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Timeless Advice on Writing from Famous Authors

Timeless Advice on Writing from Famous Authors
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Article on Close Reading Welcome to the first post in our 7-week blog-a-thon on #closereading. We invite YOU to join in! Find more on how-to here. Several selected posts will be linked to on the Contributors page. Close Reading Isn’t Just Anything Just as I suddenly–and against my will–have now heard hundreds of people use the term “twerking” in near constant use, from the VMAs to news anchors to walking into the grocery store… and I don’t think everyone is using it correctly (if you don’t know the definition, please do not hold me accountable for what you google)…, it seems that once a term comes in vogue everyone uses it to define everything. The term “close reading” seems to be experiencing a similar misapplied overuse: What were once called “textbook questions” are now being called close reading.Excuse me, is that classroom of students independently reading? What we lose when we place the term just anywhere is the ability to be specific and purposeful in our instruction. Close Reading Is… Your Turn Like this:

Apache OpenOffice - Official Site - The Free and Open Productivity Suite The Power of COURAGE «Fortune100coach's Weblog Fortune100coach's Weblog The Power of COURAGE “Feel the Fear and do it anyways.” It doesn’t take any courage to walk through your apartment door. But it’s a different story when that same door is engulfed in flames. People quite often think of courage as the absence of fear. Let me say that again: courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to act in the presence of fear. Why people often misunderstand courage is because people often misunderstand fear. But fear plays an important role in our lives by acting as a signal that we perceive a threat to our physical or psychological well-being. What makes fear a little tricky is that it doesn’t discriminate between different kinds of threats. Unfortunately, most of the fears we have in our lives are like the second kind: completely counterproductive. This is where courage enters the picture. In my case, the desire to be courageous arose when I was very young. So one small exercise I took on was to talk to people in elevators—even if just for a few minutes. i

The Real Story of a “Rosie the Riveter”: a Ford Motor Company Employee - Press Release Until World War II, the automotive industry was a mostly male bastion. But with so many men called to serve, more women than ever before sought employment. While their fathers, sons, husbands and friends fought in Europe and Asia, women served the war effort right at home, filling in quickly and capably. Women Were Integral to the War Effort In 1943, two years after the United States entered World War II, more than 30 percent of Ford workers in the machining and assembly departments were women. Women built jeeps, B-24 aircraft, and tractors. A Real Rosie the Riveter The term "Rosie the Riveter" was first used in 1942 in a song recorded by the popular big band leader Kay Kyser, which became a national hit. She worked as a riveter at the Willow Run Aircraft Factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan, building B-29 and B-24 bombers for the U.S. When the war ended, Rose Will Monroe and her female wartime colleagues were sent home so the returning soldiers could resume their prewar jobs.

Self Publishing, Book Publishing, Print-on-Demand Full-Service Self-Publishing at Outskirts Press The Issue From the time we are small, we are given tasks to perform, starting with “make your bed,” “clean your room,” “take out the trash,” and “be nice to your sister.” Once we attend school, those requests begin to increase as we are assigned homework and projects to complete. During high school and college we have further demands thrust upon us as we gain specific interests, hobbies and passions, and as our social calendar begins to fill. So we each kludge together a system to track all that we juggle in life, from those little things we need to accomplish today, to appointments, to items we need to remember to pick up downtown, to those larger projects in the coming months and then those larger, grander dreams we want to fulfill someday. To add to the complexity of this, everyone manages multiple roles. Mismanaged Time From what we’ve seen, using one’s Inbox for storing hundreds — if not thousands — of emails as unfinished to-dos is a recipe for confusion, stress, and mismanaged time.

Writing about Reading...Constructed Response Resources Writing About Reading: Constructed Response resources for helping students construct written answers "Dear WritingFix and NNWP, I was so happy to find your Constructed Response webpage. At first, I was really disappointed that I could not physically attend your September Summit, since I live quite far from Reno, but then I started studying the resources you have posted for any of us teachers to use. **Kindly read our WritingFix permission page before sharing this page's resources with other teachers. Between 2006 and 2009, the Northern Nevada Writing Project hosted three year-long workshops for Nevada teachers who were interested in introducing Constructed Response to their classrooms. What is a Constructed Response? Kristi was our NNWP Consultant who created our first C.R. cadre in 2006. This page at WritingFix freely shares the ideas and resources we introduced to our Northern Nevada colleagues during these C.R.

Greg Egan’s Home Page Conflict Strategies for Nice People Do you value friendly relations with your colleagues? Are you proud of being a nice person who would never pick a fight? Unfortunately, you might be just as responsible for group dysfunction as your more combative team members. That’s because it’s a problem when you shy away from open, healthy conflict about the issues. If you think you’re “taking one for the team” by not rocking the boat, you’re deluding yourself. Teams need conflict to function effectively. Still, I meet people every day who admit that they aren’t comfortable with conflict. Sure, pulling your punches might help you maintain your self-image as a nice person, but you do so at the cost of getting your alternative perspective on the table; at the cost of challenging faulty assumptions; and at the cost of highlighting hidden risks. To overcome these problems, we need a new definition of nice. The secret of having healthy conflict and maintaining your self-image as a nice person is all in the mindset and the delivery. 1. 2.

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Worksheets If you need nonfiction reading comprehension worksheets, then here they are! Each comes with included pdfs for printing in the classroom or for personal use Reading Comprehension Worksheet 1Mastering reading comprehension takes practice - lots of it! Start here with my Reading Comprehension Worksheet 1, Escaping the Endless Adolescence. This reading comprehension worksheet comes complete with printable PDFs, so teachers, you can use it, too! Reading Comprehension Worksheet 1 AnswersIf you've completed my reading comprehension worksheet 1 "Escaping the Endless Adolescence", then by all means take a look at these reading comprehension worksheet answers. Reading Comprehension Worksheet 2This Reading comprehension worksheet 2 also includes a pdf for easy printing, and five multiple choice practice questions, perfect for use in a high school or college reading/English class. Reading Comprehension Worksheet 2 AnswersHere is the answer key to my reading comprehension worksheet 2.

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