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Needle and Spatula: Pleated Pouch Sewing Tutorial

Needle and Spatula: Pleated Pouch Sewing Tutorial
I originally posted this project in August and have been meaning to make it again to do a tutorial ever since. This bag combines elements from a number of different tutorials and projects out there, I basically mixed and matched elements to come up with what I wanted. It has squared off bottom corners which give it a good amount of inside volume and a nice shape. It can stand up (and would stand up even more if made with home dec weight fabric or using interfacing). TERMS OF USE: For personal, non-commercial use only. What you will need: First, on the bottom outside pieces, mark lightly at the top (long) edge of the rectangle at 3.5", 4.5"(middle), and 5.5" from the edge. Fold the two outer markings so each comes in to the center point and pin in place as shown below. Pin the front bottom pieces to the top pieces and sew together (sorry these next two pics didn't turn out great - I was trying not to use my flash but they are kind of blurry, I think you can still tell what to do).

Knitty Gritty Thoughts: Happy Thanksgiving and Free Fabric Styrofoam Ball Pattern! Supplies are easy, most of them you'll probably already have around the house. You'll need - Fabric - your choice of colors and prints. The amount you need depends on the size of the styrofoam balls you use and how thick you place the fabric. Start by cutting your fabric in 2 inch strips as shown above. After you've cut the strips, cut each strip into 2 inch widths so you end up with 2x2inch squares You'll have a nice pretty stack of squares! Now, pull up a chair, put on a movie and let's get pinning! Now, you're going to learn how to fold the fabric squares. Next, fold the fabric in half again and hold it as shown above. Now, pin. Now, pin the second one. You continue doing this around and around and finish the first round. Start a second round slightly offset from the first and continue on your way, round after round. Continue along to the bottom. Voila! Here's a sampling of the latest balls I've completed. Careful! Happy Crafting All!

Free Pattern Month Day 11 - Cakies: The A-Frame Tent Hello Monday! We have a great gal to start off a fresh week of Free Patterns! Please welcome Rubyellen from Cakies! I was introduced to Rubyellen's blog a very long time ago! Now she has THREE with one more on the way! What caught my eye was her ethereal photography and adorable softies! All of her projects and posts come from a place where crafting and motherhood intersect. I love reading about her thrifting finds! And clothing for her sweet little girls! Says Rubyellen, "I love making things and this blog originally intended to just document our everyday crafting, but it has turned into so much more. She's also super talented at hand embroidery! Rubyellen's life certainly does seem like a dream! Thank you Rubyellen for joining me in Free Pattern Month on Grosgrain! Hello Grosgrain readers!!! Drawn pattern for reference: Materials for the A-frame: 4- 1'' x 2'' x 48'' whitewood moulding 1- 3/4'' x 48'' poplar dowel drill with a 3/4'' spade bit measuring tape pencil (marker) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2.

Newspaper basket Last night's project, a basket made from old newspaper. After seeing this post at CraftStylish, I was inspired to try one. Maybe I'll keep books and remote controls in it. 1. I cut the folded edge off a couple sections of newspaper and then cut those pages in half lengthwise. I used about 20 pages for this basket (about 40 strips). 2. 3. 4. 5. Petals to Picots: Green Crocheting: Making Fabric into Yarn In an effort to reduce our household waste, I am always looking for ways to reuse and recycle things. So when I finally decided that it was time to retire a sheet set from my linen closet I was left with a few choices. Donate it? No … After years and years of use — starting in my husband’s bachelor pad, then as our guest set, then as camping sheets — these sheets weren’t in any shape to donate. What you’ll need:flat sheetscissors Cut off the sewn edges from around the sheet (Fig. 1). Fig. 1 Fig. 2 To help give you a better visualization, the illustration below shows what the sheet would look like now if you were to open it up. So far, so good? This next step is a little trickier, but this is what creates one continuous strip of fabric. Fig. 3 Did I lose you? Now, starting from one of the corners that was just cut, start rolling the strip into a ball. Fig. 4

Love and Lollipops: Seussville {Bottle Top and Pom Pom Town} Big Brother went off to camp for a few days this morning, so I thought it would be nice to have a few distractions for little brother. Truthfully, Little One will probably be fine - it's Mommy (that would be me) that might not be. Anyhow, this project started off a few days ago with me encouraging the boys to make some "buildings" from bottle tops. Little One's creations... The little buildings needed a place to go, so I took a large piece of cardboard and glued some colourful cardboard roads on to it and added the street markings with a correction pen. A Childhood List: 105) DIY Plastic Bag Jump Rope I really do make a huge effort to not get plastic bags, yet somehow they seem to multiply in our house. So on a quest to figure out something to do with them, I came up with this idea, what about a jump rope. The girls love jump ropes, although they haven't quite figured out how to actually jump rope yet (although the Bee is working on it.) They do however love to use them to limbo under, tie to a tricycle or wagon, drag things around, as a police stop in the bike traffic circle in our backyard, and many many other uses. Next I cut each rectangle into long strips. I then took six of the strips and taped them together with painters tape and taped the whole group to the back of a chair (if you ever made friendship bracelets as a kid you know exactly what I am talking about.) After twisting the two braids together I taped the ends with duck tape to create a handle.

Tutorials If you’re like me you love to craft, but sometimes you just hit an idea wall. Well here’s some ideas to help you along! Just remember these crafts are for personal use only; not for resale or redistribution. tinctory make it & fake it Inspired to Share the sphinx & the milky way: confetti systems It is fun, sparkly, simple, festive, and pretty! all wrapped into one! What could be better? I would love a room full of it! Read an interview with them here