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Crowdsourcing's Champions (GE, OMC, SNE, WEN) Crowdsourcing is all the rage these days, another aspect of the cloud computing proliferation that has companies doing crazy things. Even if you have never heard of it, you have probably purchased a product that was developed using crowdsourcing or have been directly involved yourself. Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of idea generation or tasks that would normally be tackled by employed workers or contractors for a particular company.

Blogging Innovation » Combining Internal and External Innovation Interview – Stefan Lindegaard I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Lindegaard, author of “The Open Innovation Revolution” recently. Here is text of the interview: 1. Why is open innovation so important for organizations? Open innovation is about combining internal and external resources and to act on the opportunities this creates. Best Books on Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing - Wikinomics, Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators. Marketing, Design & Idea platforms Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms

Challenge Overview As part of The Economist and InnoCentive’s Challenge Program for the upcoming Ideas Economy Conference on Innovation, The Economist is seeking disruptively innovative and exciting business models that embody the conference’s main theme – innovation. The business models should reinvent the established and prevailing means of doing business, as is represented in the Challenge’s graphic. Solvers from any discipline or background, including those from The Economist’s global community of readers, InnoCentive’s Open Innovation community and the rest of the world are invited to participate and win a cash award of $5,000. Similarly there will be a special award of $5,000 given out to the best business plan submitted from an individual enrolled in an accredited MBA program anywhere in the world.

Customers Over a 1000 worldwide renowned brands use Spigit to drive innovation and business growth. Spigit users worldwide leverage our Cloud based infrastructure, platform and applications to power their Innovation networks. They leverage the Spigit platform, as a corporate social network, for internal innovation, for external partner and customer idea portals, and for community driven contests and promotions. Over 1000 companies use Spigit for driving business growth Crowdsourcing specific microtasks Since the first-ever Mechanical Turk meetup a year ago, there has been an explosion in crowdsourcing services and a well-attended conference in San Francisco. I remain enthusiastic about crowdsourcing, but the number of companies has me worried about quality of work. Fortunately specialization is already occurring, so for particular tasks there are companies out there ready to provide high-quality service. One company that recently caught my eye is Helsinki (and SF) based Microtask.

frog design: Openness, Or How Do You Design For The Loss Of Control? The power of pull So what can they do besides just bemoaning this loss and passively observing how the new centrifugal forces of the Social, Real-Time Web are disrupting their traditional business and engagement models? Li lays out how business leaders can and (must!) embrace the new rules of openness. John Hagel, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison, in the The Power of Pull, provide an actionable framework for how these new forces can be leveraged through “shaping strategies” on the individual, institutional, and societal level. These “shaping strategies,” as the term suggests, present an exciting challenge for design.

Contant Curation-The digital trends in 2011 - jean-tauk BLOG- google communication Optimization and New Technologies Can you imagine free web hosting service that has 99.9% uptime? Too good to be true? No more! Google - Student Survey Dynamic Lookup Table The list of all universities in the United States is over 4000. Obviously a list with 4000 items in a drop-down list is not feasible. QuestionPro custom developed a Dynamic Lookup Table that first asks students for the "State" where they are going to school, and then automatically shows all the colleges, universities and trade schools in that state. This mechanism allows for capturing structured data from a very large data source -- in this case a list of over 4000 universities and colleges by sub-segmenting/categorizing them on the state level.

Mobile App Challenge Home Latest App News Run Your Own Contest Blog Twitter Facebook About Alexa Samuels: the person and the blog. {*style:<b> About this blog </b>*} As an incorrigible collector of information, I wanted a way to capture and sort helpful and interesting content (largely about social media, ecommerce and other things I find fascinating or fun) for my future reference. Essentially, it’s my library. But, seeing as I’m making this effort for myself, I might as well share. Personal Internet Fundraisers It will take anywhere from 3 seconds to 1 minute for your pic to upload, depending on how big it is. You're going to see this message every time you post a new pic. So, we're making the text really long so that it'll take you at least five picture uploads to read it all.

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