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Simple collaboration en ligne : Stockage de fichiers en ligne, remplacement du FTP, espaces de travail des équipes

Simple collaboration en ligne : Stockage de fichiers en ligne, remplacement du FTP, espaces de travail des équipes

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RJL Software - Software - Utility - TreeCopy Have you ever needed to copy a directory structure without copying the files? TreeCopy now makes this possible. Our small program will allow you to select the "from directory" and "into directory", and it will proceed to copy ONLY the directory structure. The utility is bundled with functionality such as a command line interface, calculate directories, Windows XP look and feel and much, much more! GoToMeeting GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by the Online Services division of Citrix Systems. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real time. Technology[edit] History[edit]

The story of a Basecamp project Chazz Hacking—the project lead—chose Basecamp to help organize the store design, develop fixtures, and manage craftspeople. There were 40 people from 10 different companies involved in this 8 month project! The first thing Chazz did was make a new project in Basecamp called KEEN Retail: GARAGE PDX Glisan St. Then he invited a few core people to the project.

The 7-step Listening Challenge How can your students develop their listening while away from your English classes ? A learner training moment of reflection on how to take responsibility for their language acquisition. Quiz me *Do you need to train your ears for the different accents and pronunciation out there? *Is it important to listen to a recording on a particular topic to check your general understanding? *Would you like to have a chance to check your pronunciation and intonation? Top 10 Apps for Digital Nomads - Be Prepared Working on the Road  Photo: Marcus Meurer working in Berlin | Photocredit: RAHN PHOTOGRAPHY Traveling as a digital nomad and making money on the road requires an optimum setup of digital devices The #1 challenge is to stay focused on the road and set up your own routines. It is also important to stick to your healthy lifestyle to stay productive when traveling the world. I just came back from digital nomading in South America for half a year and want to share with you my TOP 10 apps for digital nomads.

Graded English language dictations free online 1 Students 2 Introductions 3 Numbers 4 Whose? 5 Names and Numbers 6 A Timetable 7 A Form 8 A Friend 1 9 A Friend 2 10 A Friend 3 1 My Cat Trotsky 2 Strange Food (Anonymous) 3 Tears and Laughs (Samuel Beckett) 4 More Beckett 5 Numbers 6 That man 7 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl) 8 East of Eden (John Steinbeck) 9 The Unicorn (James Thurber) 10 A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) 11 Describing Self 1 12 Describing Self 2 13 Describing Self 3 14 The Cemetery 15 My Two Friends 16 Routine

Four excellent Dropbox alternatives for your small-business storage needs Dropbox revolutionized the way we share information, and no enterprises have enjoyed the benefits more than small businesses. Cloud storage has enabled them to access critical data from the road, work across geographic boundaries, easily share large files, and do away with costly physical infrastructure. But while Dropbox and other popular cloud-storage providers are adequate for the average consumer, most services don’t meet small-business needs for security, affordability, real-time collaboration, and lots of file storage. Here are some Dropbox alternatives that do. Like Dropbox, each offers an easy-to-use interface, 2GB of free storage, and drag-and-drop syncing, and any are guaranteed to be a boon to your business.

Human Resources Software TribeHR offers three standard Social HR packages designed to meet a range of needs, objectives and budgets. All standard packages offer a free 30-day trial and we’d be happy to help you determine which one works best for you. Prices start at $5/employee/month. Starter A basic social HRIS that allows you to track the essentials, while fostering employee engagement with kudos and public recognition.

product eleven DECEMBER edition of 290 8x10 numbered letterpress prints crafted in San Diego, California open edition of digital downloads also available THE PRODUCTION METHOD I designed the calendar this month and had it printed by Quality Letterpress in San Diego. It's black ink on beautiful Crane cotton paper. The impression made by the letterpress is beautiful, but if used correctly, this calendar will be all marked up with your own impressions by the end of 2015. I decided to add something a little extra this month and all letterpress prints will be shipped with a 3x3 inspiring sticker.

CreativePro Office Unlimited invoices Secure client area Group calendars Google calendar integration Team member permissions manager Email reminders for tasks Create tasks, projects, events from email Project templates Timesheets & job timer Task manager Contact manager Expense tracker Client & team message system Data import for clients & contacts Account data export If you sign up for a premium plan and don't like it for any reason, you can cancel your account within 30 days and you won't be billed anything.

Spring in London wallpapers - Crazy Frankenstein A collection of high quality free computer desktop wallpapers featuring Spring in London wallpapers - Seasonal wallpapers. London is known for its exotic locations. The country is known for its exotic locations that epitomize beauty at its best during the springs. Spring is one of the best times to plan a vacation in London when the country is covered with carpet of flowers like daffodils and bluebells. There is something for everyone in family during the break.

Online Invoicing is made simple and faster with Minterapp - Free Online Time Tracking and Invoicing Tool - Minterapp Freelancing seems to be a cool and easy job. Full time employed people many a times envy freelancers for the fact that they can work from a cafe or a holiday destination, enjoy their personal life whenever they want and get paid easily from clients for their timely work. Aah! Life is so easy and enjoyable for them. Well, true these are the benefits of freelancing but there comes a huge responsibility too. They need to track their time or number of hours worked for multiple projects, manage projects deadline and deliver work accordingly and most importantly they need to create custom invoices to get paid on time.

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009 as at 15 November 2009 This list has been compiled from the contributions of 278 Learning Professionals worldwide, whose individual contributions you can read here Here is a presentation of the Top 100 Tools. Below you can see the full list with links to pages with more information about each of the tools. KEY F = Free, C= Commercial, W = Windows, M=Mac, S=Server, O = Online Cells shaded blue are new tools on the list this year Cells shaded green are tools returning to the list this year C urrent ranking in 2009

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