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Laura Candler's File Cabinet

Laura Candler's File Cabinet
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MES English free printable flashcards, matching worksheets, bingo cards, games, activities, handouts and more There are 100+ sets of that I used to design curriculums for children ages 3-9 and 6-10. However, I use most of them up through to high school students and many with adults. See the left-hand menu for the current list of sets available. READ ME FIRST: These cards are excellent image quality and as such some of the files are quite large (1mb~4mb.) I suggest looking at the hand out first. If the material is something you'd like to put together, then take a look at the other files. About the flash card sets: There are some multilingual handouts in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese for teachers of other foreign languages. The pictures were all put together with children in mind. The printable flash cards and game cards do not have the vocabulary written on them. large flash cards do include articles at times. PowerPoint Flashcards and PowerPoint Presentations for teachers : These contain text in each slide. The power of bingo: I use the printable bingo cards

Vocabulary worksheets Actions Business English Clothes Colours Communication worksheets Countries and nationalities Culture and traditions Describing people Education English for Specific Purposes ESP Environment and nature Face and body Family Flashcards Food Friendship General vocabulary Greetings Health Hobbies Holidays and traditions Idioms Jobs/occupations/professions likes and dislikes Meaning Music Numbers Peace and solidarity People Personal information Phonics Picture composition Places School Science Seasons Sports Technologies The age The alphabet The animals The city The house The transports The weather Time Travelling Teach Children to Read with Phonics, Worksheets, Games, Videos, Books These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. Visit this page now! Live Worksheets Worksheets that listen. Advertise here

The Teacher's Corner - Lesson Plans, Worksheets and Activities Maths | Relief Teaching Ideas Daylight savings kicked in for most Australian states this past weekend. I grew up in Western Australia, a state that doesn’t have daylight savings. Since moving to Adelaide I would find myself confused every time it came around. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it! Someone, very helpfully, told me the trick to remember which way the clocks go – “Spring forward, Fall back”. To help kids remember which way the clocks change, I came up with this super simple clock craft. Students draw a clock face on the inner part of a paper plate. They can then make a spring by wrapping a pipe cleaner around their finger. They will then cut out the clock hands from coloured card. Around the rim of the plate, students can write the heading ‘Spring Forward’ & then decorate with flowers, butterflies or any other Spring related pictures. Now time to go and enjoy this extra bit of sunshine in our evening! Daylight savings explained:

Teacher Resources and Classroom Games :: Teach This Have Fun Teaching Free English Grammar Lessons and Tests Flashcards: The world's largest online library of printable flash cards Kängurun Kängurun 2017 Senaste nytt[2017-03-31] Nu finns förra årets Cadet på Persiska (Farsi), fritt tillgängligt att arbeta med. Cadet 2016 Farsi. Översättningen är gjord av Mahdi Salimi. [2017-03-23] Nu finns arbeta vidare för fyra tävlingsklasser. [2017-03-16] Om du får problem med att fylla i ett formulär ber vi dig att i första hand testa med att starta om din webbläsare eller prova en annan webbläsare. [2017-03-15] Ny benjaminproblem engelsk: Rättat fel i problem 5 och förbättrat formuleringen i problem 10. [2017-03-15] Anmälningssidan för Kängurutävlingen är nu stängd. RedovisningAnvändarnamn och lösenord fick du i Känguruutskicket den 13 mars eller när du efteranmälde dig. Antalet deltagande elever. Diplom för Kängurun 2017För deltagande i Kängurun 2017För goda reslutat i Kängurun 2017Poster för Kängurun 2017. Arbeta vidare (pdf)Milou för förskoleklass, åk 1 och åk 2.Ecolier för åk 3 och åk 4.Benjamin för åk 5, åk 6 och åk 7.Cadet för åk 8, åk 9 och gy kurs 1. Datum för tävlingen Ja, tack!.

Google Earth Lessons Lesson Organization: Google Earth How To's - Learn how to do the basics so you are comfortable teaching with Google Earth Student Controlled - Where the student controls Google Earth. Suitable for labs, mini-labs, home school, etc. Teacher Controlled - Suitable for Lectures, Presentations, whole class discussions, etc. Found or developed a Lesson that uses Google Earth? Google Earth How-to's: -Google Earth 101 A complete on-line course for teachers created by Quentin DSouza. The following series of video lessons were developed by Richard Treves at NOTES: Please note Copyright Restrictions within demos. - Flying with Google Earth -Examines the controls used to get around in Google Earth - Using Placemarks - Looks at what a placemark is and how they can be used - GE Tips - General tips on using Google Earth - Overlays - Shows how to lay pictures over the ground in Google Earth - Creating Placemarks- Shows the basics of creating placemarks which can be used in lessons (30Mb) NEW!

Word Skills Board Game Words Skills is a fun game that is easy to play and can be used to review word skills such as indicating the beginning sound of a word, the ending sound of a word, middle sound of a word, rhymes, synonyms, and antonyms. It can be used as a stand alone board game or as a supplement for reviewing the 7 core phonics units at Lanternfish ESL (or any other similar phonics program). Why Word Skills? There are three boards to download depending on whether you want to include Spelling and Past Tense squares or not. English language learning games ESL/English learning games on Digital Dialects are completely free to use, do not require registration, and are designed for ESL students of all ages. Each ESL revision topic includes vocabulary lists and practice games with audio for teaching correct pronunciation. Materials are of use to beginner level English as a second or other language students, though those with some familiarity with the language may wish to try the English/ESL spelling games. Games for English as a second language include: Numbers in English - learn the English numbers from 1-12, 13-20 and 0-100. Arithmetic games in which you add the English words for numbers together to choose the correct answer.

FREE Worksheets Title: ART DETECTIVE Worksheets - "Starry Night" Description:Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is a beautiful painting that should inspire your student to find out more about the painter's life and his other paintings. This worksheet set is the second in a series called, "Art Detective". The content of these worksheets is probably not covered in the student's other subjects at school, so it should be an interesting change of pace. This worksheet set is meant to be completed using the Internet to find the answers. However, if you don't have access to the Internet in your classroom, you can bring in printed articles and/or books. The paintings in the worksheet are quite small in size, but if the worksheets are printed in high quality on special paper, then the students will get a good idea of what the paintings depict. You can use these worksheets for one lesson or for a longer term set of lessons.

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