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Les contributions des utilisateurs sont modérées par VIENS-LA SARL et/ou ses prestataires afin que ces contributions ne contreviennent pas aux lois et usages en vigueur (concernant la propriété intellectuelle, …), qu'elles restent décentes, courtoises et respectueuses de chacun et qu'elles ne s'écartent pas des sujets dont le présent site a vocation à traiter, ou ne détournent pas sa finalité. Le rôle des modérateurs est d'écarter les contributions qui sont attentatoires au respect des personnes ou nuisent à la qualité des échanges.

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Soon - Portfolio *branding by pablo picasso Ablynx: infographics XXXL PART 2 Creative imaging Digital Natives: Corporate ID Total identity / Corporate identity Roundup of single page websites One of the recent developments on the web has been the rise in the use of one page websites by everyone from web designers to large companies to promote their product, app or portfolio. One page websites look great with many having very simple designs, large typography and amazing illustrations and graphics too making them some of the best looking sites on the web in 2012. Often using the very latest CSS3 and jQuery they are a great way to create a site that has maximum impact. Here is a roundup of 30 single page websites featuring lots of different styles. Auxillary Design Co. Child marriage in Ethiopia Amy Babchek from the Nike Foundation shakes up out-of-date thinking about girls’ family planning needs Girls are finally on the agenda for family planning pledges, but misinformation about their needs and behaviour stops girls getting access to the advice and resources they need for family planning. Amy Babchek from the Nike Foundation is myth-busting. At this year's London Summit on Family Planning, global leaders pledged funds and resources for an additional 120 million women and girls by 2020.

Rolf A. Jensen Norwegian Design Director Rolf A. Jensen is an international award-winning Norwegian Art Director and co-chairman/founder of the online industry magazine Graphic Drugs. In a career spanning over six years, he has directed and designed some innovative design work, including for The Weinstein Company, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Ford, Sony, Lionsgate, Toyota, Summit Entertainment and Activision. 8 Open Positions at SEOmoz, Just Named Seattle's #6 Best Place to Work Out of the many recent accomplishments that we've had, perhaps none is more exciting than the recent publicity we received from being named in Seattle's Top 10 Places to Work by Seattle Met Magazine: What do rubber band balls, coffee, cupcakes & a workspace w/ no computer have in common? The cover of this month's Seattle Met magazine! But, magazine articles aren't the only things that should entice you to join our ragtag bunch... Our Office Visuals : Marcus EckertSound FX : Marcus EckertMusic : Robin WashburnClient : Zinio LLC Unit Interactive - Website, Application, and eBook Design and Development - Portfolio The Investment Center The Investment Center “Unit took the time to learn about the ins and outs of our business. They then used what they learned to design the perfect website to fit our needs. This design strategy is brilliant and revolutionary. I look forward to working with Unit for future projects.” Sebastian Onufszak: CBRE SEBASTIAN ONUFSZAK Designer/Illustrator/Director Digital illustration for the Adobe "I Am The New Creative" portrait series.Digital Art, Illustration2014 Short animation for Karl Lagerfeld's 'Happy Chinese New Year' greetings.Animation, Computer Animation2014 Channel Branding for ProSieben MAXX.Branding, Motion Graphics2013 Selected styleframes (used and unused sketches) for different pitch TVC projects for NFL, Pepsi, Fox, Chevron, T-Mobile, MTV, Nike, Audi, Starbucks and more.Art Direction, Digital Art2013 Visual conception for the Wacom Cintiq Companion commercial.Animation, Digital Art2013 Music video by Jürgen Branz and Sebastian Onufszak “Spend The Night" is featured on Daniel Bortz´ full length debut “Patchwork Memories".Film, Music2013 Visual conception (pitch) for a Ford TV commercial. Artwork for the Remix Eps "Exchange RGB".Art Direction, Graphic Design2013

Leonard Cohen’s return You are watching a documentary filmed mostly in Montreal during the winter of 1964. A man with thick black hair, wearing a white dress shirt under a leather jacket, steps onto the stage at a lecture hall. He’s there to give a poetry reading, but he opens with an anecdote: The other time I was in corridors such as these was in the Verdun mental hospital, in Montreal. (Pause) I was visiting a friend. He was on a top floor. +2000 likes on Facebook – Thank You All + freebie (psd) We’d like to thank all of you for helping us reach 2000 likes on Facebook. It’s been more than a year that we’ve had our page and Fresh Ideas is now growing strong everyday with your help, and this is a real motivation for us to provide better and more graphic resources for you guys. So, as your support is important to us here at Fresh Ideas, we’ve decided to offer you a little something marking the occasion. It’s a fully editable/scalable retro insignia that you can download for free and use in your projects. Hope you like it! And again thank you!

Works Works Home / Works / Glam Website of Glam Jewellery Boutiques Date: January 2011 Task: When It’s Cool to Say Cool (and when it’s not) It's never cool to begin an article with a dictionary definition of anything. It invariably sounds like the writer is unable to start the article with an original lede. Nonetheless, it is cool to provide the following definition of cool, so we are on the same page (which is a tired expression, and thus uncool). The American Heritage Dictionary says: From Black English usage meaning 'excellent, superlative,' first recorded in written English in the early 1930s. Jazz musicians who used the term are responsible for its popularization during the 1940s.

12 Creative Design Elements Inspiring the Next Generation of UX It's been a long time since I've written about design here at Moz, but I spent my morning in a great meeting with Derric, and was inspired by a lot of his ideas and what we reviewed to revisit some of the emerging trends and outlier creatives that are opening our eyes to what's possible. Below, you'll find some truly exceptional, unique elements of creative layout and artistry, as well as simple tweaks to best practices that are pushing the field forward. Hopefully, a few will inspire your design directions, too! #1 - Products Floating on the Background Here's a good-looking page from Hugh & Crye Shirts, showcasing one of their garments: Not bad, right?

Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions Being a Freelance Designer Stumptown helvetica cardigan, odd future seitan tattooed flannel. Kale chips direct trade cray beard. 8-bit etsy butcher post-ironic blog lo-fi mcsweeney's, sustainable pickled umami flexitarian DIY ethical plaid trust fund. Wolf cred organic, terry richardson aesthetic four loko occupy vegan chillwave readymade deep... Read more Working with Photoshop

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