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Sally Mann

Sally Mann
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GARRY WINOGRAND: “Standing on the Corner – Reflections Upon Garry Winogrand’s Photographic Gaze – Mirror of Self or World? Part II” (1991) Part II (This is the second of a two-part essay on the work of Garry Winogrand.) By Carl Chiarenza Originally Published in IMAGE Magazine: Journal of Photography and Motion Pictures of the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Volume 35, Number 1–2, Spring-Summer, 1992 About looking and watching. It is the group of photographs represented in Women are Beautiful that I see when I hear Winogrand’s name. Of all his books, this is the only one, to my knowledge, that is a result of Winogrand’s own editing. I realize that, as Szarkowski has written, this book was received poorly by critics and photographers, and “in retrospect” apparently by Winogrand himself, and that “In general, women disliked the book and men were mystified by it, demonstrating that an artist’s enthusiasms can muddle even the most basic of issues.”2 I am also aware that Winogrand’s daughter called it the work of a male chauvinist pig. About 1960 Winogrand had begun to photograph women on the street.

Lucas Foglia | A Natural Order Nazraeli Press, 2012 Exhibition Cora in a Realtree Camouflage Dress, Tennessee 2008 Desk, Sassafras Community, Tennessee 2009 Natalie’s Wattle and Daub House, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina 2010 Woodcutting, Russell Creek Community, Tennessee 2010 Rita and Cora Aiming, Tennessee 2007 Creek, Kevin's Land, Virginia 2009 Acorn with Possum Stew, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina 2006 Cora Going Fishing on the Tennessee River, Tennessee 2009 Patrick and Anakeesta, Tennessee 2007 Natalie Carrying Firewood, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina 2006 National Geographic, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina 2008 Pixie and Kyd's Duet, Falling Leaves Rendezvous, Georgia 2007 Car Parts, Tennessee 2008 Lowell Cultivating with Pickup Truck and Ox Plow, Tennessee 2008 Scarecrow, Tennessee 2008 Bhajan Wrestling, North Carolina 2009 Nolan Scything the Lawn, Tennessee 2008 Jasmine, Hannah and Vicki Picking Jewelweed, Tennessee 2007 Victoria Bringing in the Goats, Tennessee 2008 Valarie and the Shadow, Tennessee 2008

SEISMOGRAM The Unflattering Family Album ICP alumni Giulia Bianchi ponders on the need to raise the camera in front of our own normalcy and failures. Tonight, however, I am restless. I sit at the dining-room table; rummage through the refrigerator. What am I looking for? All day long I’ve been scavenging, poking around in rooms and closets, peering at their things, studying them. Introduction In Larry Sultan’s book Pictures from Home, we see family snapshots mixed with texts and pictures that the son took of his parents, a wealthy American couple in their 1970s living in Palm Springs, a suburban town in the West Coast of America, during the Reagan era. Jamie Practicing for the Family, Armonk, Gillian Laub (2003, printed 2009). Other photographers’ family albums can be unsettling or unflattering too. A splinter of ice. Via Roma two months after the flood. As a Photographer Many photographers have turned their lens towards their own families. My father's legs. My sister on a Saturday night. I remember one night. As a Viewer

Martin Parr | Books by MP Books by MP / Artist Books by MP / Papers and Zines by MP / Books edited by MP Bad Weather, 1982 Calderdale Photographs, 1984 A Fair Day, 1984 Prescot Now and Then, 1984 The Last Resort, 1986, 1998 The Cost of Living, 1989 One Day Trip, 1989 Signs of the Times, 1992 Bored Couples, 1993 Home and Abroad, 1993 From A to B, 1994 Small World, 1995 British Food, 1995 Japonais Endormis, 1998 Common Sense, 1999 Sguardi Gardesoni, 1999 Flowers, 1999 Benidorm, 1999 Autoportrait, 2000 Flowers, 2000 Think of England, 2000, 2004 Martin Parr by Val Williams, 2002 The Phone Book, 2002 7 Communist Still Lifes, 2003 Signes Des Temps, 2004 7 Colonial Still Lifes, 2005 Martin Parr, vu par, 2005 Road Trip, Martin Parr and Friends, 2005 I Grandi Fotografi, 2005 Mexico, 2006 Parrjektif, 2006 Tutta Roma, 2006 Parking Spaces, 2007 Small World, 2007 Witness Number Three, 2007 Les Grands Photographes de Magnum Photos, 2007 Phaidon 55: Martin Parr, 2007 Martin Parr 1971-2000 (Retrospective), 2007 Correspondencia, 2008 Everybody Dance Now, 2009

Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz Beroemde foto's[bewerken] Fotoboeken[bewerken] PhotographsPhotographs 1970-1990American OlympiansWomenAmerican MusicA Photographer’s Life 1990-2005Annie Leibovitz at Work Persoonlijk leven[bewerken] Leibovitz had een relatie met schrijfster en essayiste Susan Sontag. Annie Leibovitz heeft drie kinderen. Externe link[bewerken] Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men For her project Sworn Virgins of Albania, photographer Jill Peters visited to the mountain villages of northern Albania to capture portraits of “burneshas,” or females who have lived their lives as men for reasons related to their culture and society. Many of the women assumed their male identities from an early age as a way to avoid the old codes that governed the tribal clans, which stated that women were the property of their husbands. Peters explains, The freedom to vote, drive, conduct business, earn money, drink, smoke, swear, own a gun or wear pants was traditionally the exclusive province of men. Thus, Peters wanted to capture this fading tradition before it disappeared forever. I learned that the Burrnesha are well respected within their communities. Wikipedia has an entire article regarding Albanian sworn virgins, in case you’d like to learn more about this practice. Sworn Virgins of Albania by Jill Peters (via Feature Shoot)

faustine ferhmin | Perception Park faustine ferhmin faustine ferhmin, dans la série intitulée , photographie l’espace. le terme fait signe vers un temps plus vaste que celui de l’histoire humaine : il signifie «révolution, bouleversement» (cuti) de l’«espace-temps» ou de la «terre» (pacha). cette notion centrale dans la pensée cosmogonique inca désigne les cycles réguliers de destruction et de recréation cataclysmiques du monde. même si les ruines sont présentes sur ces photographies, prises au pérou, ce n’est pas une approche d’historienne qu’adopte faustine ferhmin : chaque photographie est plutôt une confrontation avec une immensité abrupte, dont les spécificités géologiques participent à une véritable architecture de l’espace. {*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*}{*style:<i> </i>*} faustine ferhmin est née en 1980, elle vit et travaille à paris.

Tierney Gearon Photography The Mother Project - Tierney Gearon Photography Exhibition Tierney Gearon’s photographs have been called manipulative, disturbingly ambiguous, even perverse; the London police demanded that the Saatchi Gallery which first showed the offending photos of her young children take the pictures down. Tierney has always maintained she loves her subjects deeply and understands them better than anyone else. How could she not? Buy the book on Excerpt from the Forward to the Book When I first saw the images from Daddy Where are you? “My mother had no boundaries,” she said in speaking of her childhood with her father and three younger brothers in Atlanta, Georgia. Now the mother of four children — Emilee, Michael, Walker, and Grace — Tierney wanted to resurrect parts of her own past, and in doing so she was able to discover her own growth process. “When I started documenting times with my mother, it felt good to be able to express what I was feeling inside and translate it. – Susan M. Film View the Trailer Buy the DVD on

Ansel Adams Adams fotografeerde in de jaren 1944-1958 de nationale parken en kreeg daarvoor drie Guggenheim-prijzen. Hierdoor kreeg hij naam als de bekendste natuurfotograaf van Amerika. Hij kan hierbij terecht worden gezien als de opvolger van Timothy O'Sullivan, een bekend natuurfotograaf uit de 19e eeuw. Werken[bewerken] Zijn bekendste werk is waarschijnlijk Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico uit 1941 (Museum of Modern Art, New York). Informatie is uit Adams boek uit 1983: Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs. Monolith, The Face of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, 1927.Rose and Driftwood, San Francisco, California, 1932.Georgia O'Keeffe and Orville Cox, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, 1937.Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, 1940.Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941.Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada, from Lone Pine, California, 1944.Aspens, Northern New Mexico, 1958. Boeken (Selectie)[bewerken] Technical books[bewerken] Prijzen[bewerken] Externe links[bewerken] Galerij[bewerken]

Vivian Maier | The Nanny's Secret | By William Meyers The Beautiful Gene : Marina Rosso The Beautiful Gene In September 2011, Cryos International, the world’s biggest sperm bank, stopped accepting red haired donors for a period: demand for them was too low compared to the supply. Single women, who currently represent half of the customer base, tend to select donors based on the search for a “dream prince”. As a provocation to this system, I decided to act as a conservation geneticist who would classify the genetic variation of a species in the first step to preserve its diversity and components. To buy the book, go HERE oseydoux Une fois n’est pas coutume, destination plein sud pour la côte ligure et son parc national des Cinque Terre. Ce parc, situé à deux pas de Gênes, est connu pour ses villages agrippés aux rochers qui plongent dans la mer Méditerranée et au milieu desquels se lovent de petits ports de pêche. Les maisons aux couleurs vives, blotties les unes contre les autres, en ont fait sa renommée. Tags: 2013, cinque, italie, levanto, ligurie, manarola, méditerranée, mer, riomaggiore, rochers, terre, vernazza, villages Le Big Ride est une course de vélo de descente (downhill) dont les concurrents s’affrontent sur les pistes de VTT de Morgins. Il envoie haut le petiot, road gap en 5 tableaux : Tags: big, course, descente, dh, downhill, liam, morgins, mtb, ride, seydoux, sport, vtt Composition pour un photographe soliste sur le thème des borées. Là-bas, en janvier, le gris n’était plus une couleur mais une épidémie…