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Sacred Texts Timeline

Sacred Texts Timeline
Sacred-textsSacred Time Origins of World Religions This is a timeline which gives the history of sacred texts, as well as a few other relevant events. Of course, not all of the dates in this timeline are accurate; some are entirely conjectural. I have included a few dates, events and documents which are or may be entirely fictional. Links on this page are to resources at this site, not to external sites. I welcome feedback about any errors of fact in this timeline. For space reasons, I have used the abbreviations listed at the end of this file. Key to Abbreviations auth. = author. b. = born ca. = circa Can. = Canonicalization Cent.= century. Cod. = Codification comp. = composition. d. = died hist.= accepted historical date o.c= date of original (typically, although not necessarily oral) composition. Orig. = original O.T. = Old Testament. p.v. = printed version Rev. = Revised. trad. = traditional date trans. = translation w.v. = written version [bhi] Baha'i [bud] Buddhism [tib] Tibetan Buddhism [hin] Hinduism Related:  Timeline

Kasjerka zwróciła uwagę starszemu mężczyźnie, że jego pokolenie nie myślało o środowisku. Jego odpowiedź jest genialna! - "Każdy kto ma około 50 lat powinien to przeczytać, może młode pokolenie również." Tak zaczyna się wpis na Facebooku opublikowany przez Szweda Andersa Sahlina w 2013 roku. Jego treść jest wciąż aktualna (może nawet z każdym rokiem coraz bardziej). Dlatego chcieliśmy, żebyście przeczytali to co już ponad 60000 osób udostępniło. Dodajemy ciekawe materiały codziennie Polub na Facebooku Każdy kto ma około 50 lat powinien to przeczytać, może młode pokolenie również. Płaciłem ostatnio za zakupy w sklepie spożywczym i młoda kasjerka zasugerowała, że powinien mieć własną torbę za zakupy ponieważ plastikowe jednorazówki nie są dobre dla środowiska. Oczywiście miała rację w jednym przypadku. Ale co za to mieliśmy w naszych czasach? Mieliśmy butelki na mleko, które oddawaliśmy do sklepu. Wdrapywaliśmy się po schodach ponieważ nie było wind we wszystkich sklepach, szkołach i biurowcach. Jeśli podobał Ci się ten artykuł , podziel się nim! W naszych domach był jeden telewizor i jedno radio.

The Michael Teachings Back in 1979, novelist Chelsea Quinn Yarbro presented a whole new framework for understanding personality and spirituality. This framework wasn’t hers, but had been “dictated” to a group of friends in San Fransisco through a Ouija board. The source of the information referred to itself simply as “Michael”. Rather like the ultimate computer in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Michael would readily answer any question about life, the universe and everything. Thousands of messages came through, giving clear, dispassionate, almost clinical, answers to every question asked. The Ouija board is now long gone but the questions and answers have never stopped. Messages from Michael tells the story of the origins of the Michael teachings. So where to begin? Let’s start with… Who – or what – is Michael? At the end of this learning process, when all there is to experience as a separate being has been experienced, the soul unites with others in its wider group to form an integrated “entity”. Essence

Free Magic Library A Timeline of World Civilizations for Mythology Mythology seeks to explain the world and thus reflects the culture, events, and history of the societies that create the stories handed down as myths. Egypt’s Nile River and its cycle of overflowing its banks leaving fertile ground as it receded became the basis for Egyptian religion that demanded that the people help the gods prevent anything from interfering with the cycle. Myths form around the founding of cities, including Athens and Rome — about 10,000 to 2,500 years ago, respectively — and the founding of civilizations, including the creation myths passed down in virtually every culture. Chinese and Native American myths account for astrological occurrences as well as for more earth-bound events such as the Toltec invasion of the Mexican city of Teotihuacan in 900 CE. Famous poems, such as Beowulf and the Saga of the Volsungs are combinations of history and legend. And don’t assume that all the myths are hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.

These Colorful Propaganda Maps Fueled 20th-Century Wars The Celtic Connection The Key of Solomon Index Sacred Texts Grimoires Title PagePrefaceList of PlatesPreliminary DiscourseIntroduction (from Add. MSS. 10862)Introduction from Landsdowne MSS. 1203 Book I Chapter I. Plates The Order of the PentaclesPlate IIPlate IIIPlate IVPlate V.Plate VIPlate VIIPlate VIIIPlate IXPlate XPlate XIPlate XII Book II Prefatory NoteChapter I. Appendices Ancient Fragment of the Key of SolomonThe Qabalistical Invocation of SolomonPlate XV. Hinduism - Puranas Sacred-texts home Journal Articles: Hinduism OCRT: Hinduism Buy CD-ROM Buy books about Hinduism Vedas Upanishads Puranas Other Primary Texts Epics Mahabharata Ramayana Bhagavad Gita Vedanta Later texts Modern books The Vedas There are four Vedas, the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda. The Vedas are the primary texts of Hinduism. They also had a vast influence on Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The Vedas contain hymns, incantations, and rituals from ancient India. Rig Veda The Rig-Veda translated by Ralph Griffith [1896]A complete English translation of the Rig Veda. Rig-Veda (Sanskrit)The complete Rig Veda in Sanskrit, in Unicode Devanagari script and standard romanization. Vedic Hymns, Part I (SBE 32)Hymns to the Maruts, Rudra, Vâyu and Vâta, tr. by F. Vedic Hymns, Part II (SBE 46)Hymns to Agni, tr. by Hermann Oldenberg [1897]The Vedic Hymns to Agni. A Vedic Reader for Students (excerpts) by A.A. Sama Veda Yajur Veda The Texts of the White Yajurveda translated by Ralph T.H.

The History and Geography of Inventions [Home Page][Other Page] [Search Inventions] [Before 10,000 BC][10,000 BC to 4000 BC][4000 BC to 3000 BC][3000 BC to 2000 BC][2000 BC to 1000 BC][1000 BC to 1 BC][1 AD to 1000 AD][1000 to 1500][1500 to 1700][1700 to 1800][1800 to 1850][1850 to 1900][1900 to 1950][Since 1950] [Inventions][Biographies][Religions of the World][Bible Contradictions][Rain][Countries of the World][Cookery][Music][Composers (Opera)] [Readers' Feedback (Religion)] [Language][Travel][Eclipses][London][Astronomy][Mathematics][Physics][Chemistry][Biology][Football][Television][Other] Sponsored Link Internet Sacred Text Archive Home Bottle Spells and Spell Bottles A spell bottle is a bottle into which a magical spell has been cast in the form of physical items used to ensure that the spell results in the desired outcome. A bottle spell is a magical spell that is contained within a bottle, and which, when finished, is expected to work for the ends one desires. There are many types of bottle spells used in folk magic traditions from around the world. Almost every culture that uses bottles (or gourds, or animal horns) as containers also has developed ways to use those containers to hold works of magical spell craft. The painted bottle spells shown here were made in America from small medical bottles. Among the earliest spell bottles known are those called "Witch Bottles." In more recent times, the witch bottles of England and Anglo-America have been made from cobalt blue glass and they are often kept on a window sill "for pretty" as well as to keep away witches and the evil eye. When used on the altar, the bottle is filled with oil and sealed.