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My Birthday was AWESOME!!!

My Birthday was AWESOME!!!
My birthday was AWESOME - I promise you that this was the BEST birthday I have ever had! So, as promised - here is a glimpse at our Random(ish) Acts of Kindness! 1 - We left our mailman a yummy box of girl scout cookies and a note thanking him for bringing us our mail! 2- At the top of our neighborhood sits Fire Station #4 - we have been fortunate enough to never need their services, but I assure you that I sleep better at night knowing how close they are. 3 - About a mile from our house sits an assisted living facility that we drive past daily - we have never been in. This was one of our favorites - she just LOVED Xander - she hugged and hugged on him. 4 - Many of you are familiar with the great saga that is known as the Coach's truck. 5 - We took two vases of flowers (picked out by Xman) to the hospital. 6 - While at the hospital, we left home made coloring books and crayons in the waiting areas. 7- We left change on the vending machines for others! And, we left a gift for our waitress Related:  madisonbarfieldRandom Mama

The Beauty Thesis - 5/15 - Where beauty comes to study Now I'm not saying that this beats spa treatment, but these little "Que Bella" face masks that come in a convenient single serving packet are a sweet little alternative that's going to help you keep more money in the bank. I picked up a few of these $2 face masks from Target in the skin care aisle not really thinking much of them until I tried one. My skin is sensitive and I am generally hesitant when it comes to face masks, but I figured I'd try out the one with minerals from The Dead Sea Read more [...] Share Nail art addicts, this one’s for you! Don’t toss out that dried up old mascara! Summer’s end is fast approaching and with an official end date of September 21st, I’m sure I can’t be the only one thinking that it went by a little too quickly.That being said, who’s to say we can’t enjoy the rest of it while it lasts? Use this confetti inspired nail art for a splash of color on your fingers and toes! "Eyes.

Libur keluarga Weekend Project: Save Money by Making Your Own Essential Oil Diffuser My mom’s annual visit is fast approaching, and I want her bedroom and bathroom to be as hospitable as can be. Because they’re in the basement, these rooms can take on a musty smell, especially at the end of a long winter. I love those essential oil diffusers that have become popular at natural products stores and other retail outlets, but come on. They’re ridiculously pricey. I will make my own reed diffusers for Mom’s bedroom and bath. Susan Wasinger's homemade reed diffuser adds fragrance and character to any room. Homemade Reed Diffuser 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Over time, you can refresh your simple diffuser by turning the stalks upside down to expose their saturated ends. Use any bottle or jar that you like. Find a cork stopper to fit. Make sure your plant materials are thoroughly dry so they will absorb more liquid. Stir in 20 to 30 drops of pure essential oils for every 8 ounces of hot tap water. Fit the cork into the bottle’s neck.

» About Internationalist Books and Community Center Who We Are Internationalist Books is a volunteer run collective, a not-for-profit bookstore, a radical community center, and community owned cooperative. The store was founded in 1981 by political activist Bob Sheldon. Since the 1980s, the Internationalist has been a center of activism, political discussion and creative grassroots organizing. The Internationalist became a non-profit volunteer run collective after Bob’s death in 1991. Internationalist Books provides new and used books and magazines, zines, art and other items. Internationalist Books is supported by its membership program, where members join with a yearly sliding scale donation, or become monthly sustainers Membership benefits include store discounts, access to the lending library, invitations to special events, a vote on our Board of Directors, and more. We are run by a volunteer collective, and have a Board of Directors.

Dream comes true | Sanguine's journal The countdown is getting closer and I can’t believe it’s eight days to the D DAY!!! OH MY GOD!!! As you guys now, I almost cancelled the trip because something bad happened last Sunday. I won’t let material things ruined my optimism for my Europe Trip! Let me update you everything. Total damage for the Pre-trip Let me tell you the most important thing for planning Euro Trip: BUY MUSEUM TICKET ONLINE. The pre trip budget is paid for: Air ticketsTrain reservation + EuropassLodging feeAny tour booking, theatre booking, excursion etcVisa (both UK and Schengen)Travel InsuranceMuseum passes, museum tickets. Here comes my final pre-trip budget. Kindly take note that Paris Museum Pass and Neusch-something castle are not paid yet. Bandi’s cost of course is cheaper than me because he refused to pay that much money to enter museum. I will post here my budget for lodging and I must say I’ve done a pretty good work because it’s surprisingly under-budget! The on-the-trip budget The Final Itinerary

