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Boffoli Photography

Boffoli Photography
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Scream Portrait Hack Is Photo Booth on Steroids | Raw File Photo: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy HuntPhoto: Billy Hunt Photographer Billy Hunt thought he had found a way to hack his portrait subjects’ awkwardness: a scream-activated photo booth. “I’ve done a lot of portrait work and you can see the war in these people’s brains when you try to take their picture,” says Hunt. Avoiding this war is easier said than done, however. It’s a trend that Hunt has been noticing and is now rolling with. “I think it’s even better,” he says. Hunt’s device consists of a microphone threaded through a boom box, which wirelessly fires a camera through a PocketWizard. “100 years ago you got maybe got one picture taken your entire life and you had to sit still for a full minute to get it,” he says.

Little People - a tiny street art project Pictures: Beth Galton's food vertigo Food Art is a real trend at the moment, and many are those trying it. Though Beth Galton‘s work is more than just food art, it is closer to graphic design, sometimes close to poetry. Landscape 13 Beth Galton is a New York-based food photographer. Her job is to photograph food the best way possible. The way she manages to embellish food is well worth a look; her food art abstraction concept is even more astonishing. Food Vertigo Helped by a “food stylist”, Charlotte Omnès, Beth Galton is developing her conceptual food art. développe son projet conceptuel d’art fooding. Sometimes in motion or cut in half, the aliments are soaked in gelatin, which help them keep their shape. Images credits : Beth Galton / Source : Junk Culture I want more stuff like this !

Modern Superheroes Recast As Greek And Roman Gods by Kellie Foxx-Gonzalez | 3:32 pm, July 23rd, 2012 Okay, so technically Wonder Woman is Diana, a Roman goddess, but they’re equivalent deities so just roll with it. I’m pretty sure artist Tim Maclean is trying to explore the relationship between religion, idolatry, and the modern superhero with these awesome portraits of superheroes painted as Classical gods, but I’m mostly just nerding out over how cool they look. Hit the jump to check out more of these quirky, allegorical mashups! (via i09.) Marina Abramović Made Me Cry Marina Abramović Made Me Cry Photographs by Marco Anelli. From the book: PORTRAITS IN THE PRESENCE OF MARINA ABRAMOVIC (Marco Anelli © 2010) Portraits taken during the MoMA's exhibit of performance artist "Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present". Abramović sits at a table in silence, and museum guests can sit across from her and stare. Some people couldn't handle the heat. Tumblr by: Katie Notopoulos See also: Marina Abramovic Hotties

[Behind the Scene] Séance "Farine et Danse" Voici une petite vidéo "Behind the Scene" de ma dernière séance studio sur le thème "Farine et Danse". Behind the Scene video from the "Dust and Dance" shooting. Cela faisait un petit moment que je voyais des photos utilisant de la farine pour créer une sorte de "fumée", qui, bien éclairée pour le faire ressortir, permettait de mettre en valeur le mouvement. Vous verrez donc dans la vidéo que le fond est un tissu sombre, ce qui permet de bien faire ressortir la farine. Le reste est simple : Élodie est saupoudrée de farine (en insistant bien dans les cheveux) avant chaque saut, et il faut bien tout régler (mise au point, cadrage, etc...) à l'avance pour pouvoir saisir le saut au bon moment. Le concept peut être décliné de différentes manières et personnellement, je crois que mon prochain essai sera en extérieur. :-)

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Creative Nail Art by Kayleigh O’Connor Bob Maynard once said that “Problems are opportunities in disguise.” And this is exactly what happened to Kayleigh O’Conno, a 24-year-old media student at Birmingham City University (UK), who had a habit of finger biting. “I started glueing on false nails when I was around 16/17 (because I bit my own so badly that they looked like something out of a horror film – and not in a good way). I never used to take pictures of my nails until people started telling me I should (and, I found out that if I kept some sort of blog somewhere, I’d get a better mark for one of my old Uni assignments :P). Website: | facebook Edward Scissorhands Tetris Batman Breaking Bad Snow White Freddie Hellraiser Fruit Salad Ariel The Ring Indiana Jones Tetris / Happy New Year! Game of Thrones – House Stark Jaws