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Telling a Story- Creating Poems with Animoto 

Telling a Story- Creating Poems with Animoto 
There is a growing list of incredible sites and tools to give wings to our and our students’ creativity in telling stories. These stories can be poems, voice, text, video, music and so much more, only limited by our own creativity. Last year I concentrated on exploring tools such as In addition to these tools, take a look at Here is my attempt to convert a poem by Jorge Luis Borges into an Animoto music video with my images. First I picked a poem by Jorge Luis Borges, that spoke to me.Segmented the poem and typed the words separately onto different slides into PowerPointChanged fonts style and background colorSaved the slides as individual pictures *( You might have to go into “Options” to make sure it exports ALL the slides not just your selected slide)Uploaded these slides into animotoUploaded images that connected the words and the feeling of the poem for meArranged images in orderUploaded Creative Commons MP3 musicFinalized the movie Here is my Animoto embedded video: Like this: Related:  Language ArtsDigital StorytellingVisual Narratives

Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubrics for Teachers Are you integrating digital storytelling in your course with your students ? Are you looking for a carefully crafted rubric to help you guide your digital storytelling activities ? Well you don't have to go far, the answers are right below these couple of lines. 1- Digital Storytelling Evaluation Rubric ( below is just a snapshot of part of this rubric ) Download it Here 2- Digital Storytelling Course Download it HERE 3- Digital Storytelling Rubric Download it Here

Playdough Recipe 7.9K Flares4.0K643.8K120--×7.9K Flares I love doing fun things with my kids, but I don’t do stuff as often as I’d like because of time and the mess. The Lord knows I have enough messes to clean up as it is without purposefully adding to it! I look on Pinterest and see all those cute craft projects and ideas for kids. I pin that glitter project that’s momentarily caught my eye and for a fleeting moment, I contemplate actually attempting it. How many of you do the same? If that’s you – or even if you are an amazing crafty mom (my hat’s off to you!) This is such an easy recipe for making homemade playdough. Click here for: Easy Homemade Playdough FAQ *Note: I get so many comments and questions that I can’t answer all of them. scroll to the bottom for the printable recipe What you’ll need: 1 cup flour 1 cup water 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1/3 cup salt 1 tablespoon vegetable oil food coloring This recipe makes a large amount, probably equal to 2-3 containers from the store. Stir that color in!

Lesson Plans | TELL A VISUAL NARRATIVE STORY WITH EDUCREATIONS Educreations is an app that turns the iPad into a recordable, interactive whiteboard for creating Khan’s Academy-style tutorials, lessons, or stories. It’s both a teaching and learning tool, allowing users to create lessons and browse what others have created. It’s very simple to use and intuitive, requiring very little time to learn, and created videos can be used by anyone via iPad or computer. Educreations can be used either as a pedagogical tool in flipped or distance-learning classrooms (or just as supplementary instruction) or as a platform for student exhibition, allowing students to demonstrate learning, craft presentations, and teach each other. While Educreations clearly benefits instructors interested in facilitating anytime-anywhere learning, it’s also an effective tool for getting students to create and think about how to effectively communicate ideas and concepts visually. Step 1: Assign students a particular style of narration. Step 2: Students create scripts or outlines.

Kindle Unlimited - Unlimited Reading. Unlimited Listening. Any Device. How To 'App Smash' And Implement Digital Storytelling On The iPad App smashing, the process of using more than one apps in conjunction with one another to create a final product, is a concept that allows students to create engaging educational projects and illustrate their creativity in multifaceted ways. One of the most gratifying and effective ways to use app smashing in the classroom is to create digital storytelling projects. The concept of digital storytelling is emerging as a form of personal and collective expression of knowledge, ideas, and perceptions. Its numerous and positive effects on students’ communication skills are well documented. Digital storytelling is the perfect vehicle for the delivery of visual and audio stimuli that greatly enhance a storyline or a simple narrative. Here is an iPad app smashing activity you can use in your classroom in order to create professionally looking digital storytelling projects. Getting Hands-On: The Project A typical app smashing activity has four steps: First, you start with the end product in mind.

