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The Moment Being Together Being Together Myth of the Flat Earth Twilight Dreams of a Papilio Demoleus Erasure Blind Spot Remembering Strangers Self Reflection Guilt Me and Friends Time My Twilight Window Wall Street October 2008 Strangers NYC 64.1 N 21.9 W Fear Of Losing The Existence Beon Sleeps Open Wound Existence Of Being Ground Zero Beijing NYC Out of Context

|| Jon Uriarte || jon uriarte news Metamorphose Daniel Temkin Daniel Temkin makes still and interactive pieces stemming from different forms of miscommunication, often built as uneasy collaborations with the computer. I'm featuring two of his projects which are related with glitches and errors produced by the use of basic softwares such as Photoshop. The first one is called Glitchometry, Daniel describes; each image begins as one or a few black squares or circles. Glitchometry (recommend click images to enlarge) Dither Studies "A collaboration with Photoshop. Daniel only used the indexed color mode from Photoshop to make this series, see the full series here.

Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés | Portfolio portfolio Landnemar Indoor desert De sur a sur Sez Unprepared and Unshorted Alter Hafen Visions Liddy Scheffknecht Scaffolding (2006-2007) by Liddy Scheffknecht. All architectural elements except the scaffolding were removed from the photograph of a building under renovation. The result is an autonomous “drawing“, which suggests the form of the erased building. The scaffolding, normally a temporary urban structure, was retained whereas the building, a permanent urban structure, was eliminated. See more;

DANDY DIARY - Männer Mode Blog - DANDY DIARY - Men's Fashion Blog - DANDY DIARY Photography - Peter Granser American Pixels by Jörg M. Colberg "American Pixels" series is a pixel experiment created by Jörg M. Colberg in (2009 - 2010). "Image formats like jpeg (or gif) use compression algorithms to save space, while trying to retain a large fraction of the original information. "My idea was to create a variant that followed in the footsteps of what jpegs do, but to have the final result depend on the original image: in a very direct way the computer algorithm becomes part of the image creation. As computer technology has evolved to make artificial images look ever more real - so that the latest generation of shooter and war games will look as realistic as possible - acomp is intended to go the opposite way: Instead of creating an image artificially with the intent of making it look as photo-realistic as possible, it takes an image captured from life and transforms it into something that looks real and not real at the same time.

Cada día un fotógrafo / Fotógrafos en la red Home : ADAM BROOMBERG & OLIVER CHANARIN