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La virgule

La virgule
La virgule marque une courte pause dans la lecture sans cependant que l'intonation change. La virgule s'emploie : -> Dans une énumération, pour séparer des mots, des groupes de mots de même nature ou des propositions juxtaposées.Elle monte, elle descend, elle n'arrête pas de bouger ! Les lions, les girafes, les zèbres, vivent tous trois dans la savane. -> Pour séparer des mots, des groupes de mots ou des propositions coordonnées par les conjonctions de coordination et, ou, ni lorsque celles-ci sont répétées plus de deux fois.Il ne craint ni le vent, ni le froid, ni la neige. Remarque : Notons que la virgule peut aussi servir à remplacer les conjonctions et, ou, ni. -> Devant des mots, groupes de mots ou des propositions coordonnées par des conjonctions de coordination autres que et, ou, ni :Je viendrai, mais avec un peu de retard. -> Pour mettre en relief un élément placé en tête de phraseAu sommet de la tour de Windsor, des corbeaux ont élu domicile. Règles typographiques

How To Get Started With Sketchnotes Have you ever seen someone make creative notes at a conference and wished that your own notebook was more presentable? It’s probably much easier to do than you think. You don’t have to be an aspiring lettering artist, and you don’t need to develop top-notch drawing skills. Making your notes more interesting doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Creative Note-Taking For Anyone Link People make all sorts of visual notes. It doesn’t matter whether you call it sketchnoting or doodling or scribbling or simply “adding some joy” to your notes. You Are Your Own Target Audience Link Sketchnotes done live over 45 minutes can’t capture everything. Make the notes for yourself first. Keeping this in mind will help you get started on your own sketchnotes. A Bit More Useful And A Lot More Fun Link So, why bother with any of this? Making something you will look at later might be the most helpful benefit. Stationary Geeking Link A handful of different hues are enough to add a splash of color. (il, al)

Starting a Visual Logbook Inspired by a post by Austin Kleon, I have started to keep a visual logbook of the events that take place in my life each day. Here are some of my first entries: I am enjoying keeping this logbook for many reasons. One is that I find my visual vocabulary increasing in a natural way. I also like being able to look back and quickly get a feel for how a particular day or week went. I think it is worth nothing that this type of logbook serves a different purpose than a written journal (which I also keep, but which I write in very infrequently). Communication scientifique La dernière tendance en communication scientifique est de joindre un résumé vidéo à une publication. Plusieurs revues, dont Cell, déposent également les vidéos sur YouTube. Voir Video Abstracts for Beginners et le blogue The Scientist Videographer pour des conseils! La vidéo permet également de partager vos connaissances auprès de gens qui n'ont pas accès à vos publications scientifiques.

Integrate 10to8 to other apps you use We’ve heard you and other customers talking about your workflow and the tools you use to keep your day running smoothly… but there’s still room to cut out repetitive work. We’ve just launched a new range of software integrations that can help you do that. Have you ever wanted to automatically: send a follow-up email after an appointment is finished? Now you can! What can you integrate with? We’ve created a list of useful integrations that you can start using immediately. Start integrating 10to8 with the rest of your apps now! Luke uses 10to8 & Google Calendar to keep his personal and clinic diaries in sync. Luke is an independent osteopath who also works a few weekly hours at a clinic. By setting up a simple 10to8 and Google Calendar integration however, he can now make sure that his appointments are automatically blocked out in both online calendars, so he doesn’t have to worry about being double-booked. Kate uses 10to8 & SurveyPal to get feedback from her Physiotherapy patients.