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WPClipart is a collection of high-quality artwork and photos optimized for use with word processors and inkjet printers. Free Pictures - 50 of the Best Ever Web Development, Design and Application Icon Sets If you are looking for that perfect icon for your web site, blog, web app or application, you will find them here. Below is a compilation of the best ever Web Design and Development Icon Sets. Please note, this list has no ranking. bwpx Icons Sanscons Icon Set Sweetie – Cute and clear icons famfamfam – Mini Icons Vector Icon Set Facebook UI Icon Set Fugue Icons Diagona Icons Milky Icon Set Pixelicious Icon Set Xiao Icon Set Mini Pixel Icons Function Icon Set ASP.NET Icon Set Light Icon Set Liquidicity Icon Set “sketch’d up!” Ganato – Psd Icons Two Tone Icon Set TwoTiny Icon Set Web2.0 Icons Pack Proxal Icon Set v2 Brand Spanking New Icon Set Perfect Blog Icons Web Application Icons Irokez CMS Icon Set BacktoPixel Icon Set Sizcons – Random Jabber famfamfam – Silk Icons ExplodingBoy Pixel Icons Greyscale Icon Development File icons and Computer Icon Set Small Arrow Icon Set Minimal Icons Markup Iconsets GraphicPUSH Blog Icons Pixeley Icon Set Drunkey Love PIXELATED Icon Set Weby Icons WebDev Icon Pack Stickers Icon Set

SpriteLib Overview SpriteLib is a collection of static and animated graphic objects (also commonly known as sprites). It was created to provide hobbyist game developers with an assortment of images to use in their creations. Because of SpriteLib, developers don't have to waste precious time or money creating graphics from scratch. SpriteLib is officially under the terms of the Common Public License . NOTE: Artwork from SpriteLib has been used in many games over the years, including popular iOS and OS X titles such as as Pacific Wings and Happyland Adventures . Mp3 Music Search - Free mp3s & files from google Jimmy R Download Mp3 / Files from Google [Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions Download anything from mp3s to anime using the drop down box. Right click save as on the link to save a file to your computer instead of streaming. Adding quotes around your search may help. Saftey Precautions Always double check the file extension when it prompts you to download, even if the linked text says it's an mp3. 10 to 90% Off This is the US version. More Awesome Stuff I've Made Best of the Internet | Free Video Tutorials | Free Online Education | Best of Youtube | Hilarious Pictures | Electronics Discounts | Hardest Game EVER | Video Game Sheet Music | College Online Degrees | Full Anime Episodes | Free Roleplay | Ear Training Legal Copyright / Disclaimer Notice For your privacy, this server does not record IP addresses.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine Free Stock Photos, Free Images Free icons! Author: YOOtheme Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Include link to authors website) Author: IconDrawer Icon set website: Visit site Author: Turbomilk Icon set website: Visit site Author: Taytel Icon set website: Visit site Author: Denis Sazhin Icon set website: Visit site Author: Iconsmaster Icon set website: Visit site Author: Fasticon Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Restrictions apply - read license) Author: Icons Land Icon set website: Visit site Author: Jine Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use Author: Pixel Mixer Icon set website: Visit site Icon set website: Visit site Author: DryIcons Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Do not resell) Author: Honza Dousek Icon set website: Visit site License: Free for commercial use (Attribute author as specified in license) Author: Eugen Buzuk Author: Freeiconsweb Icon set website: Visit site Author: John Doe Author: Pixeden Icon set website: Visit site Author: Anna

Free Sprites Free Sprites Many years ago, I drew around 700 fantasy-themed avatar images for a games competition. The game (“Last Guardian”) didn’t win, and I didn’t usehaven’t used the sprites since then, so I’m now offering the whole package [ZIP] under a Creative Commons licenseCreative Commons attribution 3.0 for you to use. Update (2013-09): I’m changing the license for these sprites to an even more open one which includes commercial use: Creative Commons attribution 3.0. >> More posts Advertisement This site unofficially covers Google™ and more with some rights reserved. - MP3 Search & Free MP3 Downloads Martview - Unique Reading Experience - FREE Download! 15 Free Display Graphics to Use with Your E-Learning Courses A lot of rapid elearning content finds its roots in repurposed classroom slides. The challenge is to rework the screens and get rid of the bullet points so they don’t always look like classroom slides. A great way to get out of the PowerPoint look is to create screens that hold content in different ways. For example, if you put a TV monitor on the screen you’re less inclined to use bullet points. So a good way to rework the screens (and get rid of bullet points) is to think of different types of display screens you can use as content holders. WARNING: Course context is everything. With that said here are a few ideas from previous posts and those are followed with some new ones and free downloads. You can download many of these templates (and more) from the E-Learning Heroes community. In today’s post, I thought I’d share yet one more display screen graphic—the projection screen. Here are a few simple projection screen images that I created. Generally, I like to keep the screens simple.

40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets Some of the best things in life are free. When it comes to icons and icon sets, there are many talented designers and artists that choose to provide beautiful and useful icon sets for commercial and/or personal usage. In this collection, you’ll see 40 beautiful, free icon sets that you can use in a variety of ways (websites and/or your desktop). In total, you’ll find close to 3000 invidual icons showcased in this article. Note: It’s important to read the fine-print before using any icon sets; some may have restrictions for commercial use (or require that you give credit to the designer). Yoritsuki icons 35 icons – Download (PNG and ICO) Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set 14 icons – Download (PNG and JPG) rounder_png 43 icons – Download (PNG) eico 1 year 17 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) Wifun Icons 6 icons – Download (PNG and ICO) 3D Cartoon Icons Pack 111 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III 205 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS) De Freu 41 icons – Download (PNG) Practika V!

Free, legal art for open source game projects is excited to announce that as of April 1, 2014, we have been acquired by Facebook! As a result of this deal, we promise that absolutely nothing will change even though Mark Zuckerberg now literally owns BartK. We will not, for instance, take away all current license options and replace them with a single license that grants all ownership of your content to Facebook. And we definitely won't start sending all your data to advertisers and government agencies. When asked to comment, OGA founder Bart Kelsey said, "Well, it seemed like the thing to do. Facebook CEO Fake Mark Zuckerberg said of the deal, "It was the right time to act. As alwyays, we wish everyone a happy April Fools Day!

Cliparts utilisables gratuitement et librement. by cdicapeyron Jan 6

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