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Drink Coffee And Discover What Happened Aboard A Mining Vessel In Caffeine It’s quite an odd premise. Everyone knows caffeine is an addictive drug, but we usually just write it off as some... Grail To The Thief Is An Adventure Game Designed For The Visually Impaired What does a dirty thief like Hank Krang decide to do when a self-aware time machine falls into his possession?... Discover Your Devotion To Love On May 21st In Always Sometimes Monsters

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Immersive Gaming With Razer's Project Ariana System : PC Razer introduces a new product that supposedly provides a more immersive gaming experience for players.(Photo: R Λ Z Ξ R/YouTube Screenshot) Razer recently unveiled a one of a kind gaming laptop featuring three 4K screens. Gamers are obviously invested in gaming on high-end displays with great response times, but apparently playing on a bigger screen is also the way to go. The company introduces their new gaming product called Project Ariana. Intimate, Painterly Photographs of London Bus Passengers On Their Nighttime Commute Photographer Nick Turpin‘s series Through a Glass Darkly takes a different approach to candid street photography than we typically see. Turpin captures London bus commuters on their way home after a long day, and his photographs are at once artistically compelling and potentially controversial. Is this voyeurism? Is it street photography?

» Twine Resources PORPENTINE Twine is a simple but powerful game creation tool focused on hypertext. Anyone who can use a text editor can use Twine. When a game is finished, it generates an HTML file that can be played by anyone with a browser. Twine has been used to create text adventures, interactive poems, strategy games, educational tools, real time games, and much more. Download it here (latest version: 1.4!) Note: The latest version of Twine and the creation of the new Twine site makes some of the information on this page obsolete.

TitanIM - The Future of Simulation TitanIM is capable of recreating planetwide environments from ocean floors to Earth’s orbit at equally high fidelity for any point between. Using the powerful Outerra rendering engine, blades of grass and dirt roads are as eye-pleasing as in any major video game, yet the view from 50,000 feet altitude is suitable for a high-end simulator. Air, Land, Sea and Space are not separate concepts in TitanIM; they are an uninterrupted continuum, and TitanIM is equally capable of operating anywhere in that scale – or in all domains at once. TitanIM also embraces the concept of Scalable Users. Not everyone has the same goals or interests or skills in how they approach TitanIM. One user may want to create a simple scenario to quickly test a concept within a few minutes, another may want to author and deliver a complex solution to a need, and another may create a complete self-contained game, simulation or application using TitanIM as a starting platform.

Derren Brown - 7 - 29 November 2014 The Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery presents an exciting exhibition from an illusionist who has turned away from the paranormal to explore and celebrate the richness of the everyday. After a two-year break, Derren Brown has created a new series of portraits in his unmistakable style. Many aspects of his work are driven by a delight in facsimile, the fake masquerading as the truth. Tutorial on 9845 Game Design Why and How As long as automated data processing exists, implementing games on computer systems had been one of the most deeply settled desires of any computer programmer. One reason of course is the challenge. Games always had been the killer applications for each computer generation, especially within the personal computer domain. This was true with the very first systems and still is one of the most important driver for the development of faster personal computer systems.

Ludum Dare For this mini-LD challenge, I decided to try to create a game for the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This was the first game console that I ever owned as a kid, so creating a game for it was something that I had always wanted to do. Unfortunately, to create an NES game, everything has to be written in assembly. When I was at Georgia Tech working on my computer science undergraduate degree, I did have one project where I had to write assembly code for an emulated MIPS system. Kholat : ZODIAC - Every Game is a Star Extra Game details Genre: Sci-Fi AdventureDeveloper: IMGN.PROPlatform: WindowsYear of release: 2015 Science Fiction Lego Gaming Computer Following the success of my various Lego Computer systems, I received a lot of interest in a Lego Gaming Computer system. It was, without a doubt, one of the most requested types of Lego Computer – a Lego machine that could play any game without missing a beat. Geeks loved the idea of a Lego Computer, so combining that with their love of gaming was only natural. When I started development on the Lego Gaming Computer, I decided to design the system from scratch to create a unique gaming system unlike any other on the market.

The Photography Show and Magnum Photos Present "30 under 30" Magnum Photos and The Photography Show are inviting IdeasTap members to enter an exciting competition to identify 30 of the best emerging documentary photographers aged 18-30 internationally. This competition will recognise and provide exposure for new photographic talent. The competition prizes will have an emphasis on career development, networking with industry contacts and maximizing on opportunities. Competition winners will participate in an exclusive 30 under 30 portfolio review event at The Photography Show, where they will receive critiques from top industry professionals from the editorial, publishing, museum, advertising, and gallery sectors.

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