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Simple Ideas, That Are Borderline Genius 2

Simple Ideas, That Are Borderline Genius 2
Looking for more about [term]? Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 1 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 3 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 4 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 5 Top Related:  Other Design

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius Looking for more about [term]? Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 2 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 3 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 4 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 5 Top 12 Most Creative Objects Inspired by the Rubik's Cube The Rubik's Cube is a 3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally, it was called the "Magic Cube". Meet 12 of the most creative objects inspired by the famous cube. Nike Rubik's Cube Inspired by the Rubik's Cube, Nike has produced the Rubik's Cube Nike Blazer. Rubik's Cube Light Lamp Rubik's Cube Light Lamp is a Fun Gadget remake of the infamous Rubik's Cube we all grew up on. Colorblock Note Cube Here is a fun desk accessory for all the Rubik's Cube fans out there, the Colorblock Note Cube. Rubik's Cube Wooden Furniture It is inspired by the Rubik's Cube made of MDF painted with original colors. Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper The coolest looking salt & pepper mills on the market. Rubik's USB Flash Drive In this Instructables website, you will learn how to make your own Rubik's USB drive, a great DIY for the weekend. Cube Clock Given up on trying to solve the original Rubik's cube? Rubik's Cube Bag Rubik's Cube Cake

Barn Cars - Now to find someone to perform the highest quality workmanship. We will need Auto Restoration for our hundreds ofSports Cars, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Custom Street Rods, Hot Rods and everything in between! Barn Cars A New York man retired. He wanted to use his retirement money wisely, and decided to buy a home and a few acres in Portugal. The modest farm house had been vacant for 15 years. The owner and his wife both had died and there were no heirs. The New York guy bought it at just half of the property's worth, moved in and set about to tear in to the barn. What was in the barn? Classic cars, specialty cars, Mercedes, Lotus, Astin Martin, Porsche, Volvo, Austin Healy, Alfa Giulietta, BMW, Formula Racers, Chryslers, Mercedes, Austin A30, Alfa Romeo Fiat Cabriolet (1200 or 1500), Ford Cortina MKII, Mercedes Benz 180/190 Astin Martin? Opel GT, Lotus Elan FHC, Lotus Super Seven Series IV, Lotus Elan DHC Porsche 356, Austin Healy Sprite MKII, Volvo PV 544, Ford Y ? Giulietta Sprint, Giulia Sprint Speciale (SS), Nash Metropolitan Alfa Giulietta, Lotus Europa, another Lotus Elan FHC, Matra Djet? Lancia Flaminia Coupé Abarth 1300 Scorpione Lancia Flaminia Coupé, Peugeot 504 and 404 Cabriolet

Simple Ideas That Are Boderline Genius (Part 3) Looking for more about [term]? Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 1 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 2 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 4 Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius part 5 Top The Camera Lens Mug Garbage City: An Unbelievable Real-Life Urban Wasteland More amazing than the trash-strewn architecture and garbage-stuffed city streets is the strange fact that this place is fully occupied and abuzz with activity. People live, work, eat and sleep within this object graveyard outside the city center of Cairo, Egypt. Spaces not occupied by people are given over to livestock (fed with trash scraps) and guerrilla urban gardens. Officially known as Manshiyat Naser, this district has shops and apartments like any other, but its residents earn their keep by specializing in collecting, sorting and recycling specific types of trashed materials. While it might not meet any health standards on Earth, the unique urban phenomena is arguably sustainable in a certain sense – even ‘green’ in a some ways.

10 Luxurious Gold Plated Cars « OpenFreak.Com Luxury is something too expensive or difficult to create. But is anything costly for Middle East? Well this post features an accumulation of gold plated cars owned by the Arabs. 1. Bugatti Veyron 2. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Share on Tumblr Defendius Door Chain Yesterday was 1 April ( April Fools’ Day ), and this door chain concept designed by Artemy Lebedev fell into the category of a good joke. I don’t like the April Fools’ Day, but this door chair is really funny, and appropriate for a day like this. The only problem with something like this might be …if you have a visitor you might have a dialog like this : “I’ll be right there, hold on!“, after 2 minutes … “Just one more minute, I’ve almost got it!“, because the chain is long enough to reach the far end of the maze. – Via – Tranism

Stacked City Camping Structure for Portable Urban Shelter This incredible design for a portable city camping tower by Import.Export flies in the face of most of our associations with going camping: unlike the flat, natural and remote settings of standard campsites this structure is vertical, artificial and intended to be erected in even the most dense of urban settings. Aside from the obvious fun and adventure of inverting traditional camping, an urban camper could enjoy incredible views unavailable to the typical pedestrian and cities could set up a series of vertical camping structures for festivals and other major events to expand out-of-town guest accommodations – particularly for travelers moving around on the cheap. While such ideas are all well and good in theory and supported by beautiful drawings, they are at least doubly impressive when someone actually builds them.

Rotary Peeler by Damian Evans for Joseph Joseph Peeling With Three Variations There is a reason why potato peelers come with brown handles; to blend in with the peels, so that you accidentally throw it out with the trash and replace it with a new one. With a sophisticated peeler like this Rotary Peeler, I doubt any such accidents will happen. Designer: Damian Evans for Joseph Joseph Waterproof Notepad for Writing Down Ideas While in the Shower [Video] AquaNotes® is a waterproof notepad designed for all the people who feel that the only thing keeping them from being millionaires is remembering the ideas they have while bathing. According to the producers, AquaNotes® is a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you’re in the shower. It’s so durable you can even write underwater. They’re recyclable, environmentally friendly, and the notepad is printed with soy-based ink. Just like a post it, the written idea can be placed on your desk and put to action.