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The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® Central on-line resources for the Golden Dawn System of Magic

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® Central on-line resources for the Golden Dawn System of Magic

Temples of Angkor Wat: The most Famous and Remarkable of all of Cambodia's Ancient Temples The temples of Angkor display a coherent set of architectural and decorative elements. Most of the temples are based on the concept of the "temple mountain", i.e. the architectural representation of the mythical Mount Meru, center of the world and home of the gods. In some cases, the main temple building is shaped as a pyramid, in other cases the roofs of the temple sanctuaries are designed as multi-leveled, stylized mountains. Many are surrounded by a moat, representing the ocean around Mount Meru. Mythical figures such as Naga, the serpent king, and apsara, celestial dancers, adorn most of the temples, whether dedicated to a Hindu god or Buddhist practice. Angkor Wat Temples: Angkor Wat | Bakheng | Bakong | Banteay Kdei | Banteay Samre | Banteay Srei | Beng Mealea | East Mebon | Kravan | Lolei | Neak Poan | Preah Khan | Preah Ko | Pre Rup | Ta Keo | Ta Prohm Angkor Wat Site The westward orientation of Angkor Wat is opposite to the orientation of sanctuaries dedicated to divinities. Bakan

Home Page 201003033452 | Dynasty of Priestesses This page is viewed 1738 times Archaeology Magazine Evidence of a powerful female bloodline emerges from the Iron Age necropolis of Orthi Petra at Eleutherna on Crete For a quarter century, Greek excavation director Nicholas Stampolidis and his dedicated team have been unearthing the untold stories of the people buried some 2,800 years ago in the necropolis of Orthi Petra at Eleutherna on Crete. Until now, the site has perhaps been best known for the tomb its excavators dubbed "A1K1," an assemblage of 141 cremated individuals, all but two of whom were aristocratic men who likely fell in battle in foreign lands. Excavated between 1992 and 1996, this elaborate rock-cut tomb was brimming with fantastic burial goods that date from the ninth to the seventh century B.C., including bronze vessels, gold and silver jewelry, and military regalia, as literally befits the burial of Homeric war heroes. History and Excavations The site of Eleutherna includes an acropolis, a polis, and a necropolis.

A∴A∴ UFO Evidence : Ancient Astronauts - General The sighting of strange objects in the sky may actually predate the emergence of modern man. Perhaps the earliest depiction of cylindrical objects resembling spacecraft, with what might be their extraterrestrial occupants, are those carved on a granite mountain and on rocks on an island in Hunan Province, China. They have been assigned a tentative age of 47,000 years, which puts them within the time-span of Neanderthal man, predating modern Homo sapiens. articles & documents The sighting of strange objects in the sky may actually predate the emergence of modern man. Alex Starr According to a few clues scattered throughout the world, alien beings could have very likely visited the earth long ago. Steven Mizrach The purpose of this essay is not to demonstrate the validity of the "ancient astronauts" school of thought. David Hatcher Childress, Atlantis Rising, Issue No. 1 Scott Corrales websites & organizations UFO Area

Virtual LRC Search Engine: htm Search ResultsYour search for htm found the following documents (of 3004 documents searched):Displaying documents 76-90 of 397, with best matches first: 76. The Legal Philosophers: The Jurists. Biographies of the Jurists. 77. Biographies of the Essayists. 78. 79. Esoteric and Occult texts at URL: - 39k - 06 Feb 2018 80. Kurosawa and Mifune article plus DVD Reviews, DVD Features, DVD Alerts, DVD Missing in Action, DVD Links, DVD Movies, and Vintage Movie Posters. 81. 82. Occultopedia, a treasury and encyclopedia of occultism, paranormal and the unexplained - Myths, Heroes, Knights and Legends: H to Z Index. 83. NetVet Veterinary Resources - Invertebrate Sites URL: - 40k - 07 Feb 2012 84. No description available. 85. Biographies of the discoverer of America URL: - 7k - 07 May 2012 86. No description available. 87. 88. Biographies of the Philosophers. 89.

Evidence of Advanced Ancient Technology | Hall of the Gods From around the world, objects have been discovered over the past 200 years that clearly originate from highly advanced civilisations. Found in California, a rock was cracked open in search of fossils. But instead of a fossil, out fell a very strange object. The rock came from a formation that had been dated at around half a million years old. In the picture below on the right is an x-ray of the object. Thousands of spiral, screw-like objects have been unearthed over the past 20 years by gold miners in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Manmade artefacts in coal A small steel cube was found in a block of coal in Austria in 1885. Two workmen signed sworn statements as to their discovery in 1912 of an iron pot inside a large piece of coal that they were breaking up to be used in the furnace of a power plant. Man-made objects in rock An iron nail was found in rock in a Peruvian mine by Spanish conquistadores (in 1572). Ancient constructions Conclusion

The Azrael Project Online-Westgate Necromantic ANCIENT MYSTERIES EXPLAINED The One World Flag-- An International Symbol of Diversity. Tolerance Spoken Here. Ancient World Mysteries Decoded. The Esoteric Knowledge of a Lost Age. libra rising links ALTERNATIVE NEWS The Next News Network: Gary Franchi Political News: Sweet Li Political News: Breitbart News Conspiracy: David Icke Info Wars: Alex Jones Mark Dice: Mark Dice Real World News with: We Are Change News from the Heart: David Vose Forum of Ideas: Godlike Productions Real Psychic News: Utsava Political News: Political Avenger Computing Forever: Dave Cullen Lisa Haven News: Lisa Haven Occult and Political News: Styxhexenhammer666 Various: The Truther Girls Every Man's News: Richie From Boston HOLLOW EARTH Inner Earth: Our Hollow Earth: Hollow Hollow Earth: World Top Secret The Real Matrix: Summary of New Age Thought: The Greater Picture ALIENS AND THE BIBLE Aliens and the Bible: Sherry ASTRONOMY Andy Lloyd: Dark Star Theory Sun's Binary: Binary Research Insitute