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Timeless advice on writing from famous authors

Timeless advice on writing from famous authors
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Apache OpenOffice - Official Site - The Free and Open Productivity Suite Cost of War to the United States | COSTOFWAR.COM About | Embed | Localize | Military To embed the Department of Defense (FY2014) counter on your website, blog, etc, follow these simple instructions: 1) Add the following javascript to your page: Add the following code wherever you want the counter to show up: NOTE: This doesn't need to be a <div>. A Note About Style We've intentionally left out any styles for this embeddable counter, instead leaving it up to you to provide styles consistent with the look of your site. <div id="npp-widget-department-defense" class="npp-widget"><h3 class="npp-widget-title"> Department of Defense (FY2014) </h3><p class="npp-widget-summary"> Every <span> hr(s)</span>, taxpayers in <span></span> are paying <span>$###</span> for <span>Department of Defense (FY2014)</span>. This counter displays estimated fiscal 2014 funding for the Department of Defense base budget. Sources: White House Office of Management and Budget, historical tables and public budget database; Comptroller, Department of Defense.

The Power of COURAGE «Fortune100coach's Weblog Fortune100coach's Weblog The Power of COURAGE “Feel the Fear and do it anyways.” It doesn’t take any courage to walk through your apartment door. But it’s a different story when that same door is engulfed in flames. People quite often think of courage as the absence of fear. Let me say that again: courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in the presence of fear. Why people often misunderstand courage is because people often misunderstand fear. But fear plays an important role in our lives by acting as a signal that we perceive a threat to our physical or psychological well-being. What makes fear a little tricky is that it doesn’t discriminate between different kinds of threats. Unfortunately, most of the fears we have in our lives are like the second kind: completely counterproductive. This is where courage enters the picture. In my case, the desire to be courageous arose when I was very young. So one small exercise I took on was to talk to people in elevators—even if just for a few minutes. i

Self Publishing, Book Publishing, Print-on-Demand Full-Service Self-Publishing at Outskirts Press INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE. NEWS, COMMENTARY & INSIGHT The Issue From the time we are small, we are given tasks to perform, starting with “make your bed,” “clean your room,” “take out the trash,” and “be nice to your sister.” Once we attend school, those requests begin to increase as we are assigned homework and projects to complete. During high school and college we have further demands thrust upon us as we gain specific interests, hobbies and passions, and as our social calendar begins to fill. So we each kludge together a system to track all that we juggle in life, from those little things we need to accomplish today, to appointments, to items we need to remember to pick up downtown, to those larger projects in the coming months and then those larger, grander dreams we want to fulfill someday. To add to the complexity of this, everyone manages multiple roles. Mismanaged Time From what we’ve seen, using one’s Inbox for storing hundreds — if not thousands — of emails as unfinished to-dos is a recipe for confusion, stress, and mismanaged time.

Greg Egan’s Home Page A Resource Guide for Indie Authors Conflict Strategies for Nice People Do you value friendly relations with your colleagues? Are you proud of being a nice person who would never pick a fight? Unfortunately, you might be just as responsible for group dysfunction as your more combative team members. That’s because it’s a problem when you shy away from open, healthy conflict about the issues. If you think you’re “taking one for the team” by not rocking the boat, you’re deluding yourself. Teams need conflict to function effectively. Still, I meet people every day who admit that they aren’t comfortable with conflict. Sure, pulling your punches might help you maintain your self-image as a nice person, but you do so at the cost of getting your alternative perspective on the table; at the cost of challenging faulty assumptions; and at the cost of highlighting hidden risks. To overcome these problems, we need a new definition of nice. The secret of having healthy conflict and maintaining your self-image as a nice person is all in the mindset and the delivery. 1. 2.

What are some things that full time writers know that most people don't? - Quora Ontological Study | talkingabout At Talking About, we have a commitment to sharing the ontological approach with as many people as we can. To honour that commitment, we offer some free essays that take a more in-depth look at the ontological approach and its application. These essays also include some questions that are designed to encourage you to reflect on how the distinctions outlined within may relate to your own experience of life. Finally these essays are offered as a gift to you and others to help you explore your life through a different lens. Essays include: Ontological Foundations This essay establishes some key concepts that provide the foundations for an exploration of the human condition. Topics in this essay include: An Ontological Approach to Language and Action A new way of looking at our use of language is central to the Ontological Approach. An Ontological Approach to Accountability Topics in this essay include: