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Valve Handbook pdf

Valve Handbook pdf
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Geeklist Exception Handling in ASP.NET MVC Index Introduction Exception handling is a serious matter in any application, whether it's web or desktop. In ASP.NET applications, error handling is done mostly in two ways: at local level using try-catch blocks and at global level using application events. In this article, we will learn about the HandleError filter and discuss about the different exception handling mechanisms that will fit to an MVC application. HandleError Attribute Exception filters The exception filters are attributes that can be applied over an action or a controller or even at a global level. All the exception filters implements the IExceptionFilter interface. Listing 1. The HandleErrorAttribute is the default implementation of the IExceptionFilter. Listing 2. What the HandleError filter does? The HandleError filter handles the exceptions that are raised by the controller actions, filters and views, it returns a custom view named Error which is placed in the Shared folder. Error View Listing 3. Listing 4. Listing 5.

Exponential Organizations - Why new organizations are 10x better, fas… Welcome to the Bossless Company Viadeo How to Use 43 Folders A very simple guide to leaving here quickly so you can get back to making something awesome. Ask yourself… Why am I here right now instead of making something cool on my own? What’s the barrier to me starting that right now? This is not an insult or put-down. What Sucks? Looking for specific answers to what sucks for you today? More ideas Still sucking? Still Lost? Try a mental sweep, do a shitty first draft, or consider a modest change. Maybe just get away from the computer for a while by taking a nice walk. How to Know When You’re Done Here You’re done here whenever you’ve found just enough information to get you back on track for today. We love having you visit with us here, and we hope you’ll return many times — whenever you think we might have something that might help you get over the hump. The Only “Productivity” That Matters The best advice we can offer is to just put your head down, push yourself harder, and try to figure out what you need to change today to get a little better.

Slack More than a decade ago, Stewart Butterfield set out to create an ambitious online game with his wife at the time, Caterina Fake. It didn't go anywhere. But the photo-sharing service they invented on the side, Flickr, turned out to be a keeper. Slack entered a crowded category, competing against established players such as HipChat, Flowdock, and Campfire. Only 24 hours after Slack launched, 8,000 companies had signed up. Slack still feels like a powerful instant-messaging client, but much of its potential stems from the institutional knowledge that companies build up as they use it: "Every discussion, every decision, every link, every document," Butterfield says.

Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing It all started with Snow Crash. If I hadn’t read it and fallen in love with the idea of the Metaverse, if it hadn’t made me realize how close networked 3D was to being a reality, if I hadn’t thought I can do that, and more importantly I want to do that, I’d never have embarked on the path that eventually wound up at Valve. By 1994, I had been working at Microsoft for a couple of years. One evening that year, while my daughter was looking at books in the Little Professor bookstore on the Sammamish Plateau, I happened to notice Snow Crash on a shelf. About the same time that it became clear I wasn’t going to be allowed to start that project, John Carmack, fresh from writing Doom at Id Software, came to Seattle to visit his mother, and we went to dinner at Thai Chef. Working with John was like the sequence in “The Matrix” where Neo has one martial art after another pumped into his brain. Going back to Microsoft was arguably not the best decision I ever made, but neither was it final.

Google continue de faire le ménage dans ses services Entamé il y a un an, ce « nettoyage de printemps » comme l’appelle Google se poursuit avec des fermetures de services, mais aussi des fusions, comme celle des espaces de stockage de Google Drive et de Picasa. Sur son blog officiel, Google fait le point sur son « nettoyage de printemps » et dévoile la liste des services qui vont disparaître. C’est d’abord la fonction Adsense dans les flux RSS qui sera indisponible dès le 2 octobre, avant de disparaître complètement le 3 décembre. Le 15 octobre, les Américains diront adieu aux Google News Badges. Picasa et Google Drive ne disparaissent pas mais Google a décidé de fusionner leur espace de stockage. Enfin côté mobile, Places Directory sous Android est désormais intégré à Google Maps et n’est plus disponible dans Google Play.