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Portail officiel de la sécurité informatique - ANSSI - République française Conférence Web | GoToMeeting™ France INRS le VRAI blog geek et high tech de REFERENCE (bordel) Free Web Conferencing Software, Free Online Meetings, Free Webinar Service Providers Bretagne Aract 360 possibles - les 2 et 3 octobre Un nouvel événement régional pour aider les PME à soutenir leurs dynamiques d’innovation et maximiser leur taux de réussite. L'Aract Bretagne propose une conférence : Innover par la prise en compte des conditions de travail "Les matinales" de l'Aract Bretagne L'Aract Bretagne vous propose 1 nouveau RDV pour échanger autour d’un de ses thèmes d'action. | Tutoriels PC / MacOS X / Linux The Soulmen | We Got It! › Daedalus touch YourOfficeAnywhere Offers Cheap Web Conferencing There are dozens, if not more, vendors offering Web conferencing services. They mostly fall into two price tiers: $50 or more per month, with various fees, and next to nothing that offer few features. The higher-priced spread is great on features but requires some setup, the low end can be quick to use but not very robust. That middle ground is where is trying to claim, and while I haven't used it for very long, it has some promise. A cloud-based file storageWeb conferencing, including Web camera, screen sharing, audio conference bridge and whiteboardingText chat, group messaging, and activity streams There are no other usage fees or per-minute surcharges for the audio or other hidden fees. The product has some drawbacks, however. Certainly, you could combine a set of free or nearly-so services to come close to YourOfficeAnywhere's functionality.

Empowered by Josh Bernoff Forrester’s Social Technographics surveys show that when it comes to social content 21% of online US consumers are Creators, 37% are Critics (those who react to content created by others), and 69% are Spectators. The 90-9-1 principle, recently publicized by Community Guy Jake McKee at, says that in a community, the rule of thumb is that 90% of visitors only view the content, 9% only comment or react to it, and 1% create it. This confuses people, and I often get questions about who’s right. In fact, there is no contradiction between these two statements. Let’s examine why. First of all, the 90-9-1 principle applies to a single site or community. Second, our groups are designed to overlap. Third, 90-9-1 is a rule of thumb. What’s it mean? Got it?

Moglue - Create. Play. Share Jot Pro | Adonit AR-4i | Audio Interface for iPhone 4 | Fostex The iPhone 4 is fabulous and takes great HD quality video. However if there’s one area that lets it down, it’s the sound. The small internal microphone only records in mono with no control and as for the quality.... Well let’s just say it not exactly high-fidelity. Enter the new Fostex AR-4i. Perfect for TV & Radio reporting, live video streaming to the web, video blogs / YouTube uploads plus ideal for family and domestic use. New - Now Compatible with iPhone 4S Fostex is pleased to announce that the AR-4i Audio Interface is now compatible with the Apple iPod Touch 4G in addition to the iPhone 4 by way of a dedicated adapter which now comes as standard with every new AR-4i. Designed to enhance the video you capture with your iPhone 4. The audio quality and versatile operation of the AR-4i make it ideal for both professional applications and domestic / consumer use. iPhone App The App can be download from the Apple App Store: iPhone not included.

Record & Share your Ideas How does the 30-day free trial work? If you cancel a paying plan within 30 days of signing up you won’t be charged a thing. If, after 30 days, you like Present.Me and want to keep using it, we’ll charge your credit card to continue. With payment, all of your data will remain and you will still have access. Do I get a 30-day free trial if I upgrade? You are welcome to upgrade from a free account to a paying plan any time. Can I change plans at any time? Yes. Do I have to sign a long term contract? No.