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Emotional Skills Toolkit: Bring Your Life Into Balance

Emotional Skills Toolkit: Bring Your Life Into Balance
We often hear from people who feel overwhelmed by stress, family, work and relationship problems, health challenges, and painful emotions. They’ve tried many approaches to help themselves feel better, but they just can’t seem to follow through, or what they’ve done hasn't helped them enough. If this sounds familiar, you know that it’s all too easy to become discouraged when you’re stuck. The problem is not willpower—all the willpower in the world won’t matter if you can’t manage stress or keep your emotions in balance. The good news: you can learn these important emotional skills, no matter your age or the obstacles you face. Skill building, like any learning, takes time and effort.

Keirsey Temperament Self-Help for Adult ADD / ADHD: Tips for Managing Symptoms and Getting Focused Managing adult ADD / ADHD: What you need to know Adult ADD/ADHD can present challenges across all areas of life, from getting organized at home to reaching your potential at work. It can be tough on your health and both your personal and on-the-job relationships. Your symptoms may lead to extreme procrastination, trouble making deadlines, and impulsive behavior. In addition, you may feel that friends and family don’t understand what you’re up against. Fortunately, there are skills you can learn to help get your symptoms of ADD/ADHD under control. Adult ADD / ADHD self-help myths You may be holding onto misconceptions about how much you can help yourself with adult ADD/ADHD. MYTH: Medication is the only way to solve my ADD/ADHD. FACT: While medication can help some people manage the symptoms ADD/ADHD, it is not a cure, nor the only solution. MYTH: Having ADD/ADHD means I’m lazy or unintelligent, so I won’t be able to help myself. MYTH: A health professional can solve all my ADD/ADHD problems.

Adult ADHD Directory: Find News, Features, and Pictures Related to Adult ADHD ADHD can occur in adults just as it can in children. Symptoms of adult ADHD including difficulty concentrating, remembering information, organizing, and staying within time limits. This can create conflict in relationships and at work. Some other past signs of ADHD include repeating grades in school, disciplinary problems, changing employers frequently, underachieving, and other lifestyle factors. Medical Reference Features If you've got adult ADHD, it can be hard to get organized. Read Full Article Video Slideshows & Images Health Tools News Archive