, but the person in charge of weddings has never called me back, and it remains a complete mystery. I receive emails daily complaining about a lack of response for weddings, and I just don’t understand the situation. Real Time DOW Jones Futures Live SGX Nifty NYMEX Crude Oil Chart COMEX GOLD Dow Futures Update Price FTSE DAX NIKKI Gold Crude Oil Silver Doller SGXNIFTY, SGX NIFTY, sgxnifty, sgxnifty live This Page Content :- Dow jones Futures live, real time dowjones futures quotes, real time nasdaq futures quote live, S&P 500 Futures real time live quote, FTSE100 futures live, real time FTSE100 index live quotes, DAX30 Futures live real time, CAC40 Index futures live quote, NIKKI225 Futures live quotes, Russell 2000 futures real time quotes, GBP/USD real time quote, EUR/USD live price rates, USD/JPY real time currency rates, USD/INR live currency price quote, COMEX Gold real time price, real time Gold quotes comex, nymex Crude Oil live price, nymex Silver real time quotes auto updated, nymex Copper live Rates, Palladium Futures price, CoCoA, price, Coffee, Corn quotes, Soyabean price, Wheat price, Platinum price Live Commodities Real time Rate update Commodities are powered by

Okupa México Are Mexico City’s violent wars over gentrification a window onto our collective future? Photographs courtesy of Myles Estey “So cheat the landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. ”— William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands Last August, as the pre-dawn light fell upon Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, Alejandro Kanan, a poet and silversmith, slept in the rooftop quarters of a neocolonial house.

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