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Star Walk - Interactive Astronomy Guide

Star Walk - Interactive Astronomy Guide
Stargazing guide Enjoy Stars Day or Night Now on Apple Watch! Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that shows celestial objects in the exact positions on the sky above you, providing detailed information about them. It helps anyone even remotely interested in astronomy find their way across the sky, determine where to look for any object, rewind or fast-forward time to see how celestial bodies move. It inspires curiosity about the Universe and helps users understand amazing cosmic phenomena. "For the record, the chairman's favorite iPhone app is Vito Technology's Star Walk a simple astronomy application that harnesses the iPhone's GPS capabilities to present an on-screen view of what stars and constellations should be visible on a clear night from your current location." "With the Star Walk app, if you hold your iPod up towards the sky, you can see all the stars and constellations. Spot over 200,000 stars, planets, constellations, and satellites in the night sky.

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Un año en el polo Sur a la caza de neutrinos 15 Octubre 2012. La pista de aterrizaje preparada y las señalizaciones colocadas para recibir los primeros aviones de la temporada pasada. Welcome to “The Longest Day in my Life”, a blog about the experience of spending a full year at the South Pole hunting for neutrinos. If you are interested in Antarctica, life at South Pole, the polar night, neutrinos or Astroparticle Physics in general, come have a look, feel at home…

Star Charting Apps for iPhone/iPod Touch Review by Dan Schroeder, Physics Department, Weber State University (Opinions expressed here are mine, not those of WSU.) Update badly needed! This review was last updated in early July 2009, but even then I didn't have time to bring it fully up to date. Now it has fallen even farther behind the times, as three new developers have introduced star-charting apps and several of the older apps have gotten major upgrades. Track Your Eating Habits With Foodish On Your iPhone Foodish ($1.99) by Alexander Repty is a beautiful food diary for your iPhone. Keeping track of your diet isn’t exactly the funnest thing to do, with the counting calories thing and all. Fortunately, there’s a new app that makes keeping track of what you eat fun and easy, without the hassle of worrying about calories. Foodish is essentially a food journal that lets you keep track of what you’re stuffing into that pie hole of yours every day. It also provides a fresh, beautiful, and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to start their food diary right away.

The NASA App for Smartphones and Tablets Astronomers are going gaga over newborn supernova measurements taken by NASA’s Kepler and Swift spacecraft, poring over them in hopes of better understanding what sparks these world-shattering stellar explosions. Scientists are particularly fascinated with Type la supernovae, as they can serve as a lighthouse for measuring the vast distances across space. “Kepler’s unprecedented pre-event supernova observations and Swift’s agility in responding to supernova events have both produced important discoveries at the same time but at very different wavelengths,” says Paul Hertz, Director of Astrophysics. “Not only do we get insight into what triggers a Type Ia supernova, but these data allow us to better calibrate Type Ia supernovae as standard candles, and that has implications for our ability to eventually understand the mysteries of dark energy.” The graphic depicts a light curve of the newly discovered Type Ia supernova, KSN 2011b, from NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Credits: NASA Ames/W.

Official Source of Cassini images of Saturn, its rings & moons Captain's Log November 12, 2013 Four months ago, our cameras on Cassini were commanded to execute a routine imaging sequence during an event that was anything but routine. On July 19, an array of overlapping images framing Saturn, its entire ring system and a host of its moons was acquired while Cassini was deep in the shadow created by the planet's eclipse of the Sun. This arrangement of Sun, Saturn, and machine made for a rare opportunity to image from the outer solar system the planets in close to our star.

Pocket Universe 1.7 iPhone App Review Pocket Universe is the creation of one John T. Kennedy who was inspired by lack of opportunities to view the night sky with any clarity or frequency in his native Dublin. The app is basically a star map, which takes advantage of the new iPhone 3GS compass to provide a Virtual Sky, which follows your movements, enabling you to identify any object in the firmament. The startup screen (left) is the portal to all other features

Dialvetica - Get all up in your peoples’ grills We hope you’re having a nice day. If you still need help after reading this, please contact us. Thanks! This app is for accessing contacts FAST. Mapping The Universe A new map of our complex universe is out. We’ll look at our “chunky” cosmos. We look up at the night sky and marvel at its depth and beauty. Its constellations and its stupendous scale. And then on a curious night we wonder, what is all that? TED talk videos available through free iPhone app Samsung executives discussed Steve Jobs' passing as "unfortunately" having an "unintended benefit for Apple," and at the same time, "our best opportunity to attack iPhone," in internal memos marked "highly confidential," presented in the Apple v. Samsung trial. A group of smartphone industry giants, including Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft, signed on to a voluntary program spearheaded by the U.S. wireless industry that looks to incorporate anti-theft technology into handsets by July 2015. New confidential internal memos presented in the Apple v.

In-situ Probing of Radiation-induced Processing of Organics in Astrophysical Ice Analogs—Novel Laser Desorption Laser Ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectroscopic Studies - Abstract - The Astrophysical Journal Letters Understanding the evolution of organic molecules in ice grains in the interstellar medium (ISM) under cosmic rays, stellar radiation, and local electrons and ions is critical to our understanding of the connection between ISM and solar systems. Our study is aimed at reaching this goal of looking directly into radiation-induced processing in these ice grains. We developed a two-color laser-desorption laser-ionization time-of-flight mass spectroscopic method (2C-MALDI-TOF), similar to matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectroscopy. Results presented here with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) probe molecules embedded in water-ice at 5 K show for the first time that hydrogenation and oxygenation are the primary chemical reactions that occur in astrophysical ice analogs when subjected to Lyα radiation. We found that hydrogenation can occur over several unsaturated bonds and the product distribution corresponds to their stabilities.

Learn Russian - Buy Russian iPhone Applications Today WordPower MyWords Gengo Flashcards Pocket Russian Pocket3 Russian NASA CONNECT Click "View Video" to start the video. To view captioning, this feature must be turned on using Windows Media Player's view menu. If you have questions, email the webmaster. To see a full listing of the programs, click here. NASA CONNECT™ is an inquiry-based and standards-based, Emmy® award-winning series of mathematics-focused, instructional programs for students in grades 6 - 8. The series includes a 30-minute instructional broadcast, a companion lesson guide, and an interactive web-based application.

Wikipanion Plus (Best App for Browsing Wikipedia) - Best iPhone Best App for Browsing Wikipedia Screenshots Smart Search: As you type in the search box, Wikipanion displays matching Wikipedia articles, letting you type just a few characters to find what you’re looking for. In its standard settings, Wikipanion searches only the English-language encyclopedia, but you can tell it to search in other languages, too.