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Chris Martenson - Information on the global economy, environment, and our energy challenges. Real estate, oil, community, homes, money. - Chris Martenson,

Chris Martenson - Information on the global economy, environment, and our energy challenges. Real estate, oil, community, homes, money. - Chris Martenson,

The Orion Project - Welcome to The Orion Project! bstill3's Channel Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... Bill Still Uploads Play 6:58 Impeach Clinton - Part 7 674 views 1 day ago 1:13 MM36 - NSA Kids Share Your Nude Pics 2,032 views 4 days ago 1:42 MM35 - IRS Hard Drive Was Only "Scratched" 1,286 views 4 days ago 1:32 MM34 - IRS Emails May Still Exist 1,524 views 5 days ago 1:27 MM33 - MH17 Cockpit Mysteriously Sawed in Half 2,713 views 5 days ago 5:42 Impeach Clinton - Part 6 955 views 5 days ago 5:30 SR 306 - Mr Binney - Part 10 - Final 1,940 views 1 week ago 1:08 MM32 - Congress Slashes IRS Budget 2,254 views 1 week ago 2:01 MM31 - Obama is NOT Deporting 1,878 views 1 week ago 2:01 MM30 - FEC Hard Drive Crashes 2,312 views 1 week ago 3:37 Still Report #305 - ICE Flies Illegals With No ID 3,687 views 2 weeks ago 3:57 SR 304 - Why the Illegal Immigrant Kids? Related channels on YouTube Add to

Deuxième Vie Sovereign Man: Offshore Business, Global Opportunities, Freedom, and Expat News My Ignorance Amazes me but Still I Cannot Sleep I think this business insider article by Henry Blodget is a genuine must read A former senior analyst at Moody’s has gone public with his story of how one of the country’s most important rating agencies is corrupted to the core.The analyst, William J. Harrington, Sad to say (pathetic really) something was news to me “Moody’s …. since going public in 2000.” I didn’t know ( I have stressed my ignorance many times here but I had no idea how much ignorance I had to stress). It sure didn’t take long. Also how long did the longest lived publicly traded investment bank in the USA survive as an investment bank ? Since some time in the mid 70s I had been very puzzled as to how private unregulated firms with such power could remain uncorrupt (in 2008 I started wondering how they had remained uncorrupt for so long). “We told you so” — Bearle and Means. update: at least I’m not naive enough to be surprised by this

Dmitry Orlov: Social Collapse Best Practices Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for showing up. It's certainly nice to travel all the way across the North American continent and have a few people come to see you, even if the occasion isn't a happy one. You are here to listen to me talk about social collapse and the various ways we can avoid screwing that up along with everything else that's gone wrong. Pour une modernisation de la monnaie: le «monétatif» Une initiative demande une réforme monétaire par Werner Wüthrich Qui sont les promoteurs de l’initiative? L’association «Modernisation monétaire» (MOMO) a été créée récemment et se compose en partie de membres de l’«Initiative pour un ordre économique naturel Suisse» (INWO). Cette organisation prend sa source dans le «Mouvement franchiste» initié en 1915 par Silvio Gesell. A ce sujet, précisons certains points importants pour la compréhension de ce qui va suivre: En 1924 s’est constituée la «Ligue franchiste suisse» qui a donné naissance, en 1946, au «Parti libéral-socialiste» qui a eu pendant longtemps des députés aussi bien au Conseil national qu’au Conseil des Etats. L’INWO débat depuis un certain temps d’une initiative populaire sur une réforme du système monétaire. Transformation de la Banque nationale Le «Vollgeld» Le «monétatif» ne créerait pas seulement l’argent liquide mais l’argent scriptural que les banques d’affaires créent elles-mêmes aujourd’hui en accordant des crédits.

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