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iLabCentral - The place to share remote online laboratories

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14 Vocabulary Apps for Kids FREE & fabulous – World’s Worst Pet-Vocabulary, an educational app for kids in grades 4 – 8. Snargg, a cute blue pet needs kids to use their vocabulary skills to get him out of trouble. The app’s four games teach context, word sorts, synonyms, & antonyms as they expose kids to over 1000 words across 5 levels: grades 4 – 8. Words are taught in sets – 10 conceptually related words per set. Kids are encouraged to replay each word set to improve their scores. Other features of the app include: clearly explained definitions with examples of how the word is used, multiple exposures to words, writing prompts, and… a really fun narrative with rewards. Cell Cycle & Cytokinesis - Cell Cycle Regulation and the Control of Cell Proliferation (Cell Growth + Cell Division) Cell Cycle Research - General resource with links to relevant recent literature, news and job listings. (Ion Channel Media Group) Cell Division - Undergraduate-level lectures on cell division. (Cell Biology Lectures, Mark Hill, University of New South Wales, Australia) The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer - Introduction to the eukaryotic cell cycle as it relates to the genetics of cancer. (Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University) (Just above Beginner's Level) ICRF FACS Laboratory Cell Cycle Analysis - Methods for cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry. (FACS Laboratory, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK) The Interactive Fly: Evolutionarily Conserved Pathways (Society for Developmental Biology).

Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers: Spooktacular Smorgasboard Why do kids love science? It makes learning come alive! It's all about discovery that makes science so appealing. Children love to participate in exploring and discovering using their senses and imagination making substances change form, color, shape, scent, and texture. Halloween is the perfect time to teach and discover with simple science activities. I never met a child yet who wasn’t fascinated to watch and participate in matter changing shapes, mixing colors, creating textures, and adding scents.

Discovery Education Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and experiments for kids The Scientific Method: Experimentation Testing the Greenhouse Effect Judging Purpose and Hypothesis Research Selecting a Topic Jak motywować dzieci do nauki? – Edukowisko Początek roku szkolnego odgrzebuje nowe-stare pytanie: jak skutecznie motywować dzieci do nauki? Oto krótki poradnik pisany z myślą o rodzicach i nauczycielach: 1. Czym jest motywacja? Zacznijmy od tego, co rozumiemy poprzez pojęcie motywacji.

Ten Recent Advances in Evolution By Carl Zimmer Posted 10.26.09 NOVA To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Origin of Species, here's a list—by no means exhaustive—of some of the biggest advances in evolutionary biology over the past decade. These advances include not just a better understanding of how this or that group of species first evolved, but insights into the evolutionary process itself. Science On a Sphere Science On a Sphere® (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. Researchers at NOAA developed Science On a Sphere® as an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to people of all ages. Animated images of atmospheric storms, climate change, and ocean temperature can be shown on the sphere, which is used to explain what are sometimes complex environmental processes, in a way that is simultaneously intuitive and captivating. Science On a Sphere® extends NOAA's educational program goals, which are designed to increase public understanding of the environment. Using NOAA's collective experience and knowledge of the Earth's land, oceans, and atmosphere, NOAA uses Science On a Sphere® as an instrument to enhance informal educational programs in science centers, universities, and museums across the country.

educreations teacherswithapps Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, by Educreations, Inc, is an incredible, yes that’s right, INCREDIBLE app. This newly released app comes with the huge bonus of being FREE! We think this app has the edge needed to push education in the right direction and to begin modernizing teaching as we know it. 39 Tools To Turn Your Students Into Makers by edshelf: A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning. The Maker Movement is one of creativity and invention. Of Do-It-Yourself ingenuity. Bad Science Preamble This page is maintained by Alistair B. Fraser in an attempt to sensitize teachers and students to examples of the bad science often taught in schools, universities, and offered in popular articles and even textbooks.

20 STEM Activities For Kids This Summer 20 STEM Activities For Kids This Summer by School may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean learning has to. In fact, it is vital that it doesn’t! CS in Science has partnered with the award-winning Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) to deliver a middle school science program consisting of four instructional modules and professional development for the introduction of computer science concepts into science classrooms within the context of modeling and simulation. The goal of the program is to situate computer science practices and concepts within the context of life, physical, and earth sciences, and to prepare students to pursue formal, year-long courses in computer science during high school. CS in Science is based on a crosswalk identifying areas of overlap between the NGSS and Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards. Download a brief or full description.

Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes with videos, free flashcards, and activity ideas! The Super Simple Songs CD 1 and 2 are superb! I love them and I have used them with my students in Brazil. Their ages range from 3 to 6 year old. They really enjoy them and they have had a lot of fun acting out while they are singing.