Strategies in Visual Narrative Strategies in Visual Narrative ©Werner Hammerstingl 1998,1999 Narrative 1. We can distinguish between linear and non-linear narrative. Linear narrative: Is built on traditional notions of linearity and univocity, has a beginning, middle and end and is usually logically sequential in nature. Non-linear narrative: Contains elements such as : interruption, circular and unfinished references, chronological anarchy. In this lecture we are going to explore the dynamics and strategies involved in creating a narrative structure for still and time-based visual material. Take a single photograph - any photograph - and you have narrative. Because you have signification (the fact or property of being significant or expressive of something). The pre-photographic meaning of what is being framed and photographed by the camera The process of de-coding the signs in the photograph, governed as it is by cultural, ideological and personal histories. Summary of Codes (1) (a) Figures. (b) Signs. (c) Semes.

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing by Johnny Webber 1. – A different kind of thesaurus. 2. – One quick dictionary search tool. 3. 4. 5. – Write three new pages every day. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. my StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh my Storymaker® was named one of the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association. People worldwide enjoy my StoryMaker®. Find out what all the fun is about! You have the power to decide -- choosing characters, taking them on adventures and creating your very own story along the way. my StoryMaker® lets you control characters and objects -- and it creates sentences for you! Or, you can enter your own words. > Play my StoryMaker® Click here for HELP writing, printing and sharing stories.

Meet Storehouse, the visual narrative app that wants to tell your story | VentureBeat | Business | by Nate Ralph Storehouse wants to sell us a dream. It’s that quintessential 21st century promise, an opportunity to democratize the storytelling experience and grant Jane and John Does around the world the means to collate idle smartphone-camera snaps and jotted thoughts into living, breathing stories. It’s an app, of course — iPad only, for now. “Storehouse is what we call a visual storytelling platform,” says cofounder Mark Kawano, part of the San Francisco-based, nine-person team behind the app. And gosh, it’s pretty. What do you do with videos? This nigh-overwhelming aesthetic is tied to what Kawano calls “the new vernacular” — smartphones and their ilk have acclimated us to a world that’s readily documented, and the miniature wunder-devices that we tote around everyday readily capture all manner of photos and videos. But then what? Storehouse is aimed at something a bit different, with a focus on storytelling, and not necessarily sharing media or status updates. Recreating that magazine feeling

Daily Writing Tips Comic Master Screen Recorder Share your way to virtually any device Securely host your videos for free on, group videos into unique channels based on topics you create, or get a custom embed link to include in your page Publish videos to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive and Vimeo right from the recorder Quick share to Facebook and Twitter Easy to use screen and webcam recorder Intuitive interface enables you to immediately create stunning videos Record lectures, training materials, product demos, webinars, marketing videos, and more Use the Script Tool to make error free, perfectly timed and captioned recordings Add arrows, text and shapes, draw freehand, and zoom & pan while recording

Yarny Digital Storytelling Wendy and Brenda and Shonda Digital Storytelling Presentation Slides Ways to Use Digital Storytelling in the Library and the Classroom At the elementary level, digital storytelling can also be a great tool for reading. Truman the Dog Create an Internet Reading Corner using your own digital stories via VoiceThread Share a digital story during Storytime. Promote your library by creating a short video using Animoto. Connect with distant schools to create a Progressive Story . Ideas for using VoiceThread in the Classroom At the middle and high school level, create interest in books by developing a Book Trailer using one of the Web 2.0 programs. Follow directions for Creating a Book Trailer with your high school students. Use comic book conventions to retell or expand upon other texts. Students can use digital storytelling tools to showcase an "exquisite corpse" of images or "found documentaries" with video elements. STORYBOARDING Using Storyboard Templates in Google Docs Celtx Storyboard Template Adobe