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Pix: Pixel Mixer

Pix: Pixel Mixer
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give photos an old, retro / vintage look. Free and online I realize that I havn't said anything for a long time. I have been struggeling with lots of stuff and have been back and forth about doing anything on Cheapstamatic at all. The spreading of smartphones and tablets and free apps in these had me wondering if my web based app is worth developing further. But since I see that people continue using it I figured that there is a need for it. I have during this year made a lot of tries in remaking the application. Maybe you cant see much of the interface from the image in this post, but it gives the general idea of how it works. Why change the name? The name change is based on two things: A unique name not based on any other. The is taken and expensive to purchase. What is the new name? I will not tell you just yet. :) It is shorter and easier to type so it will probably be better for all. Thank's for all the support over the years.

PicMonkey Create paintings from photos Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. But how does it work? Open a photo you like and paint it using a variety of tools like brush, spraycan, ribbon, knife, Psykopaint will choose the colors automatically for you So you don't need to worry about it and focus on a style you like. Phixr - Online Photo Editor Online Photo Effects cookie barclose This website makes use of cookies to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. None of this data can or will be used to identify or contact you. By clicking Allow cookies you give your permission to this website to store small bits of data on your device. By clicking Disallow cookies, or by scrolling the page, you deny your consent to store any cookies and localStorage data for this website, eventually deleting already stored cookies (some parts of the site may stop working properly). To learn more about cookies and localStorage, visit Information Commissioner's Office. To disable all cookies through the browser, click on the corresponding icon and follow the instructions:

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