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Rufus - Create bootable USB drives

Rufus - Create bootable USB drives

5 Alternative Ways To Install Ubuntu [Linux] I’ve written all about this amazing OS, discussing everything from how awesome Ubuntu 10.04 is to 7 things easier to do in Ubuntu than in Windows. But perhaps the best part about Ubuntu, not to mention Linux in general, is how it can be installed on most any machine you run into. If you’re looking to install Ubuntu under unusual circumstances you’ve found the right article: we’re going to run through 5 weird and alternative Ubuntu installs. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, keep reading anyway. What could it hurt? Installing From USB It’s 2010; optical drives are all but dead. The best tool for the job, of course, is UNetBootin. Want to learn more about using UNetBootin? Trying to create a bootable disk from your Mac? Installing From Within Windows Many Ubuntu zealots will tell you that the ideal Ubuntu situation is quit Windows entirely, but that’s not completely necessary: Windows and Ubuntu can co-exist quite peacefully. Don’t have a Ubuntu CD? On A Mac Install To USB Disk Conclusion

Build Your Own Wireless Dead Drop For File Sharing Got everything put together, and plugged in? Good. Wait a minute or so, and then we’ll connect to your PirateBox using the command line from another computer. ssh root@alarmpi I couldn’t get this to work, and as such needed to use the device’s IP in order to connect. passwd Once you’ve done this, you should start the Piratebox service: systemctl start piratebox And then you should tell your PirateBox to start the service at boot: systemctl enable piratebox You can also enable the image board, if you’d like (you can do this later if you prefer). nano /opt/piratebox/www/board/ Then change the admin username and password. wget You’ll also find instructions for setting up the UPnP Media Server – set this up if you like.

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