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Landscape Architects Network - The Voice of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architects Network - The Voice of Landscape Architecture
Sketchy Saturday l 014 This week, we’ve got a new batch of sketchy, fresh out of the oven. I say that because they are deliciously... GONÇALO DE CARVALHO: Beating Global Warming Like a Boss In recent years, global temperature has increased significantly and encouraging the use of outdoor spaces is... Life as a Landscape Architect: GIF Party part 1

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Architecture - Monoskop Étienne-Louis Boullée, proposal for the Cénotaphe à Newton [Newton Memorial], interior, 1784. Manhattan Map Guide, AD 7, 1972, PDF. R(&)Sie(n), I've Heard About ... (a Flat, Fat, Growing Urban Experiment), 2005-06. Source. Peoples Meeting Dome on Behance TECHNICAL: The geodesic dome, the starting point, is a frequency four, its great circles forming the lines that are cut along in the splitting of the surface.The chipped sphere surfaces are scaled from the center of the sphere and therefore remains true to the geometry. The surfaces in between becomes radiating, perpendicular to the spheres surfaces. The ambitions of the system was honored by 3D-modelling the entire skeleton. Printed nodes that are laser cut and robot welded, meet the high precision requirements of the lattice structure.

Saloua Raouda Choucair 1 of 7 The world’s first major museum exhibition of Lebanese artist Saloua Raouda Choucair celebrates this remarkable artist’s extraordinary body of work. Choucair is a pioneer of abstract art in the Middle East and, born in 1916, takes her rightful position as a significant figure in the history of twentieth-century art. Through painting and drawing, architecture, textiles and jewellery, as well as, of course, her prolific and experimental sculptures, visitors can discover how Choucair worked in diverse media pursuing her interests in science, mathematics and Islamic art and poetry. Many of the works, made over a period of five decades, have not previously been seen outside of Lebanon. A rare female voice in the Beirut art scene from the 1940s onwards, Choucair’s work combines elements of western abstraction with Islamic aesthetics.

RNDRD RNDRD is a frequently updated feed of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the 20th century. We do not publish photographs of completed work, only renderings: drawings, collage, models and graphics of all sorts. Our source materials are (mostly) out-of-print academic and trade journals. How to Build Your Own Starter House in Just 5 Steps — for $25,000 Picture this: you own a small piece of land. Nothing fancy — just a small plot. A group of people shows up, sets up a workshop in your shed, and within five days, using materials available at your local hardware store or made from the raw resources of your land, builds you a small starter house kitted out with state-of-the-art eco features for less than $25,000.

Saloua Raouda Choucair – review Les Peintres célèbres, 1948-49 by Saloua Raouda Chocair: 'She takes Léger's tubular belles and gives them some spirit.' Photograph: © Saloua Raouda Choucair Foundation A bolt from the blue is not what one expects at Tate Modern. Unqualified revelations have never been the museum's priority. Nobody goes to Bankside hoping to be astonished by a brand new name, a new artist, a new strain of art that has not yet been bruited on the international circuit all the way from Venice to Sydney to Basel. It does not deal in risks or experiments or artists without a press review to their name.

International 2015 Biennially Archiprix International presents the world's best graduation projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their best graduation project. Archiprix International forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally. The initiative reflects rapid international developments in the design disciplines. Recent decades have seen an explosive growth in the scale of international contact, resulting in lively exchanges world-wide. Increasing numbers of designers work on commissions abroad, professional journals are published on an international scale, and training colleges are becoming more and more international in their orientation.

10 Amazing Tips for Building Energy Efficient Homes Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzz word; it should be a key consideration for building any home. It is possible to have a more comfortable and efficient living space with the touch of simple elements of design. Energy costs are rising and will increase in future decades. Well, with integrated plans, building owners can save a lot over the lifetime of finished constructions.

Light Touch installation by Haptic Visitors to an exhibition of work by architects Haptic can take a rest inside a wooden cabin filled with coloured light and smoke (+ movie). As the centrepiece to the Working the Land exhibition, the Light Touch installation combines an illuminated walkway with a secluded seating area and was designed to demonstrate the craftsmanship that is key to Haptic's architectural practice. A kinetic mechanism is attached to the top of the structure, lifting a chain of lights up and down in a wave-like motion. One side of these lights shines onto a wall of images in the corridor, while the other projects shades of pink, purple and blue through the slatted facade of the cabin.