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Jeff McIntire-Strasburg has been blogging a greener world via sustainablog since 2003!

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg has been blogging a greener world via sustainablog since 2003!
Living Published on September 26th, 2011 | by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg UPDATE: Added another plan to the list… this one made from tin cans. Just back from a weekend trip up to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and between board meetings, was able to join in with the community’s annual open house and Village Fair. Many, many interesting things going on, but one of my favorites (given my interest in appropriate technology) was a stand selling popcorn popped on a rocket stove. I’m really intrigued by this beautifully simple concept, created by Dr. Looking for an alternative to the traditional outdoor barbecue grill, or even for heating your home (at least partially). 1. This one requires no more than stacking some bricks… though I’m guessing they would need to be made of a material like adobe (for the insulative properties). 2. You’ll need just a few more materials for this one from the Aprovecho Research Center, but it’s still pretty simple… 3. 4. 5. #6 The tin can rocket stove (10/1/11) Related:  Rocket StoveSURVIVAL

Fabricating a Heavy-Duty Rocket Stove Rocket stoves are small efficient stoves that can produce a hot flame with only a few small pieces of wood. The reason it is called a rocket stove is because when wood is added to the fire the flames create an internal draft. As the draft is created, the fire begins to produce a jet of fire coming through the stove pipe. These stoves were created out of necessity in third world countries to cook small meals and have recently become more popular as a do-it-yourself camping stove. India wins the Ashden Prize for making charcoal without wood. The Ashden Award is the greatest prize that exists for innovative work concerning the environment in the Third World. Dr. A D Karve on behalf of ARTI, Pune walked up recently to receive the prestigious Rs.20 lakhs award at a ceremony in the UK. The judges declared themselves as 'excited' about his work - an integrated fuel-from-waste system that can create thousands of rural entrepreneurs all over the world, while saving trees and reducing petro dependance. It is a success that took six long and little sung years in rural Maharashtra. Priya plays with cane leaves: Actually the adventure began with Anand Karve's adoring daughter, Priyadarshini in 1996. Priya tried shredding and briquetting leaves in general in order to create fuel pellets. Priya's academic pursuits distracted her for a while and there the matter stood until she finished her doctoral thesis in physics. Char it! Back to our story now. But the gritty cane leaf stood defiant. A rural business system: Karves did not end there.

Beginners Guide to Solar This is a simple introduction to help you decide what you need and how to do it. Firstly there are two different types of set-ups Off Grid and On Grid. If you live remotely and want your own independent power source then you want an Off Grid set-up. If you have a house and are connected to the mains electricity grid then you probably want to use an On Grid set-up, unless you want to use solar to become independent from the grid and have your own power. As the majority of our customers are off grid we will start with that. Off grid set-ups allow you to live remotely whether it’s in a van, boat, or remote house you can generate your own power and live independently. So to start with you want to estimate your power usage and then work out the size of solar system that you might need. Once you have decided on how much power you need then you can spec out the system that you need. System Voltage So with all of that in mind then you have to decide on all the aspects of your solar set-up.

What is Landscape Architecture? My first experience with landscape architecture came in 2006, when I was admitted into university to study it. This turned out to be a very important time of my life, as it served as a guide to my future. Back then, the future was full of surprises – first I had to redraw ancient park compositions with a technical pen and devise 44 ways to draw a tree silhouette. What I found most amusing was telling my friends what I was studying. The response was almost inevitably the question “And what is that?” But it was really me who was about to discover what landscape architecture is and what the role of a landscape architect is. When I was thinking that I should draw beautiful compositions of parks and gardens, I found myself walking through green meadows, staring at every tiny blade of grass and trying to identify different types of flowers and grasses. An epiphany about landscape architecture A few weeks after, I was presented the task of drawing up a master plan. Slavyana Popcheva More Posts