100 Amazing Books to Read in a Lifetime - My Frugal Adventures Hi Cora- Yikes! I am sorry you are so upset. I don’t think I was disrespectful or had guns blazing or attacking you. I hope you aren’t suggesting I am closed minded and ignorant? We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I read your comment as suggesting the list was composed to sell movies by Amazon. This is what I read from your original comment: “I’m with Sari….most to promote books to movies. So I must have misunderstood what you were saying and I guess I am confused considering the authors you mentioned also have movies out? And then when you made this remark: “There are better lists than this. I thought this was a great list- not perfect but we all know that would be impossible. I don’t think having a popular movie takes anything away from the books and it doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading or that the entire list is not good.

The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths 3 April 2014Last updated at 19:10 ET By Vibeke Venema BBC World Service Monique Pool first fell in love with sloths when she took in an orphan from a rescue centre. Since then many sloths have spent time in her home on their way back to the forest - but even she found it hard to cope when she had to rescue 200 at once. It all began in 2005 when Pool lost her dog, a mongrel called Sciolo, and called the Suriname Animal Protection Society to see if they'd found it. They hadn't, but they told her about Loesje (or Lucia), a baby three-toed sloth they didn't know how to look after. Pool offered to take it - and was instantly smitten. Sloths are gentle creatures, but are far from easy to keep. Pool sought advice from Judy Arroyo at the famous sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, who told her she must feed Loesje goat's milk - cow's milk would be fatal. Loesje had a surprise in store - she turned out to be a "he". Soon Pool became the go-to woman for sloths in Suriname. Slothified (adj.) 1. 2. 3. 4.

DIY Baby Book One of the items packed in my hospital bag is the baby book I made for Baby Henry. I had been searching for the perfect baby book and was having a really hard time finding one that I loved. I found a lot of really pretty ones but they just didn't have the personalized touch that I was looking for. So I decided to make my own! I headed out to Michael's armed with my coupon. 1. 2. 3. Now make your shopping list: 1. I first made a list of what I wanted my baby book to contain. The first page is our baby's first and middle name. After that, I had pages to fill out about my pregnancy and my bump progression photos. The next page is a Predictions page for me and Seth to fill out based on how much we think Henry will weigh when he's born, what color his hair and eyes will be, what his first word will be, and what we think he will be when he grows up (I guessed an educator of some sort). The next few pages are about his birth. The next pages are for when we get home.

5 Questions Guaranteed To Help You Know Yourself Better When Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project spoke at World Domination Summit this past summer, she said that the key to happiness is to be more of who we are. In order to know who we are, she suggests that we ask ourselves a few key questions. Try writing down your answers to the following questions. 1. Gretchen says that when someone has something you want, that’s very useful information about who you want to be. 2. Anything we try to hide is a big red flag. 3. 4. Gretchen says there are two types of people – abstainers and moderators. Since part of what makes people unhappy is trying to resist temptation, it helps to know whether you’re an abstainer or a moderator. Just accept your own nature and act accordingly. 5. Gretchen explains that there are 4 categories of expectations: • Upholders These people respond well to both outer and inner expectations without much fuss. Upholders are motivated by fulfillment. • Rebels These people resist all expectations, inner or outer.

a baby book {DIY} | kimberly renee design so…i’ve spent the last 6 months looking for a good baby book. i finally gave up. they were either WAY over my price range or too … i don’t know… silly. baby-gibberish-barnyard animal-type stuff. so i decided to make my own! it took a couple hours one night. but that’s it. super easy y’all! so here is a little tutorial so you can make your own, if you so desire. i saw that YHL made theirs so i knew that i could make mine. oh young house love, giving such confidence to the rest of us. when they made theirs, they typed a bunch of pages on WORD and have downloadable versions and even have downloadable pdfs if you’d like to go that route. but i didn’t want it to be that constrained and i didn’t like the word-processed look. i wanted my own thing and i wanted it to be pretty. aka… i decided to make an art project out of it. supplies: this picture of the project-life cards pretty much sums up how awesome they are! how to do it: i made a list of how i wanted the book laid out. here’s how it went: