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Cocos2d for iPhone

Cocos2d for iPhone

Six Different 3D and 2D Iphone Game Engines Since there always seems to be so many people asking on forums about iPhone game engines, and keeping with the theme of my last two posts I thought I would start keeping a list. To begin with these are the ones that I know of (in alphabetical order): Cocoas2D – 2D Game Engine, Open Source, LGPL iTGB for 2D Games – 2D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost $500 OOlong Engine – 3D Game Engine, Open Source, MIT License SIO2Engine – 3D Game Engine, Open Source, Payment or flash screen on game requiredSton3D for Iphone – 3D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost approx. $250 (based on current conversion rates) Unity3D Engine – 3D Game Engine, Commercial, Min. cost $199 + $399 If you have any exprience using any of the above engines in development please post any opinions you have. If you know of any other 3D or 2D engines available for iPhone developers then please post below.

iTorque 2D | Products | Torque 2D is an extremely powerful, flexible, and fast open source engine dedicated to 2D game development. The MIT licensed version of Torque 2D is now available on GitHub. Cross Platform Development at Its Best Torque 2D was developed with OS X, Windows, and iOS devices in mind and works equally well on all the platforms. Graphics Torque 2D's powerful rendering is perfectly suited to achieving a great looking artistic style. Behaviors Torque 2D allows users to share snippets of code easily using behaviors and modules. Scripting Torquescript is a fast and easy to use C++ like scripting language that ties all of the various elements of a project together. Object-oriented programming Transparent interconnection with external C++ objects Built-in fast 2D math (vectors, matrices, and quaternions with all corresponding functions) Well-documented standard library (hundreds of functions out-of-the box) Physics Torque 2D uses Box2D as its physics system. Sound Older Versions

Xcode 4 Xcode 5 does more than ever to help you create high-quality apps. It automatically configures your apps to use the latest Apple services, manages images in a unified asset catalog, and helps you design stunning interfaces for iOS 7 and OS X. It also makes it easy to analyze your code, monitor performance, and test your apps, and with access to continuous integration built right in, your team can create better apps than ever before. Automatic Configuration Xcode 5 automatically configures your app to enable Apple services such as iCloud, Passbook, or Game Center, directly within the IDE. Test Navigator Test-driven development is easier than ever with the new Test Navigator which helps you create, edit, and run unit tests. Bots for Continuous Integration Xcode works closely with OS X Server to easily create bots that continuously build your app, execute your complete test suite, and run the Xcode static analyzer to find potential bugs. Auto Layout Debug Gauges Source Control Asset Management

Zoom effect Check out how easy it is to get started creating mobile HTML5 Games Intel® XDK HTML5 development environment - develop, emulate, test-on-device and build apps Download Today Intel® XDK a HTML5 cross-platform solution enables developers to write web and hybrid apps once, and deploy across many app stores and form factor devices. Easy-to-use: Streamlined workflow from design to app storeDevelop faster: Integrated design, test, and build toolsDeploy simply: Across more app stores, and form factors Intel XDK is available as a free download for Windows* 7 & 8 , Apple OS X*, and Ubuntu* Linux* Build cross-platform apps easily Intel® XDK streamlined interface is built on Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript*, and Node-Webkit back-end, runs on Windows*, OS X*, and Ubuntu Linux, without browser or Java* dependencies. Development Tools Built-in Intuitive tools that let you design engaging HTML5 responsive apps in less time Start with Samples Emulate, Test, and Debug Tools Emulators, debuggers, and profilers to enhance app performance and quality Get the Intel® XDK Learn How

PowWeb Mobile Game Engines for iPhone, iPad, & Android: Cocos2D, Corona, ShiVa, Torque, & Unity3D | Burtons Media Group So you want to make that killer game for a mobile device?! If you want to jump into making the game, then you don’t want to spend time writing the engine (rendering, physics, sound, etc). Here are a few top picks for mobile game engines: Cocos2D Cocos2D is an open source (free) engine (LGPL MIT license) available for developing on the iPhone or Android. Several popular games have been published with Cocos2D. Corona SDK by Corona LabsIf you’re interested in developing 2D games or graphic software for multiple platforms, Corona provides a smart choice. iTorque by Garage Games I have been a torque developer for many years (back in the days of TGE). Marmalade by IdeaWorks3D Marmalade is very popular with a lot of developers and has some big name apps under it’s umbrella. ShiVa by Stonetrip ShiVa is a 3D game development platform for developing for Linux, Mac, Windows or mobile devices such as the Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone.

Develop for iOS Powerful Foundation Derived from core OS X technologies, the amazing user experience of iOS has been streamlined to take maximum advantage of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch hardware. Technologies shared between iOS and OS X include the OS X kernel, BSD sockets for networking, and Objective-C and C/C++ compilers for native performance. Cocoa Touch Cocoa Touch is the programming framework driving user interaction on iOS. Using technology derived from Cocoa and the gorgeous Mac desktop, Cocoa Touch and the iOS interface were completely re-designed for multi-touch. Built upon the Model-View-Controller paradigm, Cocoa Touch provides a solid foundation for creating state-of-the-art applications. Strong low-level foundations enable fantastic high-level frameworks such as Game Kit for multiplayer gaming, Core Data, which offers high performance, yet easy-to-use data management, Core Animation for stunning effects, and the most innovative browser engine on mobile devices in WebKit. Graphics

cocos2d extensions oolongengine - Oolong Engine is an iPad / iPhone / iPod touch Engine The Oolong Engine is written in C++ with some help from Objective-C. It will help you to create new games and port existing games to the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad. Here is its feature list: OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL 2.0 (> iPhone 3GS, iPod touch third gen, iPad) support Math library that supports floating-point calculations with an interface very similar to the D3D math library Support for numerous texture formats including the PowerVR 2-bit, 4-bit and normal map compression formats Support for PowerVR's POD (Scene and Meshes), .3DS and .blend file formats Touch screen support Accelerometer support Text rendering to support a basic UI Timing: several functions that can replace rdstc, QueryPerformance etc. Planned features: Unified vector Math engine that will be used by the renderer and Bullet Oolong Engine 2.x is developed with the official iPhone SDK. Oolong is used in many projects. Here is the San Angeles Demo:

Is there a SDK for 2D games that will deploy to PC, Flash and Android? Papaya Mobile | Free Android Game Engine, Android 2D OpenGL Accelerated development time, incredible support, and massive distribution within Papaya's Social Network helped our game become a huge hit on Android. - LoL Studio Creator of Cafe Fever AppFlood provided us with quality installs when we needed it. The entire integration process was easy and transparent. Highly recommended! - StormJoy Creator of Forest Fair Virality goes beyond leader-boards and achievements. - Wiselinc Inc Creator of MiniTown Social Game Engine was super easy to learn and quickly develop on. - Aidi Game Creator of X-City The graphics are awesome. - Saturday Inc Creator of Fishing Vida Implementing Papaya one click IAB resulted in revenue increasing by 90%! - Caesars Game Studio Creator of Miracle Empire Within the first week of launching our game 90% of the traffic came from Papaya. After integrating the SDK we received incredible promotion to the 65+ million users on Papaya's network. - Begamer Creator of Ninja Girl - Tatem Games Creator of Robosockets – Dean Takahashi Venturebeat GigaOM

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