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Cool Science: Renewing Interest in Space Exploration Through Social Media and Music A cover version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” recorded on board the International Space Station by the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. A singing astronaut sounds almost too good to be true, but during his five-month stint aboard the International Space Station, the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield produced a constellation of videos about the day-to-day experiences of his life in space. He also demonstrated the power of social media to reignite interest in space missions that are often overlooked. Below, we’re trying a new experiment as the school year winds down: we’re posting viral videos like this one; pairing them with related Times content; then suggesting a few quick teaching and learning ideas inspired by the combination. Have a look at what we’ve done with Mr. Hadfield’s song, then us know what you think. Three Teaching Ideas: Pool photo by Mikhail Metzel Chris Hadfield upon returning to Earth. 1. When Mr. Then search the videos he posted and see if he answered your question.

MEDEAONLINE STORIA D'ITALIA - STORIA CRONOLOGICA DI 2000 ANNI PREMESSA: VI FU UN TEMPO............. PERIODO "ITALIA" - Origine Fisica - l'Età Arcaica PERIODO Il nome "ITALIA" e le antiche Regioni - Dalle origini a oggi (CARTINA) PERIODO RIASSUNTIVO - Roma dal 20.000 al 753 a.C. - Migrazioni e immigrazioni di popoli PERIODO XIV sec. L'Isola di Pantelleria (Cossyra)- Un ponte Occidente-Oriente PERIODO "ITALIA" .