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Construction autonome - Habitat 〔1〕

Construction autonome - Habitat 〔1〕 contacter pour dynamiser Changement DIY remote area internet They say that one of the many blessings of country life is that you appreciate the little things. Like clean air, water and food. And I do. I also VERY much appreciate our internet connection, now that we’ve finally got it (kind of) sorted. Our hidden valley is questionably blessed with being devoid of mobile reception. Our hidden valley, showing Nick's family's farm (next door to Milkwood) Wait. Hey – that’s not so bad! Take a breath, hold it, and close your eyes. Now multiply this experience by every. time. you. click. on. anything. So, for the sake of our business, our blog, our students and our sanity, we really needed to figure out how to get faster internet to our farm. It turned out that there was mobile reception on top of the nearest mountain, which in turn, happened to be on our farm. Actually, no. We went looking for remote area internet setups that could do this. My highly technical diagram of our DIY remote area internet system. At the top of the hill: At the woolshed:

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