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Everything You Know About Fitness Is a Lie

Everything You Know About Fitness Is a Lie
I hate the gym. At least, I hate "the gym" as imagined by the modern American health club: the mindless repetitions on the weight machines, halfhearted crunches, daytime TV during the treadmill. Such a sad, unimaginative excuse for a life, when I could be out rock-climbing, surfing, or, hell, even just scrubbing the bathroom floor. But I love working out the way I've come to understand it, and two big discoveries made all the difference. First, I realized that we all live in a kind of Fitness Fog, a miasma of lies and misinformation that we mistake for common sense, and that makes most of our gym time a complete waste. Muscle withers away if you're not constantly building it, and muscle withers faster as a man ages. Not that I haven't wasted time at the gym like everybody else, sweating dutifully three times a week, "working my core," throwing in the odd after-work jog. We're not innocent.

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Best workout routine when you don't have much time There’s a principle called Pareto’s Principle, more commonly known as the 80/20 rule. What it means in a nutshell is that 80% of your results comes from just 20% of your work. So for instance if you only had a few minutes a day to devote to your fitness, there would be a few exercises that could accomplish most of your workout. I’m not saying you should stop your full length routine for this one. But if you were pressed for time, these would be the best workout routine to do. By varying these three exercises, you can hit nearly every muscle group in your body.

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Sneaky VFX » Archive » Perverts September 7th, 2011 My niece had another birthday! I tried to share some more knowledge with her. Some have encouraged me to look for ways to get these published, which I will do as soon as I think of something to call them. This comic and more will be ready for sharing, as printed comics and videos, on December 1! Stop by for updates!