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Assertiveness Skills - Counseling Center

Assertiveness Skills - Counseling Center
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Massage Instructions [Basics] . [Back] . [Legs:back] . [Legs:font] . 0 Be positive. 1 Professionalism. 2 Trust and rapport. 3 Biodynamics. 4 Contraindications. 5 Time. 6 Misc. 7 Knots. 8 Friction. Contraindication: dislocated shoulder, vertebrae problems. 0 Towel work. 1 Glute U-shapes. 2 Circles up either side of spine. 3 Ironing up spine. 4 Small kneading up sides. 5 Work out knots. 6 Scrubbing. 7 Figure of eight over whole back, using both hands. 8 Shoulder blade petrissage. 9 Cup and hack. 10 More effluerage. 3 shoulder, 3 scapula (shoulder blade), 3 lats, 3 obliques (waist). 11 Small kneading traps. 12 Thumbs up erectus to occipital. 13 Small circles on top of shoulders, neck. 14 Quarter circle shoulder effleurage. 15 Thumb scissors over spine. 16 Double-handed kneading of spine squashing erectus spini together in palm, probably using both hands. 17 Effleurage. 18 Finish. Vibrating buttocks are fun! - Wring leg (Chinese burn). before oil, perhaps. 0 Effleurage. 1 Frictions down hamstring. 0 Effleurage

Meisner technique The Meisner technique is an acting technique developed by the American theatre practitioner Sanford Meisner.[1] Components[edit] Meisner Training is an interdependent series of training exercises that build on one another. The more complex work supports a command of dramatic text. Students work on a series of progressively complex exercises to develop an ability to first improvise, then to access an emotional life, and finally to bring the spontaneity of improvisation and the richness of personal response to textual work. List of Meisner-trained actors[edit] Prominent actors who trained at The Neighborhood Playhouse or elsewhere in the Meisner technique include:[2] See also[edit] List of acting techniques References[edit] Sources[edit] Banham, Martin, ed. 1998. External links[edit]

Free Online Courses & Online Learning from ALISON 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life I’ve been striving to simplify my life for many years now, and have recently (through my writing) been advising others how to do the same. In the process, I’ve learned that making little changes in our attitudes, habits, and environment can have a big impact. So today, I thought I’d compile a list of 100 ways to simplify your life – from the practical to the philosophical, and everything in between. Of course, not every item on the list will work for every person reading it. However, I hope that you’ll find at least a little something that speaks to you, helps you save some time, space, and energy — and perhaps even increases your serenity and happiness! AROUND THE HOUSE1. WARDROBE AND STYLE21. KITCHEN AND DINING36. OFFICE AND TECH46. TIME MANAGEMENT66. ATTITUDE81. MISCELLANEOUS96.

The Only Things Actually WORTH Buying For An Awesome Life - Zenbeard You want to collect memories, not things. Thrive with just the bare essentials. And never spend a single calorie on any fashion-related decision. That is music to my ears, brother. Living minimally is tough because most of the stuff out there isn’t designed to last. It’s more profitable for brands to make a thing that breaks down after a year so you have to get a new one. But luckily, there is still a core of people who believe in quality and building things that are genuine investments. It won’t happen overnight, but what you’re looking to do is collect a small core of things that are: long-lasting, low-maintenance, and (preferably) multi-functional. So, I’ve scoured through hundreds of brands, survival experts, and nomads to pick out gems that fit the bill. Here’s the list. I’ll keep updating this as new things come up so be sure to bookmark this page and keep checking in from time to time. (Last updated: June 2015) Wallet Socks Yes, there is a place that makes socks that last a lifetime. Luggage

Advice from Somewhere ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. This came around anonamously, identified as from a "Chinese Tantra Totem" - One definition of a tantra being a statement of principle or religious practice and collections of such principles and practices. Encyclopedia [ Search Net ] [ Facts Subject Index ] [ Facts Encyclopedia ] [ Newspapers USA/World ] [ Report Broken Links ][ Fast Facts ] [ First Things First ] [ Quick Reference ] [ Site Map ] [ HOME ] [ Search Net ] [ My Facts Page ] [ My Virt. Encyclopedia ] [ My Virt. 100 Clever Ways to Change Your Habits and Improve Your Life | Masters of Healthcare - StumbleUpon Most people are in a constant pursuit to improve their lives. Changing your habits, outlook, and everyday living can go a long way to making your life more like you want it to be. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 ways to make your life better. General These are some of the more general ways you can improve your life. Health Medical professionals agree that these healthy habits will improve your quality of life. Career & Finance You can improve your career and finance through these habits and actions. Social Life Make your social life better by following these tips. Technology Give your technology habits and life a boost with these tips. Happiness These habits will help you be happier in life. Mental Health Follow these tips to preserve your mental health. Satisfaction These habits will help improve your satisfaction in life. Productivity These habits will help you stay more productive. Mind Hacks These mind hacks will help you improve your life.

32 Websites That Will Make You a Genius You just need the passion to become smarter. Developing gives you an edge and here are the tools to help you: BBC — Future Learn something new, every day. 2. Educational videos to broaden your knowledge. 3. An award winning interface for Wikipedia. Marvellous videos to open your mind on almost every topic. 5. iTunes U The power of technology to transform classrooms. 6. High quality online education – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. 7. Some of the top U.S. universities offer massive open online courses for free. 8. A catalog of free online courses and learning resources offered by MIT. 9. Interactive online classes and courses in higher education. 10. edX Online courses from the world’s best universities. 11. Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox. 12. Take a micro-course anytime you want, on any device. 13. An open educational project that helps you learn at your own pace. 14. 15. 16. Marketplace for online training, now with 22,000+ courses. 17. 18.

The Mystical Experience Registry: Getting Started with Active Imagination Getting Started with Active Imagination "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."-Emerson As defined on this site, Active Imagination is possible when one moves his/her everyday consciousness towards the dream world. "Dream world" is used here to mean nothing more nor less than that realm that we all experience when sleeping, falling into sleep, or coming out of sleep. Try to observe yourself awakening in the morning (or if you prefer, falling asleep at night). From these observations, we learn that our dreaming involves a state of mind where anything is possible. Find the means that allows you to move into profound relaxation but with mental clarity remaining. A Note: These are only the basics to give you some idea of the type of work involved. Instructions For More Advanced Work Resources: >Back to Active Imagination & Hypnagogia?