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Flashcards: The world's largest online library of printable flas handwriting tips You’ve decided you want to improve your handwriting and you’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick -- maybe a friend told you it would. Maybe you’re just adventurous and you want to try your hand at calligraphy (or you might, once your handwriting improves). Good for you! A fountain pen may make your writing look a bit better, but if your writing looks as if frenzied chickens got loose on the page, chances are this won’t be enough. Most likely, you’ll need to retrain your arm and hand. After coaching handwriting and teaching calligraphy over the years, I’ve learned to see the characteristics of those who’ll be able to pick up the necessary motions quickly from those who’ll have to work a bit harder. Crampy, uneven letters are often the result of drawing the letters with the fingers rather than using the whole arm to write. People who inevitably have trouble with handwriting and calligraphy write with their fingers. It will take time to re-train muscles and learn new habits.

The Lilypad The expression 'Tickety-Boo' means 'all in order … everything is fine, alright and just as it should be'. I think it's of British origin, but don't quote me on that part! Products will get you scrapping the every-day, the days where things are ticking by just fine, the days where all… The expression 'Tickety-Boo' means 'all in order … everything is fine, alright and just as it should be'. I think it's of British origin, but don't quote me on that part! Products will get you scrapping the every-day, the days where things are ticking by just fine, the days where all problems can be dealt with - nothing is too much effort - catch my drift. Co-ordinating products include: Kit, Trimmings, Canvas, Chipboard. All individual .PNG and .JPG files, prepared at 300dpi for optimum print quality.

6 Tips for Using Patterned Paper Backgrounds on your Scrapbook Pages | Get It Scrapped! by Debbie Hodge I love using patterned papers — especially for backgrounds. However, it’s often a little tricky making sure the photos aren’t overwhelmed by the paper. 1) be generous Text patterns are back, and Jennifer Wilson used “holiday-love” themed paper to set the tone for “Love Actually is all Around.” The mat is a much lighter color than the patterned paper AND than the photos on it. Love Actually is All Around by Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper 2) lay a foundation The bright geometric patterned paper on the background of “Hangin’ Poolside” by Alicia Geiss is wonderful for this juicy summer page. These scalloped mats ground the other elements to the page – everything sits on or flows through them.These mats with their very pale pattern provide resting space for the eyes. Hanging Poolside by Alicia Geiss for Foundations is the focus of Lesson #4 in Building Pages. 3) it’s ok to be busy The paper is busy and could be overpowering. 4) pop it 6) go negative

Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Unsorted [/writers] James Patrick Kelly - Murder Your Darlings - "When time comes to make that final revision, however, you must harden your heart, sharpen the ax and murder your darlings." Greda Vaso - Determining the Readability of a Book - includes formulas for Gunning's Fog Index, Flesch Formula, Powers Sumner Kearl L. Kip Wheeler - Literary Terms and Definitions L. Kip Wheeler - Comp - Lit - Poetry - Links - more Style - Grammar - Errors in English [/writers]American Heritage - Book of English Usage - free download Band-Aid AP StylebookPaul Brians - Common Errors in EnglishCJ Cherryh - Writerisms and other Sins The Chicago Manual of Style FAQ Gary N. Curtis - The Fallacy Files - Logical fallacies and bad arguments Prof.

How to Marbleize Paper and Cards - Introduction - Immediately after removing the paper, place it in a pan, and pour water over it. Hang paper to dry, marbleized side up. Do not touch the paper until it is dry (typically within 2 hours, depending on humidity levels). Decide whether to keep or discard your solution (it can be used several times). ShabbyPrincess :: Free Scrapbooking Kits, Digital Scrapbooking, Layer it on: ideas for making rich scrapbook pages with layering and collage | Get It Scrapped! by Debbie Hodge How do you like your pages? Simple and clean? Do you layer? Layer to add texture, dimension, and visual interest On “Read to Me” Dina Wakley began with border stitching and a layer of thick paint on her blue canvas. Read to Me by Dina Wakley Layer to create interesting white space Doris Sander made “American Tourister” with leftover bits. American Tourister by Doris Sander Layer to incorporate meaningful images and motifs Including images and motifs influences how a viewer sees your page and, what’s more, understands your relationship to the subject being scrapbooked. Awesome Sight by Debbie Hodge Layer to reveal your personal style “Sweet Snuggle” is a page full of the kinds of touches I’ve come to expect on Kayleigh Wiles’ pages. Sweet Snuggle by Kayleigh Wiles. Layer to have fun and play with interesting patterns, textures, and images Doris Sander loves adding pattern to enhance theme. Corn by Doris Sander

The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Portland, Maine 1842) The day is cold, and dark, and dreary; It rains, and the wind is never weary; The vine still clings to the mouldering wall, But at every gust more dead leaves fall, And the day is dark and dreary. My life is cold and dark and dreary; It rains and the wind is never weary; My thoughts still cling to the mouldering Past, And youth's fond hopes fall thick in the blast, And my life is dark and dreary. Be still, sad heart! and cease repining; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary. Free 8" x 10" print of this poem: Download a mini-poster version of this poem and print it 8" x 10" (at 100 PPI or pixels per inch) on your color printer. This version is a low-res 0.8 MP (megapixel) image. To buy the hi-res version of this poem, click here, or click below to browse the store. Visit our Zazzle store: Fine Poster Art

Bloomin’ Handmade Greeting Cards You Can Plant You’ve might have seen seed paper recently. It is homemade paper with flower seeds in it. When it is planted in the ground and given lots of TLC it will bloom into beautiful flowers you can enjoy. Here is a tutorial for a project using seed paper. First, you need to make the paper. Use paper you have around your house. When your paper is nice and evenly blended you can add your seeds. Now it is ready to be shaped. Place a towel on the counter and if you have a piece of felt, place the felt on top of the towel. Take another towel and press it down on the paper pulp to help dry the excess water. When your paper is dry, cut it out into a flower shape. Make sure you add a message somewhere on your card to let the recipient know they can plant it! Little Birdie Secrets are regular contributors to Make and Takes and was born from the crafting obsession of three friends living in the Pacific Northwest. Tagged as: card, fun with paper Written by Little Birdie Secrets

Scrapbook & Cards Today Blog: Reader's Inspiration...and more buttons! Good morning! ONE MORE DAY until the summer issue launches and we are SUPER excited to share it with you! Be sure to join us right here tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for the reveal and...some prizes of course! On Monday, Summer challenged our blog readers to dig into their stash and use up their buttons. Anna Petitt Erica Hettwer Arlene B. Jody B. Rhonda V Melissa D Just remember to link your project back to Monday's post for a chance to win some great buttons for your next project(s)! We also want to let you know that Crop & Create Saskatoon is selling out fast! See you tomorrow! ~ Catherine