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Droopy Ear Sock Bunny

Droopy Ear Sock Bunny
As promised in my previous sock bunny sewing tutorial, here comes the kawai-i version – the “Droopy Ear Sock Bunny”. This bunny can sits on its own, it is great as toy for kid and as well as for home decoration. Hope you like it and made some for your loved ones. Again, it is a single sock sewing, perfect if you have some don’t-know-what-to-do stray socks laying around that are still “new”. Since there have been quite some sock tutorials here, including the sock monkey, sock kitty and sock skeleton, I will have this tutorial a little simplified on the step photos. Happy Sewing! {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners Related:  Sew: Sock Monkey & Other Sock AnimalsIdées coutureCrafts

Sock Bunny Unlike many sock toys that needs a pair of socks to sew, each sock bunny only needs one (1) sock to make. With a pair of socks you can make a pair of bunny couples. If you have a rather new sock that lost it’s partner, you can make a bunny with it instead of throwing it away. The sock bunny can’t sit on its own, I pinned them down for photography purpose. [If you are interested on the felted carrot shown at the background, here is the tutorial to make it.] {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners Sock Monkey How To Sew Sock MonkeySewing Pattern: Download pattern here. It contains the eyes, ears and pattern for drawing the sock.Materials: Make: 1 (adult size) 1. Sock (crew length), 1 pair (I used striped sock so that it is easy to get the alignment right.) 2. White felt 3. Preparation Prepare all the materials needed as described above. Turn the sock to wrong side, align sock as per photo below. Draw pattern on the sock with erasable fabric marker. 1. Body There will be an opening created between the legs. 1. Finally, turn the body out. Stuff the legs with poly-fill stuffing material. Fill the body round and to the firmness you like. 1. Arms Stuff the arm with poly stuffing material until about 1/2″ from the opening. 1. Both arms waiting to be assembled to the sock monkey. Ears 1. Tail Cut a piece of batting or thick aquarium filter pad, 3 times the width of the tail and the length when it is stretched or partially stretched. 1. Assembly Sew the button eyes to the marked positions of the felt. 1. 1.

To Scale: A Miniaturist's Guide Booklet Cover Set printer to print this page at 7.55"w x 10.36"h If you want a booklet cover print onto cardstock. Reducing full-sized pieces to a correct scale can be a challenge to many miniaturists. Here you will find charts and illustrations to help make this challenge easier by saving the time and hassle of researching with each new project. Do keep in mind that there is always “an exception to the rule” and one can generally modify the measurements found here, to a certain extent, to accommodate space limitations in your settings. Of course knowing how to use a ruler…as in “what do all of these little lines mean?” You can use the scaled rulers included here, on the People pages, to help accurately reduce the size of a room or piece of furniture. Turning the illustrations of the Scaled People page into “paper dolls” (by printing them onto cardstock, cutting them out and then laminating them) will also help you to judge, by the eye, whether a room or object is in scale. Joann

Entrelac Messenger Bag After 3 weeks of knitting, sewing, photographing, pattern and tutorial preparation, here is the “Entrelac Messenger Bag” I did from the rectangle piece of woven-look I have showed you…. Yippee, I am completely thrill of it’s outcome, never thought it could turn out so perfect and practical. At first, I just blindly made the entrelac piece without knowing what to do with it. I added a long straps which act as a gusset for the bag. See… me carrying this bag during a photographing outing with friends. {Get full details on next page.} Pages: 1 2 Get all updates via email: Highlights from Our Partners

Heart Cinnamon Rolls Recipe | Cake and Allie These adorable cinnamon rolls would make the perfect breakfast surprise your valentine this year. I wanted to surprise James with them on Valentine’s Day, but for the sake of the blog, I had to make them early! I saw the idea for the hearts on Pinterest a few months and have been thinking about making them ever since. For the cinnamon roll recipe, I have been using the same one for a long time. They are easy to make and they always turn out. The best part is the fact that they are overnight cinnamon rolls, meaning that you don’t have to do any work on the morning of! The only disappointing thing about these cinnamon rolls is they lose their heart look when you frost them. Cinnamon Rolls (makes 12 large rolls)Ingredients: for dough: 1 cup milk 1- .25 ounce packages of dry active yeast (not rapid rising) 1/4 cup warm water 1/6 cup sugar 1/6 cup vegetable oil 1/2 Tbs baking powder 1 tsp salt 1/2 egg (to get a 1/2 of an egg, beat egg in a ramekin and pour out half of it) 3 1/2 cups flour

Sew A Sock Kitty {Tutorial} I wanted to try sewing sock plushies since months ago but keep on postponing due to my long craft lists and ideas, until I saw Brenda of KrafteeBee posted her long ear sock cat, Gumbo, I can’t resist for not asking her to guest post in Craft Passion. I want to share with you how to sew sock plushies while I learn from her!!! Brenda, who is also known as Sweetee Bee in KrafteeBee blog is a working mum with 2 lovely 20 month-old twins, Aiden and Caileigh, twins! TWINS? Yes, TWINS!!! Besides the sock plushies she made, I like this tutorial too. Let’s see how to sew this cute little sock kitty, Brenda called her Lenny, after this jump. Guest Tutor: Brenda of KrafteeBee When I shared pics of Gumbo and Gummy, I received a pleasant surprise one day…. an offer to be a Guest Post in Craft Passion site!!! I spent a lot of time doing research and perfecting my skills on making sock plushies. Since they love it so much, may be I should make a few more for their birthday. Get all updates via email:

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Mini Pom Pom Teddy Bear Tutorial ADDITIONAL NOTE!! I think it is better with 2 pom poms for the body. They are so small it makes more room for the arms and legs.This is an old standard but well worth repeating...perfect accompaniment for your little set of twins or toddler.Supplies needed:7 ea 3mm pom-poms2 ea 5mm pom-poms3 ea no-hole beads- blacksilk ribbon or thread to make a bow for neckTacky gluetoothpick or your favorite tool