Quienes somos – Peletizadoras,Prensas de Pellets,Máquinas de Pellets de Madera Descripción general de Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery Co., Ltd: Anyang Gemco Energy Machinery Co., Ltd. (GEMCO) es un fabricante de maquinaria a favor de la protección del medio ambiente, la conservación y la energía verde. Sus instalaciones se encuentran en una zona industrializada de alta y nueva tecnología en la provincia china de Henan, en un sitio con conectividad logística superior. Entre sus pares, GEMCO fue el primero en calificar para ambas certificaciones ISO9001: 2000 y CE. Como los suministros mundiales de las energías tradicionales se agotan, y la necesidad de proteger el medio ambiente se ha vuelto más urgente, la energía de biomasa se ha tomado la vanguardia del movimiento de la energía alternativa debido a su neutralidad de carbono. Estructura organizativa de GEMCO: Certificados: Certificados CE e ISO 9001

Eco-Living: How to Make a "Cool" Solar Oven from Scrap For those of you into "eco" projects, here's a good one. This little baby works on the same principle as the solar tower, but on a much smaller scale. I was in Colorado a few summers ago. I had some spare time, and wanted to make something nice as a gift for my friends who frequently camp out in the countryside. Not having worked with power tools and wood for a while, I decided to make a solar oven. There are a million variations on the solar oven, but I wanted to go simple. Basically this is a box with a clear cover that has a lot of light shining into it. Here's how I made it. * Wood: I went out and bought some plywood, marked it off and cut it down with a jigsaw to make the rudimentary sides of your typical six-sided rectangular box. * Hinges: See IMAGE 2. * Tin Foil & Glue: Next I got some glue and covered the flipper tops with a thin coating of glue, over which I stretched sheets of tin foil (aluminum foil is OK, too) with the shiny side facing outward. Have fun! - John

35+ Camping Tips, Tricks & Treats Summer holidays are just around the corner and if you have a camping trip or two on your agenda, you might just find a new trick or two in this bunch! I’ve put together a list of projects and ideas to help around the campsite, a list of must-have home remedies (for poison ivy, mosquito bites, etc.), plus a bunch of fun ideas for cooking you might want to try this year…and don’t miss the old-timer’s fishing weather poem and dependable rope knot examples at the bottom of the page. Lots here and I’ll be adding more goodies to this page as I find them so you may want to bookmark it for future reference. Enjoy! To start things off, here’s a recipe for removing mildew from tents: Step 1: Mix 1/2 cup of Lysol in 1 gallon of hot water. Step 2: Mix 1 cup salt and 1 cup concentrated lemon juice in 1 gallon of hot water. Although visible stains won’t be removed, it does kill the mildew. General Maintenance Suggestion: Remember, after use your tent should be thoroughly aired-out before being stored.

10 Great Reasons to be a Landscape Architect - LAN Landscape architecture is what you encounter once you walk out of your front door. It is the rural environment, the urban environment and the profession acting as the interface between earth’s natural ecosystem and its people. Landscape architects are broad thinkers addressing global issues such as climate change, water shortages, sustainable communities and the prevention of hunger. They are natural leaders with the ability to communicate through different professions and lead multidisciplinary projects. Those within the industry will tell you landscape architecture is certainly a great career choice, however what are the top 10 reasons to become a landscape architect? 10. Where else can you be an environmental strategist one day and facilitate a major art installation the next? Olmsted’s and Vaux’s Central Park; image credit: Manamana / 9. Landscape architects are advocates for the environment itself. 8. Be a leader; image credit: Dusit / 7. 6. 5. 3.

Small Home-Use Pellet Mills for Various Biomass Materials Introduction: The home-use pellet mills also named flat die pellet mill, which was first invented in the early 20th century, is mainly for home use. Due to its lower cost and simple construction, this type has become the most widespread at residences and farms internationally. Thanks to our ISO 9000-certified factories, our well-trained engineers’ hard work, and our staff’s efficiency, we are able to provide some of the best design and installation services for wood pellet mills. Key Parts of Home-use Pellet Mill Scope of Application: Our pellet mills are appropriate for compressing a variety of fibrous biomass material: corn (maize) husks, peanut shells, rice husks, corncobs, cotton seed hulls, wheat biproducts, sunflower seed shells, sawdust, cotton stalks, weeds, house refuse, waste plastic and similar types of factory waste. Advantages of Home-use Pellet Mill: 1. Technical Data of the Electric Motor: Video of Home-use Pellet Mill: Technical Data of Diesel Engine: