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Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?

Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?

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Kevin Barrett: 9/11 Probe Closing in on Israel Why is Israel committing suicide? (Kevin Barrett) Netanyahu’s genocidal onslaught in Gaza has done more to delegitimize the Zionist entity than the work of all the world’s anti-Zionists put together. Yet the Israeli military cannot stop the Palestinian resistance; from an Israeli standpoint, the hecatomb in Gaza serves no military or strategic purpose. Is Israel insane? A New Paradigm of Math and Numbers This morning I was sent a video that kind of sort of really blew my mind. A simple video entitled “Chinese Multiplication” (though rumor has it that this methods origins are Japanese), maybe you’ve seen it floating around you Facebook here or there. This video is mindblowing, mainly because it opened up my mind to a radical new concept about how numbers work. Know of course – that there is in fact a logical explanation for the whole thing which (if observed by itself) would probably fit inside the same old paradigm of mathematics that we are all familiar with… But the other side of the coin, the female side that is a little more creative and colourful – if properly explored, can dramatically alter your perception of numbers, numerology and the whole mathematical spectrum. But how does that happen?

Secret clue on 400-year-old map may solve mystery of lost colony of Roanoke A secret clue on a 400-year-old map might solve the long-standing mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke. Researchers from the First Colony Foundation say they have found evidence that this lost colony went "native". The group of 115 people were sent to the New World to set up a new city in 1587 by Queen Elizabeth. She wanted to expand the British Empire and sent 90 men, 17 women and 11 children to do this – and they became known as the Roanoke Colony.

9/11:Israel did it - WikiSpooks When an event occurs that that fundamentally changes the dynamics of global geopolitics, there is one question above all others whose answer will most assuredly point to its perpetrators. That question is "Cui bono?". If those so indicted are in addition found to have had both motive and means then, as they say in the US, it's pretty much a slam-dunk. And so it is with the events of 9/11.

This Video Shows Every Star and Planet in Our Known Universe and It Will Blow Your Mind! The Digital Universe Atlas is the world’s most complete 3D map of the universe, maintained and updated by astrophysicists at the Hayden Planetarium. When I watched this video, it was like all my problems just dissolved and seemed so trivial… Like this article? Then join the Conversation with many others in EWAO ! The Australian news †Introductory offers to be billed 4 weekly as per the following - The Australian Digital Subscription $3 per week, $12 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + weekend paper delivery $3 per week, $12 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + 6 day paper delivery $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly. At the end of the initial 12 weeks, subscriptions will automatically renew to the higher price to be billed 4 weekly as per the following - The Australian Digital Subscription $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + weekend paper delivery $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + 6 day paper delivery $12 per week, $48 billed 4 weekly. Renewals occur unless cancelled. Payments in advance by credit/debit card or Paypal only. Offer is only available where normal home delivery exists and not where additional freight is ordinarily charged.

Christian Zionism Lord Shaftesbury's "Memorandum to Protestant Monarchs of Europe for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine", published in the Colonial Times, in 1841 Christian Zionism is a belief among some Christians that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, is in accordance with Biblical prophecy. The term Christian Zionism was popularized in the mid-twentieth century, following the coining of the term "Zionism" in 1890. Prior to that time the common term was Restorationism.[1][2] Traditional Catholic thought did not consider Zionism in any form;[3] Christian advocacy of the restoration of the Jews arose following the Protestant Reformation. Some Christian Zionists believe that the "ingathering" of Jews in Israel is a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Us Now: The Power of Open Collaboration & the Internet (2009) In his student flat in Colchester, Jack Howe is staring intently into his computer screen. He is picking the team for Ebbsfleet United's FA Trophy Semi-Final match against Aldershot . Around the world 35,000 other fans are doing the same thing, because together, they own and manage the football club. Sir Francis and the New Temple of God Location is everything by Petter Amundsen Norway has for a couple of years been swept by an Anti-Stratfordian craze. Even in schools some teachers will blatantly inform their students that the authorship of Shakespearean plays is open for debate, and that there is no correct answer to quiz questions like: “who wrote Hamlet?”, apart from being “uncertain”.

I Traveled to Palestine-Israel and Discovered There Is No 'Palestinian-Israeli Conflict'  The mind has a way of making traumatic experiences seem like distant dreams to those who survive them. As it goes, the more traumatic the experience, the quicker the paramedics in one's mind rush to dress wounds, resuscitate and stabilize the victim; the victim being you. Since returning from Palestine 36 hours ago, I find myself confronted with feelings of detachment and minimization of what I encountered.

28 Months on Mars Precision Landing Sol 0·Aug. 6, 2012 The Curiosity rover touches down after an intricate, seven-minute landing sequence. The first images returned from the martian surface show the rover’s shadow stretching toward the bright slopes of Mount Sharp. Rolling Out Sol 16·Aug. 22, 2012 Bacon and Spiritual Consciousness by Mark Finnan While much is known about Francis Bacon’s life-long interest in the advancement of learning, the acquisition of knowledge and his experiments in the natural world, all of which has had impact on our lives today, relatively little attention has been given to the spiritual influences, internal and external, that affected Bacon’s own consciousness, shaped his character and informed his work. While the founders of the Francis Bacon Society believed that his pursuit of knowledge was as much about spiritual renewal as it was about developing a scientific approach to revealing nature’s secrets or initiating a literary renaissance, this aspect of Bacon’s life and work seems to have, in the last few decades at least, taken second place to the intellectually intriguing and enticing exercise of discovering and deciphering codes related to the Shakespeare authorship question. One was the English version of New Atlantis, Bacon’s most spiritually-infused literary work.

Persecution in the Royal Bedchamber: How the Rothschilds have taken over the world - profgeorgeleesrevelations True Crime Solving HistorySeries Text from the movie above Transcript from the Interview on the 5th of November 2011Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Jörn From The Plantation To The Penitentiary (trailer) Slavery is alive and well in America today, even under the nose of the first black US president. Few realize that the US constitution still permits slavery: in prison. This hard-hitting landmark documentary, still in production, focuses on the connection between prisons and slavery, on profiteering in the social justice system of America and the disproportionate impact it has on African Americans communities. With 1 in 20 black people in prison, a proportion that many predict is likely to rise, and more black men currently in prison than ever were enslaved before abolition, how close is America to revealing itself as a slave state again? And what will be the consequences for the future? On the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery, the filmmakers aim to meet with Obama in an attempt to have slavery outlawed once and for all in America.